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Guest Blogger ~ K.C. Faelan: A Little Christmas Magic [Boughs of Evergreen]

Release Date: December 2014
Released From: Beaten Track Publishing

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Hi, I’m K.C. Faelan and am new to the publishing world although I can’t say I’m new to writing M/M romance because I’ve written a few fanfic stories. Those stories helped me get over the nervousness of people reading my writing and paved the way to taking the next step in my writing journey.

My current story is, “A Little Christmas Magic,” put out by Beaten Track Publishing. Debbie McGowan, editor and publisher of Beaten Track, invited me to participate in the anthology, “Boughs of Evergreen—A Holiday Anthology,” which contains twenty-three holiday tales from authors all over the world. It was a massive endeavor to get the anthology together and I’m grateful for the chance to participate.

A Little Christmas Magic,” focuses on the magical time leading up to Christmas, which is my favorite holiday since, well since forever! I’ve always loved the lights and decorations, the Christmas music, and yes, even the crowds. I find lights to be especially magical and they pop up throughout the story.

I know readers often wonder if there's any part of an author in their characters and I can say yes, there are parts of me in two of the characters. They show up in Tai’s mother’s love for the holidays and her love of having their home all decked out for Christmas. It’s not mentioned in the story, but each of the trees in Tai’s household will have a theme and that comes directly from my personal experience. I have many Christmas decorating themes and change them each year, rotating through the collection of ornaments I have. This year the tree will be decorated in a southwest theme, with chili pepper lights and fairy lights. The ornaments are crafted by Native Americans and I’ve collected these on my husband and my yearly vacation to Arizona. I even have a theme with decorated goose eggs which makes the tree take on a Victorian feel. Last year the theme was travel and I decorated with trains and other ground modes of transportation. I plan on having a theme based on air flight at some point using ornaments of planets, rockets, planes and the like.

As you can see, Tai’s mother’s love of Christmas comes from me and so does Boone’s love of Christmas trees, decorating and his love of Christmas music. He hums along to one particular tune in the story and it’s my go-to song at Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my writer’s brain and it entices you into giving “A Little Christmas Magic” and “Boughs of Evergreen—A Holiday Anthology,” a read. Whatever you decide, I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate, you are surrounded by people you love, great food and happiness.

Have a wonderful holiday season! 

~ K.C. Faelan

It's the day after Thanksgiving and Ryan Forsyth is helping his friends decorate for Christmas. Little does he know that the weekend will usher in a profound change to his life, a chance for happiness if he isn't too afraid to reach out and grasp it.

Boone Ainsworth has been friends with Ryan since junior high, ever since their mutual friend Greg Hayes introduced them. Since the day they met, no one has stood a chance at claiming Boone's heart except Ryan, but Ryan is so deep in the closet, he hasn't got a clue.

Their happily ever after is just a step away, until a panicked decision changes everything. From that point on, things don't go smoothly and Ryan and Boone make mistakes neither may be able to forgive. But it's the holidays, and Ryan is banking on a little Christmas magic to help smooth the way.

It’d been a long Saturday. As usual, Tai had laid out an itinerary as to what holiday preparations and celebrations everyone would participate in that day.

First, was heading to a tree farm to select three—not one, but three trees—and that took a few hours. Afterwards they all went to lunch, Tai’s treat. Grateful for their help, he planned on paying for all their meals and fun that day, which was fine with Ryan. He was glad Kristen brought her friend Melissa along because he wasn’t interested in hanging out with her. He much preferred Boone, who, thankfully, hadn’t invited Simon along to join them.

Once they got the trees back to Tai’s and set them up in their stands outside, Tai called it quits on the decorating and suggested they all head downtown to the ice rink. Ryan wasn’t thrilled, but went along. Tai as usual helped Greg, and Kristen instructed him, but his heart wasn’t in it. Maybe it was because he couldn’t stop watching Boone. His friend seemed to do everything well. He knew Boone had taken skating lessons when he was young, but he had never bothered to watch how well he skated, until now. Kristen finally had enough of his distraction and left him to observe Boone from the sidelines.

After the skating, they drove to their usual club hangout for dinner and some dancing. The place was packed. Even though they had reservations they had to wait because their table had been assigned by accident, but they were promised the next available table. However, before that happened, the girls spotted a special event happening in one of the party rooms. It was a chance for people to give their Christmas wish list to Santa Claus for monetary donations, with all donations going to the local food banks.

Ryan wanted to relax, but found himself next in line and getting ready to do something utterly ridiculous even if it was for a good cause. “Come on, guys, you can’t be serious.” He halted at the entrance to the red carpet that led to Santa Claus and his chair. He really wasn’t in the mood to go along with his friends’ absurd idea of sitting on Santa’s lap. Especially not after the long day they’d had. “Do I have to?”

“We all did it, Ry, go on.” Giggling, Kristen and Melissa shoved him forward. A sexy elf girl and elf guy in tight, shiny-red booty shorts each grabbed one of his arms. They led him down the candy–cane-lined pathway to the bottom of the steps, leading up to where Santa sat in his huge, high-backed chair. There, the elves let him go and he was left looking up at Santa Claus and wishing he could turn around and head back the way he’d come. He glanced over his shoulder at his friends. Laughing, Greg and the girls motioned at him to get moving. He searched for Boone and found him grinning, giving him a thumbs-up. Letting out a sigh, he solemnly climbed the steps up to Santa’s platform.

