Saturday, 31 October 2015

So Fricken Tired...

Okay so we had to be up at 2am to drive the hubs into the Brisbane International Airport. He had to be there by 4am... because his flight out was 6am to New Zealand. So, I've been up for 8 hours after only having 2 hours sleep. My brain is a totally mess.

Though I do have some good news out of the 210,000 words I needed to complete the 1(30K) + 2 (40K) novellas + 1 (100K) novel by the end of the year.... I only have 121,124 words left to go... So I'm well and truly on track to getting everything done... Fingers crossed it stays that way.

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and I can't wait... So I might be a little hit and miss with posting over the next month. Though, I'll try and keep everyone updated on how I'm doing.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Just Another Ramble

Yeah I know... I ramble a lot... I can't help it there is so much going on in my head that I just need to get it all out... so here goes: 7 things you really didn't want to know, but I'm telling you anyway... Sharing is caring--or so they tell me.

1) The hubs flies back to New Zealand tomorrow, and I'm happy to report that he got most of the jobs done that needed doing... I'm going to miss him (I think) at least until he comes back and I realise I have o share the queen sized bed again.

2) Emily is at her last tutoring session for the year... she starts her exams in a week and a half for Uni... then is off until about March of next year.

3) Ethan informs me he only has 4 weeks of school left before he's on school holidays... next year he's into year 10 and becomes a senior. I'm so proud of the progress he has made in the year he has been living with us.

4) I've been dealing with the dreaded taxes, and I'm hoping like hell My Accountants get onto EOY 2015 so that I'll finally be up to date. I've said it before and I'll probably say it many more times in the future... I hate dealing with the taxes... at least after EOY 2016 I won't have to deal with company taxes any more, because my hubs will be doing all of that in New Zealand.

5) The hubs will be in NZ for Christmas this year... he hasn't had a Christmas with his family since 2009. But we'll see him not long afterward. Us here at home will have a quite Christmas day... we usually have our bog family Christmas around the 20th of December and that one will be loud as hell.

6) I've also been organising my 2016... I know it is all subject to change at the drop of a hat, but I'm trying to teach the kids the value of money by making them (all of us really) stick to a family budget. so we have to try and factor everything in. Not sure how long it's going to last so keep your fingers crossed. I'm thinking at 15 & 25 they should be able to grasp the concept.

7) I'm also making sure that I set the required amount of time aside each day to meet the word quota  (2,138 a day to be able to write 1 Million words/20 (40K) novellas & 2 (100K) novels) for the 2016 writing challenge I have with the awesome Penny Brandon. Wish me luck...OR... kick my arse if I start falling behind.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Finished & Sent Back

Yesterday and today I did the Galley on The Lines of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... I've sent it back to the wonderful Kris J in the formatting department at MLRPress.

I'm now back onto getting as much done on my last 4 books as possible. I want to free up as much time as possible in November for NaNoWriMo so I complete it again this year. Fingers crossed nothing pops up to screw things up for me.

I promise to keep you all updated on how I am going on the rest of my 2015 writing schedule.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Review: Family Connections

26 October 2015
5 Stars

PS: I received and have started Galley on The Lines of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Talking Taxes...

Well, I'm finally on top of the taxes... that's until the next lot comes in. I hope to god they get EOY 2015 over and done with soon as I hate dealing with all the bullshit that goes along with taxes. I feel relief seeing the bill paid but sad at how low my bank account is now looking.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Just A Quickie...

Just letting you all know I'm still ahead of the count when it comes the last 4 books I have planned for 2015... so I'm rather happy... I still have no clue what order I'm going to be writing the books in for 2016 but I'm giving it my all. I've even told my husband about the 2016 challenge and he says he has faith in me to get the job done... 2016 is definitely going to be my year. I will keep you all informed along the way as to how I'm going.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


I was chatting with Penny Brandon and said that if I managed a certain word count every day - I think it was 2,138, then I could write 20 (40K) Novellas, and 2 (100K) Novels in 2016... so now that I have opened my big mouth the challenge has been set. I have no clue what order I will work on said books but I am going to give it one hell of a shot... Here is the list of stories I will choose from I've added the length and if I've done any work on them... This way everyone can keep an eye on me.

