Friday, 31 October 2014


I'm still trying to get everything done before I get started on NaNoWriMo. I'm actually excited about it this year... fingers crossed that nothing gets in the way. For once the whole family seems healthier than usual and I'm hoping it stays that way.

I know most people are aiming for the 50K NaNo requires for a success, but I'm personally aiming for 70K as I need to get two novellas finished.

December is all Michael & Doyle with a touch of Benj & Christian thrown in for good measure. The boys from The Lines Of Marsden want their time in the light again and the next instalment of their lives to be told. so I better get it into MLRPress

On other MLRPress news I have to quickly write Lancaster's Way 3: Pre-Loved, which is the next book. I want to show everyone the wonderful cover Deana Jamroz is making to put aside for me... I love it.

January 2015 is time for The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes with Totally Bound Publishing... 

Fireborn Publishing news still no news on The Diamond Rose 1: Gateway to Kalethia... but not expecting any for a while, and still in edits on Moon Runners 1: Heart-mate, Mine! I so can't wait to show you the cover on that one it's beautiful Jess Buffett did an amazing job. So you can see I will be a busy little bee for the next little bit. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Today I Am...

Okay, so today I'm totally typing up all of my book scores for the 2nd phase of the Rainbow Awards and getting them back to Elisa... trying to clear away all the last minute things before I start NaNoWriMo on November 1st.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Just Subbed

I subbed to Fireborn Publishing

Gateways To Kalethia

Emily says "About bloody time. Do I know how long she has had the tattoo?" 

In case you are all wondering Emily has the series name tattooed across her sternum... Apparently it hurt like a bitch to get done... and the answer is she got it done almost 3 years ago.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What's Happening Next?

Okay, first on my list is NaNoWriMo... This November I have to do two stories - I know this is allowable as I have done it in other years. 

Adrain & Lockie

EXPERIMENTALS (20 out of 40K)
2: Running Into Zero Tolerance

Then in December I'm dedicating the whole month to one of my favourite stories to write.

3: You Make Me Die In Pieces

Monday, 27 October 2014

What's Happening Now?

  1. I have received and returned to Jamie DR at Fireborn Publishing, 1st edits on Moon Runners 1: Heart-mate, Mine! There weren't as many as I thought there would be... I'll see what I get back.
  2. My beta reader James A is nearly done with The Diamond Rose 1: Gateway To Kalethia... I hope there aren't too many on that so I can get it subbed to Fireborn Publishing.
  3. I'm doing Taxes yet again -- I swear to God, I don't think it ever ends... Well, I have them done I just have to figure out my new printer and how to scan.
  4. I just found all my handwritten The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces notes so I want to type them up and get ready for writing it in December.
  5. Also spring cleaned my office (even though it's summer)... why does everyone think they can use the desktop to put things on when they could just as easily put them in their correct places?

Saturday, 25 October 2014

SENTINELS OF VARNUSE 1: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down # 24


“You filthy mongrel… good-for-nothing, louse of a husband.”

Quinlan stared in amazement as Brayden ranted at him. His knees buckled as he watch another wave of pain rolled through his husband’s delicate body with enough force so his back bowed off the bed. A feral scream tore from Brayden’s throat. As soon as the pain appeared to lessen Brayden burst into tears and held out his arms toward him. Quinlan didn’t even hesitate as he ran across the room and wrapped his husband tenderly in his arms.

“I am so proud of you my love.” Quinlan peppered his face in kisses. He couldn’t believe Brayden was in the throes of labour. For some insane reason Quin felt jilted, like he’d missed watching their child grown within his husband’s body.

Brayden’s back bowed in pain again and he glared at Quinlan through his tears and obvious discomfort. “You’re never sticking that thing inside me ever again. Do you hear me? We are never having sex again.”

Quinlan bit back the smile that was trying to force its way onto his lips. But somehow he didn’t think that Brayden would appreciate it.

