Sunday, 12 July 2015

Beautiful According To Me

Character Inspiration...

No clue who this guy really is, but he is how I see one of my main characters in The Freedomers... He is how I see Chance Hastings.

Again No clue who or where from, but he is definitely how I see my other main character Zephania.

I will keep you updated on all other characters as they come to mind. I will gather some pictures of how I see both worlds I may have to draw how the two worlds interact but it should give you all he gist of what's in my head... right now all I can say is thing of a cat ball. You know one of those hard plastic cage dealies with a tinkle bell inside.


  1. You have excellent inspiration in these two! I love reading your updates babe!

    1. I love sharing with everyone. Now that one of the kiddos is back at school I may even get some writing done.