Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Right Now & Coming Up...

Well that damn irritating cough seems to be well on its way to turning into the flu... I feel like crap, and we all know that when I feel this way I have a tendency to ramble... a lot.

But on the upside... we also know that being sick is when I'll get a bunch of new story ideas.

Right now... I'm working on: A Moon-Runner Story: Carlo's Christmas Wish. Which I have to admit that even though it basically follows the same story line as the original (A Moon-Runner Christmas) there are some big changes and a whole lot of added wordage happening. I'm also working on The Diamond Rose 1: Undiscovered Hearts... Hoping to have both finished over the next couple of weeks.

Co-authoring... Bronwyn Heeley and I are still hashing out the basis of The Hunted... we are having weekly meetings until we are satisfied that we both know what the hell is going on. As soon as we have something concrete we may let you in on what's happening.

Also in talks with some fellow MLR authors about a new secret project. Well at least I think it's a secret. I'll let you know more on that one when I'm able. I won't really talk about it until I get the go ahead.

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