“I can’t do this, Quin. I don’t know how to get the baby out. What if it gets stuck inside me forever?” fear laced his words and Quinlan didn’t know how to reassure his lover that he was strong enough.

Brayden moaned as another set of gentle hands touched him and seemed surprised to see Lord Dalziel, his other father standing there.

“You need to calm yourself as much as possible. Take deep breaths and slow your heartbeat. If you’re too stressed out, then the babe will be just as uneasy.” Fane’s voice was trying for smooth and soothing, and Quin appreciated what the man was doing.

Brayden narrowed his eyes and snapped. “What would you know about it?”

Fane smiled, “I was there for the birth of both of my children. I remember vividly what Thayer went through to bring each of you into the world.”

“How?” Brayden asked.

Quinlan hoped like hell whatever needed to happen was simple and reasonably easy. He hated seeing Brayden in any kind of pain.

“Well, once you’re calmed down enough to proceed an incision will be made. The cut will run from your navel to your pubic bone to bring the babe into the world to take its very first breath as a member of our race.” Fane stroked Brayden’s arm, “Now I need you to relax so we can get my first grandson born. Once the babe is free of your body you’ll be able to shift and heal yourself.”

Brayden paled even further then he already was. “Not going to happen. I’ve never shifted before. I don’t know how.”

“I’ll help you.” Javier said softly. Quin waited unto Javier came to his brother’s side and offered his support.

Quinlan could only watch as Brayden grimaced as yet another wave of discomfort engulfed his small frame.

“Oh Gods… Quinlan, I need this baby out of me now… please, I’m begging you—it’s killing me.” Quinlan’s heart wrenched at the words escaping his husband’s lips.

“Fane, what do we need to do?”

To Quinlan it was as if a switch inside Fane seemed to flick. His demeanour changed and turned him into a force to be reckoned with. “Lay him out on the table, we need sterilisation strips to cleanse the skin where the incisions needs to be made.” He ran his finger along the spot he meant.

Quinlan held tight to Brayden as the sterilisation strips were rubbed over the taut skin of his husband’s lower abdomen. “Baby, soon we’ll be looking into the face of our gorgeous son.”
Brayden’s eyes widened, “Quin, where are the boys? Are they safe? Tell me they are safe?”

“They’re safe, love. I promise you they are very safe.” He leant across and kissed Brayden on his forehead. “Come on now, are you ready to bring our child into the world?”


Brayden couldn’t believe Quinlan was finally here with him. And now he was into too much pain to rejoice. Oh God, here came another wave of agony. He gritted his teeth as the sharp ache stabbed through him. Something wasn’t right. Damn it felt like his insides were being torn apart. He needed this over—now!

“I fucking hate you right now. You did this to me,” Brayden ground out as yet another wave of what felt like torture hit him. “You’re so not my favourite person anymore.”

“I love you, Bray.”

Brayden didn’t believe a word he was hearing. “Bullshit! You caused all this.” He wanted to shut up desperately but his mouth just wouldn’t stop. “You impregnated me. You filled me up. They took me because of that. This is all your fault.” He heard the room gasp as tears filled Quinlan’s eyes and he let go of his hand and stepped away. Brayden wanted to take the words back, but didn’t know how. “I’m sorry.” Just didn’t seem to cut it.

“Javier, could you please stay with Brayden. My being here is obviously causing him distress.” Quinlan had a single tears run its course down his cheek as he turned and walked from the room and Brayden felt like shit for hurting his husband.

Brayden’s wanted to call him back. He needed Quinlan here with him. But he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Quinlan had chosen to leave him again and that fucking hurt like. Hell, now his heart was breaking right along with his body.

“He’s searched for you since the day you disappeared.” Javier said softly. “You wouldn’t believe what he’s been like. I don’t think he slept at all for the first three days while he organised the search party to track you down.”

Tears leaked out of Brayden’s eyes as he listened to his brother defend his husband.

