Monday, 18 August 2014

I'm Sick & Other News...

4 days I have been away due to this stupid flu kicking my arse... I wish I could stop coughing long enough to breathe without it hurting.

I hate being sick, but who doesn't? I hate taking the medication that I need to make me better. I tell you my mouth is sore from sucking on soothers and throat numbing lozenges. I swear to God if I never see another tissue again it will be too soon.

My brain feels like it's been dislodged from all the sneezing, and at one stage my family thought I'd broken my ribs, but lucky for me it was just pulled muscles from coughing. Hurts like hell though.

But onto OTHER NEWS Okay, I have no clue what the other news is so I'm going to ramble for a while... after 4 days away I had 2000 emails waiting for me to go through... and out of that 2000 I probably only needed about 20 or so.

OMG!!! it is so windy here that the door of my hubs shed blew open and buckled a fraction, so I can't close the damn thing (it's fricken huge - so tall). The next door neighbour helped me finally push it closed and try and wedge it shut. Emily has to come home from work and try and ratchet/tie it shut...  In the end after Em and I tied it shut we had to park one of the work trucks in front of it as I don't think I tie job is gonna hold.

That in essence is my drama filled day... now I'm off to do some writing on my super secret project for MLR (yeah, the one that I don't know if this is a secret or not).  I will give you more details when I find out what's the go... just give me a week or so to get over my flu.

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