Saturday, 17 January 2015

2015: The Year Of The Weird ~ Or So It Seems

I swear to God I told you only a few days ago that 2015 was going to be my year. the year where my writing schedule fell into place and everything ran smoothly and i stayed on time with each additional projectdon't laugh it really workssometimes... now I'm starting to think maybe it will be my year of the totally fucked up & just plain weird—especially, when it comes to all things electrical. It's totally starting to drive me nuts.

This is what I mean:
1) The lid of my kettle recently decided that every time I wanted to open it the damn thing would shoot off and skid across the bench… So I had to bet a new one.

2) My office computer has decided not to let me cut and paste into documents. It keeps taking half the documents away. So I have to shut down and save between each thing—major PITA.

3) My tablet is working thank god so at least can still work. Mind you the heat is playing havoc with everything. Though, my facebook is constantly doing weird shit—but what else is new.

I’m still crazy busy writing. In between doing taxes and getting Ethan & Emily ready for the new school year—high school & university (bloody hell—it’s costing me a fortune).

On the downside: my Ross River Fever is still hanging around and being a huge pain in the arse. So, I’d be grateful if you could send all your positive thoughts my way.

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