“He loves you so much.”

“I need to give him a mild sedative now. Not enough to knock him out, just enough to calm him.” Lucas held up the needle for them both to see.

“I need my husband.” Brayden demanded, “QUIN!” Brayden screamed his husband’s name as the needle moved closer toward him—God he hated needles.


Quinlan’s head snapped up from where he sat on the floor outside of Brayden’s room. When Brayden screamed his name in terror it had him off the floor and back through the door before his name had even faded from the room.

“Quin, don’t let them stick me with that.” He pointed a shaking finger at the huge needle.

“Lucas?” Quinlan asked as he walked back over to stand beside the table.

Lucas chuckled, “It is just a mild sedative so he doesn’t move too much during the birthing.”

Brayden grabbed Quinlan’s hands and held tight when he felt a sting of the needle as it entered his skin just above his pubes. Relaxing as the pain slowly ebbed out of him.

“Look at me, Bray. Keep your eyes on me.”

“Okay,” Brayden tried to smile bravely but Quinlan saw his lower lip quivered. Then Brayden frowned. Out of the corner of his vision Quinlan saw Lucas make the incision and then help free the baby. All the while Brayden appeared to feel nothing.

They both looked toward the end of the table as they heard a baby cry. “Sire’s may I introduce to you your very beautiful son.” Lucas held up the swaddled babe. A weird look come over Brayden’s face.

“Bray,” Quinlan asked as Brayden let out a loud moan.

“Oh, the fates be blessed.” Lucas handed over Xavier to Quinlan as he ducked back behind the shield. Standing back up he smiled. “May I also present your equally as beautiful daughter.”

With grey spots filling his vision Quinlan hurriedly handed Xavier to Brayden for safe keeping, then toppled to the floor as he promptly fainted.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Just Found Out...

I am so snoopy dancing right now... luckily you can't see me as I really suck at dancing, so it isn't pretty.

Okay, onto what has me so excited. I've just found out that my editor at Fireborn Publishing is the wonderfully amazing Jamie D Rose.

This has been the highlight of my day seeing as I'm having trouble with the online banking because the New Zealand Bank I'm dealing with doesn't have a BSB number, which just means to pay INV 1309 I'll have to get out of my pj's and make a trip into town to get it all sorted out.

Other than that, my break from writing is going great - instead of starting something new I'm going through all my notes for other stories and getting then into the right files for when I will eventually need them again.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Crazy-Arsed Weather

One day it's hot the next it's cold as a witch's tit... No wonder everyone is getting bloody ill.

In the morning it's jumpers and jeans and then by mid-arvo we've stripped down to shorts and singlets.

The cats are all snuggled in so damn cute because they love me and then as soon as the heat arrives I've been dumped.

Okay, I have to head out and meet the guy bringing an industrial container (carrying our tools) to our construction yard... it's the only bad thing about Emily leaving construction to pursue another career. I get to deal with all the little jobs when no one else is around.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I'm Taking A Break

Between now and NaNoWriMo starting I am taking a break from writing. I will poke my head out every now and again to give you updates on my life and what's happening.

Okay, maybe that is a bit of a fib... I'll work on the beta edits on The Diamond Rose 1: Gateway To Kalethia when it gets back and submit it... I'm basically taking a break from starting anything new.

Besides, Vlad has decided to go on vacation with Michael Marsden. he promises to return him to me by December 1st when I start back on The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces.

Monday, 20 October 2014

ALMOST DONE: Gateway To Kalethia

I'm almost finished with The Diamond Rose 1: Gateway To Kalethia... I hope to have it finished by today and sent to the Beta reader before it goes off for submission to Fireborn Publishing. It started out that I wanted it to roll in at around 40K, but at 45K it's not quite finished I still have one scene to write.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Well, my headache turned into a migraine which had me out for the count for the last four days... My world had become dark grey and extremely blurry -- nauseating came to mind.

