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SENTINALS OF VARNUSE 2: Wind Walkers [8]

# 8

Raevyn stared at the space between him and Simian total shock running through his body as he stared at the beautiful transparent creature hovering above them who had taken both his and his cousins hand. How did the vision know they needed to be connected? How did he even know where to find them? But most importantly who was he? Ant why the hell did he call to Raevyn’s very essence.

Was the beautiful man something he and Simian conjured to them in their moment of need? Raevyn wanted to scream out as the vision exploded into a thousand shards of nothingness. He didn’t have time to think on it more as in that exact instant he felt Simian’s power combine with his own and his strength came rushing back to him, combined with Simian’s. Giving him enough force to break the bonds tethering him to the ground. The last beating Simian had taken at the hands of Tondran and his men kept his cousin slightly subdued and unable to focus his power.

Raevyn was still in shock over the whole waking up one day with his cousin staked out beside him. He’d never thought to ever see any of his true family again. The law stated—they were to be kept separated because combining the powers of the first line would be dangerous to the lives of every living thing in the known universe. Did the fool holding them captive even know who he was messing with? If he did, he obviously didn’t care.

Slowly but surely, Raevyn worked his tethers out of the ground until he was free. He rested in the pose as if he was still held by the restraints. He needed to make sure the time was right before he took out the person who had held him tied down like an animal for the last three cycles of the moon. The idiot and his minions had made an enemy of him when they treated him as a lesser being.

When he’d awoken to find Simian beside him his anger had grown tenfold. If it was the last thing he ever did in this life he would see his cousin free—Simian was destined for far greater things—things he couldn’t do if he was caged.

He wondered if Tondran would still have put them so close together if he knew they didn’t need words to communicate. Raevyn turned his face to the side until his gaze locked with Simian’s. “I will get you out of this. I promise. I swear to you I will get you back to your mates before the next cycle of the moon.

Simian shook his head slightly, “They will come for us, and our new found friend will lead then directly to us?

How do you know?”

Because when he was here I could sense my mates on him. Wherever he has come from my mates are with him.” Simian sounded like he knew exactly what he was talking about.

Do you know who he is?”

Simian smiled sadly. “Don’t you?”

Confusion filled Raevyn’s brain. Yes the guy had somehow seemed familiar but Raevyn couldn’t remember meeting him anywhere before. Why would his cousin think he would know a total stranger?

Look inside yourself, cousin, and listen to what you find.”

Raevyn could tell by the tone in his head Simian was laughing at him. What the hell is so damn funny? Why couldn’t he just come out and say what he knew? He hated not knowing what was going on in his own damn life.

Closing his eyes and concentrating, it didn’t take long for the ghostly image to appear in his mind. There was no denying the man’s image was so beautiful it hurt to look at. Maybe their ancestors sent the man to him in his time of need, but why send him something and just rip it away from him again. Raevyn hated being one of the cursed. Whoever said the pure lines where the sacred beings sure didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. Tondran just didn’t care about the legends at all. Then again, Raevyn was betting Tondran didn’t even know who they were—or more so from whom they were descended. Because if he did know, he would’ve secured them a hell of a lot better than this.

Bringing his thoughts back to the present he concentrated again on the beautiful man’s image until it became clearer in his head. He took in the sharp blue eyes, his lips were a little fuller than most, and looked softer. His face was oval shaped as his dark hair fell in waves around his shoulders. Raevyn saw the beads which had been intricately woven near his left temple showing he was a being from the hawk. So it meant this dark hair beauty was from the Earthen lands, and not from the realms of the Gods.

If he was a real person than it meant Raevyn had a chance of finding him again. A chance of finding out just who he was? And why he felt like he should know him? His heart lurched as he felt what his cousin meant. Why would Simian feel the connection between them when he couldn’t?

My mate—but how?” All his life he had known he would be alone Varnuse would never have mated someone to one of the pure line. Except, Simian had two mates, didn’t he? Did that mean he also had another mate out there? His gaze locked on his cousin once more. “Should I be expecting another?

Simian nodded his head, “Yes, our father ensured we would need two souls to tether us to reality. Your mates will come for you together. They have already bonded.” Bitterness seeped into his tone. “At least they like each other. I have also have two men to love me—Two men who cannot stand each other. You are lucky that Varnuse has given you men who want to be together.

Your mates will work it out.”

I am not so sure.”

They fell silent as they heard feet approaching their gazes no longer focused on each other. Not wanting to give away their secret. Raevyn swore everyone in this encampment had to pay. They were going to die for all the things they had done to him and Simian.

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