FBP ~ MLR ~ TEB ~ Not Yet Housed
40K Novellas
·       Lancaster’s Way 3: Pre-Loved 1,208/40K
·       Lancaster’s Way 4: Riding Fences 0/40K
·       Experimentals 3: Messages From The Dead 0/40K
·       Moon Runners 2: I Won’t Let You Go 0/40K
·       Day Walker’s 2: All That Shimmers 5,000/40K
·       Toowoomba Boys 4: Securing The Heart 0/40K
·       The Freedomer’s 2: Aratol’s Destiny 0/40K
·       Sons of Evenmore 3: Fear The Scarlet Moon 0/40K
·       The Diamond Rose 2: So Pretty On The Outside 0/40K
·       Quaide’s Crossing 1: Meghan’s Way 903/40K
·       The Soul Guardians 1: Loving Callum McKenzie 1,582/40K
·       The Soul Guardians 3: Dancing To The Beat That’s Broken 4,041/40K
·       Spam Inc 1: Claiming Roxby’s Heart 8,405/40K
·       Taking Chances 1: Lie To Me 30,584/40K
·       The Brothers McCrieve 1: Justice 129/40K
·       Hidden Hearts 3: Going By The Book (Travis) 0/40K
·       The Gaean Prophecy 1: Admetus Gaea 5,883/40K
·       The Gaean Prophecy 2: Broken Serenity 0/40K
·       The Gaean Prophecy 3: New World Alliance 0/40K
·       Christmas short TLOM (Spin Off Asher’s Coven) 1,000/40K
·       Christmas short Lancaster’s Way (Spin Off Riley’s Aussie Family) 0/40K
·       TASH 20,983/40K
·       Flagstone Creek Pridelands 1: Waiting For Superman 0/40K
·       Flagstone Creek Pridelands 2: Battle Scars 2,402/40K
·       Masters of Time 1: Shadows On The Heart 19,139/40K
·       Masters of Time 2: Same Thing In Reverse 211/40K
·       Barbwire Roses 1: I Belong To You 3,673/40K
·       Curiosity 1,756/40K
·       Do or Die 1: For What It’s Worth 1,096/40K
·       Forever & Always 7,126/40K
·       He Sends Me pictures In My Dreams 3,126/40K
·       Preternatural High 1: Welcome To My World 2,823/40K
·       Right Here Waiting 1,117/40K
·       Scream My Name 19,842/40K
·       What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do 554/40K
·       Jettermane 17,215/40K
100K Novels
·       The Lines Of Marsden 4: The Trail Of Red Roses. 622/100K
·       The Connelly Chronicles 3: Because Of You 0/100K

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Inspiration ~ Lay Your Body Down

This is who I  picture as my new characters.

Tom Wylie
Wolf shifter ~ Beta
But picture him with pale brown eyes, and jet black hair instead.

Odin James
Dingo Shifter
With arctic blue eyes, and more of a curl to his hair

Friday, 23 October 2015

End Of Year Writing Updates

I worked out this morning how many words I have to write a day to be able to get the last 4 books on my 2015 list written.

Need              Have
100,000+       30,000
  30,000+        00,000
  40,000+        13,601
  40,000=        21,002
210,000          64,603

Words            Per Day
210,000-        145,397/
  64,603=        Days 68=
145,397          2,138 pd

  • Seasons of Mystery:Summer~Lay Your Body Down [0/30K] NaNoWriMo (paranormal)
  • The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes [30/100K] (contemporary)
  • The Freedomer 1: Zephania’s Chance [13,601/40K] (paranormal)
  • Day Walkers 1: The Real You [21/40k] NaNoWriMo (paranormal)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Houston, We Had A Problem...

Once again I've had to have my Surface Pro 3 fixed... This time around the Outlook email which my email is with decided to wipe itself out and leave me with nothing but a data file where I could receive emails but not reply to them... Totally sucked I can tell you...but $55 later and I'm back in business thanks to the lovely people at CUBE Computers in Gatton.

Onto Other things: I still haven't received Galley on The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... hopefully someone from the MLRPress formatting department will get them to me soon 15 days and counting to release date.