Today is the first day I've managed to get back onto the computer so I'm behind in everything once again... but what else is new for me.

I've had to squash quite a few of my planned writing projects (new) to concentrate on the series I already have out or coming out in the near future... I think I have 8 current series on the go and that's not including my blog story (which I will continue with).

I promise to let everyone know what is going on when I fully work out what I'm going to do. I still have full intentions of finishing at least 3 more books for 2014 even if some aren't released until some tome in 2015.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bloody Hell & Then Some..

Okay, so we may not be there quite yet, but bloody hell it's getting hot. My tanks are running dry and I had to switch over to town water - which is yuck if you ask me. Sunscreen is now a must, not that the kids ever remember to put it on. I feel like my brain has melted into a big messy puddle of goo.

On another note: last night I started on a new story. I'm not sure where it's leading or what it's even about. I have no title as yet. I will keep you informed on how it's going. As yet I'm not even sure if it's paranormal or contemporary.

Good News: I just heard that Lancaster's Way 2: A Different Way Of Seeing made the All Romance best seller list. Yay me!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What's The Goss?

I'm still working on The Diamond Rose 1: Gateway To Kalethia... I hope to finish it by the end of this week.

I saw the roughs for the upcoming Moon Runners 1: Heart-mate, Mine! cover for Fireborn Publishing done by the wonderful Jess Buffett... I can't wait to be able to share the final product with you all.

I also did my monthly blog post for the Totally Bound Blog... My post is called: Lesson Learned. I'm finally starting to figure out how to use Wordpress.

Next on my agenda is The Gaean Prophecy 1: Admetus Gaea... I may change the actual book title I'm not sure yet. I will let you know when I finally make up my mind.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

SENTINELS OF VARNUSE 1: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down #23

Brayden sat in the huge tub of heated water and groaned in pure bliss, for a while there he thought he’d never be clean again. He didn’t understand half of what was happening. To be honest he was just glad he and his father were finally free—well kind of. Brayden wished his guardians would hurry up and take him back to Quinlan. His heart ached with how much he missed his husband and children. A small cough came from the doorway interrupting his wayward thoughts.

“Yes?” Brayden asked with a smile when he saw that it was Greer. The young man was another prisoner who had been rescued from the compound at the same time as he and his father.

“I just wanted to know if you needed anything. I’m not sure what I’m meant to be doing here. No one will give me any orders.”

The pain in the young man’s voice touched deep inside Brayden, “You could help me wash my hair. I was waiting for the lady to come back, but since you are offering.” He closed his eyes as Greer knelt beside the tub and upended a jug of warm water over his head. “Tell me about yourself, Greer.”

“Not much to tell really. My parents were killed by Tondran and his men and he took me as a servant. I was told to hide by my father… so I did. I got the feeling Tondran wanted me specifically and killed my parents so that he could take me.”

“Why would he want to take you?” Brayden groaned happily as Greer’s fingers worked their magic on his scalp.

Greer combed his fingers through the tangles in Brayden’s hair. “I don’t know. O once heard him tell his son I was someone special, but then he just gave me to the guards to use as a servant.”

“What is your family name?” Another jug of warmed water was poured slowly over Brayden’s head to rinse the soap out. “How old are you?

“Chisolmn, my name is Greer Chisolmn. I’ m fourteen. I’m nobody special.” They were silent for a while as Greer finished washing his hair.

Brayden liked listening to the musical tones of the young man’s voice. “What are you going to do now that you are free?”

Greer moved to the side of the tub and blushed. “I wish to go with you. I’d like to train to be a sentinel.”

“Why a sentinel?” Brayden stared into the depths of the young man’s tawny eyes.

“Because then I wouldn’t be afraid anymore. I’d be strong enough to take care of my family.”

Confusion rolled through Brayden in a slow wave. “Do you have a family? Is there someone we need to contact?”

