Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Subbed & Onto...

Hollow's Trouble has been beta edited and sent to the Goodreads MMRomance group... I will heave back from them in a couple of weeks about any additional edits I may have to do.

I can tell you I was glad to get this story finally finished. I just hope I've done the prompt justice. But, I suppose in the end I can only give you my interpretation of the prompt I claimed.

Next year if I participate I will be better bloody prepared. I felt so rushed this time with everything going on in my life. I know that's no excuse, but when the shit hits the fan - it well and truly has blow-back.

Now I'm back onto one story I really do love writing for you all. The characters in The Lines of Marsden have wormed their way into my heart.

I've just finished the re read to catch up with where I was at and have now started back into the story. I am positive I'll get this one done by May 31st and to the lovely Christie N at MLR for edits.

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