Tuesday, 12 August 2014

In No Particular Order: 12 Of My Favourite Books & Characters

These are some of my favourite books/series to reread numerous times.
 So I thought I would share their covers with you all.

Love it when a book can move me to tears. Noah Anderson is one of the best characters.

Len Parker - do I have to say any more.

Rory Delaplaines stole my heart in the first chapter. Then Ran Yamane just made the story that much better.

Lost Shifters: Too many to say which, but Shane is my favourite character.

Who doesn't love Brier Blackstone... All I'm saying is: "I found a bug."

All the characters in this book call to me in different ways. Cole Winters just has a way of pulling them all together.

Isaac Dragos - At first I hated him and then I loved him... So awesome when that happens.

Julian Hallowell... My husband banned me from ever reading this book in bed.

Piper (Charles Sylvester Piper, III): Jambi, I'm still waiting in book two.

Rand Holloway... I don't know why I love him so much - I just know that I do.

Kaden James... he just breaks my heart. I just want to hug him all better.

Julio Herendez & Paine Addison just work so well together... Awesome story.


  1. I'm with you on all of those!

    1. There are so many more awesome books out there that I haven't even yet mentioned... I will get to them next time.