Greer shook his head. “In the future, I’ll have a husband and children of my own. My mother told me that from the time I was but a small child. My mother would never have lied to me.”

“No she wouldn’t have.” Brayden smiled as he slowly washed the rest of his body, grinning he grabbed Greer’s hand and placed it on his stomach. Greer’s eyes widened as he felt the baby kick. “This is my son, Xavier.”

“Xavier, is a strong and beautiful name.”

“Yes, it is.” Brayden smiled at the look of wonder in Greer’s eyes.


Quinlan paced the length of the room he was in. What the hell was taking so long? They knew Brayden and Thayer had been rescued from the prison at least three weeks ago. For some reason the men who’d rescued them had cut off all communication. Now no one was exactly sure where Brayden had been taken. The children of Varnuse had a small but very efficient network, and Quinlan hated having to wait for word to reach them.

“Calm down, you’re only going to twist yourself inside out if you keep this up.” Ingrid stated.

Quinlan glared at his best friend and bodyguard. “This is my husband. I want Brayden here—in my arms. You know as well as I do that according to the histories of our people Bray is almost at full term.” Quinlan’s glare softened. “I miss him. I want him back.”

“I know,” Ingrid got up and embraced him. “We all miss him. We’ll get him back. At least we know he’s now safe.”

“King Quinlan,” they turned as Fane spoke softly behind them. “Do you think Thayer is truly alive?”

“Yes, I do. Bray so much as told us in his note. You will have your husband back soon.”

“Oh,” Fane’s face crumpled. “He’ll never be able to forgive me. How could he possibly still want me after I left him for all those years?”

Quinlan watched as Javier reached for his father, his strange cat like eyes focusing on Fane’s face. “You didn’t know. If you had, you would have rescued him.”

“But…” Tears clogged Fane’s voice.

“All the evidence led us all to believe Thayer was dead.” Talon added. “Thayer will understand.”

“King Thayer,” Quinlan corrected. “If Thayer is still alive, then he’s rightfully still the king of our people.”

Fane shook his head. “You’re king now.”

Quinlan smiled, “We’ll let the cards fall where they may. When they have been returned to us we’ll talk about what is to come and how it will affect our people.”

“King Quinlan,” Josep raced into the room. “I’ve had word from Lucas. We need to hurry, Consort Brayden has begun his child-birthing early.”

As one everyone in the room stood and prepared to leave. It would seem none were willing to be left behind.

“Is there any news of Thayer?” Fane called desperately at Josep’s back.

Josep dropped back to beside Fane as they moved silently through the streets in the early hours of the morning. Hoping the fates were with them and the compound guards would not stop their progress.

“All I know is King Thayer is still unconscious. He never really recovered from his last beating. In the beginning he drifted in and out, but for the last three weeks he hasn’t woken.”

Fane cried out softly and slapped his hand over his own mouth to stop it echoing in the darkness. “Is he… will he…?”

“Maybe with you by his side, your touch might be the very thing he needs to bring him back to us all.” Josep suggested soothingly.

As they entered the dwelling where Brayden was being cared for, Quinlan’s feet moved faster as he heard the sounds of distress he recognised were coming from his mate. Holy Fuck! The first thing Quinlan saw as he burst through the door was his very naked husband grinding his teeth and glaring at him.

“It’s about fucking time you got your sorry miserable arse here.” Brayden snarled.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

OUT NOW ~ A Different Way Of Seeing


Sometimes a different way of seeing is all that you need.

When you're told often enough you don't have the brains god gave you—you start to believe it. When tragedy strikes Chase Williams finds himself alone.

Andrew Golding is an ass... or so everyone believes. With his momma’s wrath following him he turns to the police as well as his ex-brother in-law, Riley, seeking refuge on the Triple H.

A murder at the ranch has everyone pulling together to find the truth. Drew discovers there’s more to Chase than meets the eyes. His friend definitely has a different way of seeing the world and the people in it, which only makes Drew love him more.