Also I've been keeping on track with the project of getting my last 4 books finished for 2015 all up there will be approximately 210,000K written... So I'm limiting my time on all social media until December 31st.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Okay, so I bought a complete series of 7 ebooks which cost me $80.41 (Australian) from somewhere, (I won't say where as I don't want to start a war on anyone, because that would annoy me even more. Mob mentality sucks, and I don't want to be the cause of any kind of witch-hunt). Now, getting back to what I was saying... when I went to download this series I couldn't unless I was linked to the UK Amazon...But alas I'm with Australian Amazon, and if I downloaded straight to my computer then it would only download in epub... So doing the right thing I contacted the company and asked what I could do. They told me to download Kindle Previewer... so I did, and weirdly it won't open up to fill the page so I can only see the small box where you can hardly read what's written there. Anyway I tried to open the epub book in there it would even register I have an epub book on my computer. So I'm basically still screwed to ever reading these books, (at least I still have them in paper back so I can read them that way). So after swearing for a few minutes I ended up going back into the website and cancelling my order.


Monday, 19 October 2015


Yes those were the exact words--plus a few choice swear words thrown in--I said when I dropped a loaf of frozen bread on my left foot from the top shelf of the freezer... that happened at 9:30 am and it's now almost 4 pm. and my foot is still killing me. I can stand on it and walk. I can even wiggle my toes, but my god I feel like I have a super bad burning like hell case of pins and needles... the fricken thing is still aching. Hopefully tomorrow (fingers crossed) will be a better day... 

Saturday, 17 October 2015

What's Going On...

I'm one of those people who always forgets important things... like passwords, dates, names etc... Hence the reason I have a note book called THE BOOK OF IMPORTANT SHIT I write everything in it so the family never forgets... Yet the one thing I needed today I had no clue what my user name, membership ID, or my password was. I had to end up tracking down the guy who signed me up in the first place to see if he could help me out... Lucky for me it worked. So I have now included it in TBOIS.

Also I got the kids up at the arse-crack of dawn, while it was still cool and made them help me in the garden... we had to weed and lay sugar cane mulch in it. I can tell you it looks way better now. I think I might have to go out and take a picture of it...HOLD ON...I'LL BE BACK IN A TICK... 

Okay now I'll be able to look back on these pics in the months to come and see how much the plant life has grown... As you can probably guess living in SE Queensland; Australia I've had to plant out drought resistant plants as Summer in my neck of the world is Hotter than hell. well that's what's going on in my life today.

Friday, 16 October 2015

What's Happening...

I've just finished the 2nd round of edits for Fireborn Publishing on HIDDEN HEARTS 1: Harder & Harder To Breathe. I've done and sent them back to Jamie D. R. 

I was going to end this series with book 2: One Last Kiss Goodbye, which is really the first book I wrote in this series (This title was previously released through Silver Publishing, but has had a major rewrite and extension). Hopefully everyone one will enjoy this version as much as the last.

During these edits my wonderful editor has been giving me ideas to extend the series as she'd like to hear Travis's story. Let me know if you feel the same way... and I'll work them into my writing schedule.

I've heard back from Annette S from MLRPress about the galley on THE LINES OF MARSDEN 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... I should expect galley next week after Kris J gets back from GRL. It will give me plenty of time to get it done before the release date. Speaking of MLRPress, I'll be working on a lot of my next books in 2016 in these series: 

Lancaster's Way
Sons Of Evenmore
The Lines Of Marsden
Toowoomba Boys

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pissed Off To The max

**RANT ON** Why is it when you tell a fricken company you don't want to change your broadband network... they just swap to a different number and start calling you again.... in the last week they have used 4 different numbers on me... I'm going into see Telstra today to see what can be done about it as my mobile (cell) number is on the DO NOT CALL register. I'm going to be cranky as a twice cut snake if I have to change my number just to get rid of the calls. **RANT OVER** Thank you for listening.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Thoughts...

These days I have a lot on my mind. Sadly most of it has nothing to do with writing. My home life has taken over control and won't give me peace until they're damn well ready.

While the husbands been home I've been getting all the jobs done that needs doing. we are building a fence, (mind you, I've left that one mainly up to my husband). But we have also been working on the renovations in my home office... plus my hubs built me a rolling pin hanger, (I have one with skulls on it and two with bats) for me they are merely decorations as I neither cook nor eat sweets.

