Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Working On & Other News

This week I'm working on The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... the story is not behaving and has gone off on a whole new tangent and not one that I'd ever planned on taking, but, apparently Doyle Kerwin had other ideas. I always knew there was a reason Doyle was one of my favourite characters to write. I think I'll get this story written, and sent in on time, which will be a huge freaking load off my shoulders. Now I know why it's been taking so long... Doyle wanted to change the story.

On other news: 

1- Emily is doing great at Uni. Well, she's liking it at least. 

2-The hubs a I have had our meeting at school with Ethan's teacher regarding his attitude to working in class, behaving in class, and doing his homework... and he now knows the consequences if he doesn't pick up his act... I'm not happy, and no both the hubs and Ethan know it. The teacher has promised to keep me informed on Ethan's progress as there is no way Ethan is failing English.

3- I just flooded the laundry with bubbles... It's taken forever to get them all cleaned up... why is it they are such sticky little buggers, but at least the laundry smells nice.

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