He paused in front of Santa and looked one more time over his shoulder at Boone who was still grinning. Ryan turned back around. Santa patted his gloved hands on his bright red lap and held out his arms, his eyes twinkling, a grin on his lips.

“This is ridiculous,” Ryan muttered under his breath as he maneuvered his way onto Santa’s lap.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! And who do I have the pleasure of meeting tonight?” Santa’s grin was cheerful, his eyes full of merriment.

He peered at Santa sideways. “The name’s Ryan.”

“Ryan is it? Have you been a good boy this year, Ryan?”

“I feel stupid.” Ryan ran a hand over his face and glanced over at his laughing friends.

“And why’s that?” Santa asked.

“I don’t believe in Santa Claus.”

Santa tilted his head. “You don’t have to believe in me to have Christmas wishes come true.”

Ryan stared at Santa then down at his hands, which he hadn’t noticed he held clenched in his lap. “I don’t think you can help me anyway.”

“Why don’t you try me? What do you wish for?”

“I…” He looked over at his friends who were still watching then turned back to Santa.

“Don’t look so worried. You’re under no obligation to tell me anything.” Santa patted Ryan’s shoulder. “Maybe you’d like a new car, or how about a Lear Jet? I’ve had a lot of requests for those this year.” Santa smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

A smile tugged at the corner of Ryan’s lips despite his current glum mood. What did he have to lose? It was all in fun anyway. He motioned Santa closer with his finger and leaned over to whisper in his ear. “I want to be happy.” Ryan drew away and held his breath. He’d never told that to anyone, not even his best friends.

Santa leaned back in his chair and watched him closely. He peered over the top of his gold-rimmed spectacles, his blue eyes somber. “You’re not happy?” he asked, so quietly that Ryan had to lean forward to hear Santa’s question.

Ryan shook his head. “I have great friends, family and a promising career. I should be, but I’m not.” He looked over at Boone, who now wore a look of concern on his face. He turned his attention back to Santa and saw that Santa had followed his gaze.

“I see,” Santa replied after a pause. “Some Christmas wishes need courage in order to come true.” Santa reached over and laid his large gloved hand over Ryan’s. “I can tell you if you want to be happy and put in the hard work, that you will be.”

Ryan gave a soft chuckle. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were a shrink.”

Overcome with laughter, Santa threw back his head, his stomach jiggling and his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Ho! Ho! Ho! In a way I am. All those elves up at the North Pole—there’s always someone causing mischief that I need to straighten out. Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa smiled and gave him some more advice. “Don’t give up, Ryan. Christmas is a time for miracles.” He tapped Ryan on the nose with his finger and Ryan heard his friends laugh.

“Thanks, Santa. I’ll try and remember that.” He gave Santa a grin and got to his feet.

“You’re welcome. Remember, Ryan, you’ll get your happiness if you reach for it. Don’t give up.”

Ryan headed back to his friends along the red carpet, escorted once again by the elves. He found Boone and flashed him a grin. Boone answered back with one of his own.

Many moons ago, with the encouragement of a writer friend, K.C. Faelan sat down at the keyboard and wrote her first fanfic story. After a few years, her muse went into hiding, and then suddenly re-emerged, urging KC to participate and take on one of the prompts in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s 2014 Love’s Landscapes DRitC event. Still a fledging in the world of writing, KC is happily learning what it takes to get a book from the first typed specks on a word doc, to seeing that story in book form.
KC currently writes contemporary male romance but plans to spread her wings into other m/m genres.  She enjoys reading about m/m in almost every setting from paranormal, to sci-fi to historical backdrops. She loves men, from the Alphas to the omegas, and all the pretty boys in between. Intelligence and humor whet her appetite. Toss in a course of UST, a dash of angst, season with fluffiness, and she dives right in. For dessert, it’s HEA all the way.
KC lives in Northern California with her husband and two rescue birds. Their female bird hates women and wishes KC would go play in the middle of traffic or take a long walk off a short pier, leaving her alone to build a nest with KC’s husband. KC however, believes she adds spice to the bird’s life, and this is where they have a vast difference of opinion.

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About the Anthology

Language: English
Published: 21st November, 2014
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
ISBN: Vol 01: 9781909192898; Vol 02: 9781909192911
No. of  pages: Volume 1 - 402: Volume 2: 396
Category: Fiction

Boughs of Evergreen is a two-volume collection of short stories celebrating the holiday season in all its diversity. Penned by authors from the UK, the USA, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, these are tales of the young and the not-so-young from many different walks of life.

Themes of family, friendship and romance take readers on a journey through some of the major holidays, both past and present, including Thanksgiving, Advent, St. Lucia Day, Hanukkah, Eid, Saturnalia, Winter Solstice, Yule, Christmas and New Year. In each we find at the very least hope, and often love, peace and happiness.

Each story will also be published individually as ebooks on 1st December, 2014.

Proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization [USA] providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.
For more information, visit:

THE STORIES: (links go to samples and author biographies)

Volume One

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