Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Beautiful According To Me ~ 6 Character Inspirational Pictures

Jonathan Rhys Meyers will always be one of the most beautiful people to me... Whenever I see a picture of him or see him on TV/Internet I immediately want to start writing on the next instalment of The Lines Of Marsden. He is, who when I first saw him knew right off the bat he was both my Michael and my Benj Marsden.

Weirdly he is also my Ray Connelly from The Connelly Chronicles.

I have no clue who this guy is, but when I was looking for character imagery for The Gaean Prophecies... this is how I pictured Lord Jondalar Arandad he is one of the main characters and Rules over Meadow Run/ Gustave Castle... he is one of the leaders of the Elven Kind.

A friend sent me this picture of these two models and they soon became my twins Jordan & Jaxx Adams who belong in Pack Matters but also make cameos in both Watson Falls & Sons Of Evenmore.

This guy is who inspired my character Chase Williams from Lancaster's Way 2: A Different Way Of Seeing. There's just something about him that called to me. I had this picture picked out before I even had Riley & Noah picked out for the first book.

Saw this guy somewhere and he became my character Linc O'Hare from the series Experimentals... he's one of my main characters in book 2: Running Into Zero Tolerance. At the moment he's on hold until I can get two other projects from under my belt.

I saw this face ( It was the eyes that sucked me in) and instantly knew I had found my Carlo Bruenelli  from A Moon-Runner Story: Carlo's Christmas Wish (originally titled A Moon-Runner Christmas). But am currently expanding for re release.

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