Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sentinels Of Varnuse 2: Wind Walkers [1]


As Vayne made his way through the ever thickening forest he sensed he was being followed—and followed by a man he didn’t want to see right now or ever again. He hated knowing they had something in common. He didn’t want to share he never had.

“What the fuck are you here for?” Vayne growled over his shoulder, hoping like hell his unwelcome companion would turn around and go back to where he came from.

Arron sighed dramatically, “You know why. Simian belongs to me just as much as he belongs to you. Why would you think I’d let you go off alone and look for him. I’m not a coward. I’m willing to help you search.”

Vayne spun around and glared at the younger man. “Stop saying that. Simian is my mate. Mine! Given to me by Varnuse. I’ve never even heard of people mating more than one person. So go find your own mate.”

Arron chuckled, “I can claim the same damn thing as you Varnuse gave me to Simian just as he did you. Stop denying what the world already knows. We both wear Simian’s mark. He doesn’t belong to us—we both belong to him.” Arron pushed up his sleeve and bared his forearm so the sunlight shimmered across the exact same marking Vayne knew adorned his own forearm.

“But I don’t have to like it.” Vayne growled.

He still hated sharing.

“No,” Arron sighed again, “You just have to accept it. Remember it was our constant fighting over Simian that allowed him to be kidnapped in the first place. If we had learned to get on and share his love then he would still be with us. I won’t rest until we get him back.”

“Can you just shut up for five-fricken-minutes? You are more annoying than a Juju bug in the morning.” Vayne stared at Arron and it struck him right then that he’d never before really looked at Arron—never took the time to notice what he truly looked like. Arron stared back calmly and Vayne could almost feel himself being pulled into those pale green eyes that seemed to see everything. They were so clear he swore he could see his own reflection. Arron’s skin was pale and flawless and his lips looked soft and plump. Vayne fought not to smile as those perfect lips pouted in his direction. Taking a deep breath Vayne asked. “Okay, now how pissed do you think Josep is going to be at us?”

“It’s not Josep we have to worry about. You know Lucas is the one who’ll kick our arses. That man may act like a pacifist, but he’s the fiercest one of us all.” Arron shuddered and took a step towards him.

Vayne took a step back, “Lucas will understand. He knows what Simian means to me.” When Arron glared at he corrected himself, “I meant to us. Lucas knows what Simian means to us.”

“Yes, it’s best you remember there are three of us in this little love fest. When and I do mean when we get our mate back we need to try for his sake not to kill each other. It hurts him when we argue.”

Vayne and Arron froze as they heard someone or something making their way towards them. Vayne reached out and pulled Arron behind him, while his free hand was wrapped around the hilt of his knife as he waited. Even though Arron was grumbling softly behind him he knew the man would be just as ready in case trouble came their way. A sentinel stepped out of the trees and stopped before them.

“Aren’t you a bit lost, brother?” Vayne asked not letting down his guard in case the king had sent men out to bring them in. He wasn’t going to allow something like that to happen. He wasn’t going home—not without Simian at his side.

“My name is Dominic Bourke.” The man said.

A growl erupted from his throat when he felt Arron move behind him. “If you have come for either Arron or myself, then we are taken. You would be best off going home where you belong. Sentinel or not the woods are dangerous for those unfamiliar with them.”

Dominic stood a little straighter. “I never came here for either of you. I came because Lucas told me I must. He also told me that my destiny lies in wherever you are going. He said it’s now time for my story to unfold. That you and Arron were to guide me.”

Vayne couldn’t stop the grin as Arron strode over and pushed up Dominic’s sleeve and sighed in relief when he saw the forearm. “He bears a mark, but it’s not the same as ours.

“It’s okay, Arron,” Vayne chuckled, “fate would not give Simian another mate for us to contend with.” Shaking his head he turned in the direction they were going. “I just wished that we had found Ormand before we left… maybe we could have gotten something worthwhile out of him.” Arron bit his lip and Vayne knew he wasn’t going to like whatever it was he was going to hear.

“Yeah, about that… I may have killed Ormand just a little bit.”

“You did what?” Vayne demanded. Belated panic raced through him at the thought of Arron being hurt. He may not want the guy to share his mate—it didn’t mean he wanted the guy to be harmed in any way.

When Arron refused to look at him for the longest of times He wasn’t sure what he was going to hear. So many emotions ran across the guys face and not all of them were good. Finally after an eternity Arron spoke.

“He shouldn’t have put his hands on you. I saw you at the tavern. I saw him touching you. The idiot should have known you were off limits.”

Vayne studied his companion trying to figure the guy out. “You don’t like me, and yet you killed Ormand because he touched me?”

“I never said I didn’t like you. You’re the one who is hell bent on arguing all the time. I actually listened when Simian explained things to us—maybe you should have too.”

“As touching as this is, maybe we should get a move on. As you said these woods can be a dangerous place and nightfall seems to be heading our way fast.” Dominic said interrupting the conversation they were having.

Looking up through the trees to the darkening sky Vayne had to agree with the man. They needed to find shelter. Somewhere  where they could light a fire and keep away the more dangerous creatures of the night. He also needed time to digest the conversation he’d just had with Arron. He knew when Simian was back with them he’d have to change his ways if he wanted their relationship to last.

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