I also had to buy a new TV and a new washing machine. Why is it all the appliances seem to go at once? and my husband built me a box to sit the bar fridge on so that it stands as high as my normal fridge and freezer. We're trying to get everything set up before my husband goes back to New Zealand to work as he could be gone for six months.

Tomorrow night I have to be at the high school for my son to choose his electives for next year... he's going from grade 9 into grade 10. I think he's going to pick the more hands on electives like automotive, engineering, and HPE. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow night.

Emily is studying like a trooper as she has to sit uni exams in 2 weeks. mind you she is changing her Bachelor after the exams have been sat... she will be going from business to nursing (mainly because she struggles with the accounting parts of business). With the amount of times she has been in hospital she should be pretty good at it.

It's been stinking hot here and it's only spring. If this is a portent for what summer is going to be like then I don't want it... Mother Gaea please take it back. Another job we've accomplished is adding another tank to our place. Hopefully we get enough rain to fill them as I hate switching over to town water as it always smells and tastes like chloride.

I have been taking it easy for the last two days (besides edits of course) working my way through the Harry Potter movies. The amount of times I've watched these things there are parts I swear I've never seen before. Mind you it's good to see how the characters grew up. Mind you I think of the Slytherin people changed completely in different scenes. I'm enjoying them non-the-less.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

EDITS & Other Things

I've spent most of the morning doing 1st round edits for Fireborn Publishing on my series HIDDEN HEARTS 1: Harder & Harder To Breathe. I've done and sent them back to the Amazing Jamie D Rose.

Also I've applied to attend a convention here in Australia on the Gold Coast, so only about 2 hours away from where I live. the convention is Readers & Writers Down Under. I'm just waiting to hear back from them to see if I got in or not.

I'm still waiting on MLRPress to send me galley proofing on THE LINES OF MARSDEN 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces. The book is due for Release on November 6th. I'm hoping to receive them over the next couple of days.

Monday, 12 October 2015

BAS Is Done & Other Things

I have one major lot of BAS still to do in the beginning of 2016 for: October-December 2015. and then that will be the last of it until EOY tax time in July... I can't wait. I feel like I have been doing taxes non-stop since 2007.

The hubs is getting gear together to take back to New Zealand with him when he goes. Big job, but it has to be done. At least we got some of the renovations done around the house and about a third of our fencing put up. Mind you he's here for another 2 weeks.

I have a major arse-kicking headache today, which I'm assuming is basically from spending all day doing Taxes yesterday... Except for the two hours where I had to go to Officeworks in Toowoomba and buy a flatbed Canon: CanoScan Lide 120 just to be able to scan all dockets and crap for my book keeper to deal with.

Today I'm still working on sorting out the files on my computer so I can make a fresh start in 2016. Some stories I've just deleted while others I've made notes on and filed them away in my BACK BURNER file. These are the stories that I'll eventually get back to one day... I don't have a set plan for 2016... but I'm hoping to at least get 12 books out to you all.

For the rest of 2015, I'll be concentrating on NaNoWriMo (Somebody Told Me: 30K, & Day Walkers 1: The Real You 20K) and finishing off The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes. Hopefully I will be able to get it all done and completed on time... WISH ME LUCK.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Fricken Hell & Then Some...

Why is it when one appliance goes in the house the others seem to drop like dominoes?

My TV has been dying for about a year... the voice box is going on it... so when Harvey Norman was having it's VIP sale we went to get one... plus we had to buy a new washing machine... the control panel is going in mine... but now I notice the toaster is playing up as is the jug... I just can't bloody win.

I have seen the covers for the Hidden Hearts series so I can't wait for them to be approved so I can show them off to you all... Tracey Soxie Weston has done a fantastic job on them.

Also I've been hooked into writing a mystery/crime series with some other wonderful authors... John Wiltshire, JP Bowie,  & Liz Strange. we are doing A season each... I have Summer... I'm still trying to figure out what I'll write about, all I know for sure is there will be a photograph in it... I have some questions to ask and hopefully someone will have the answers as I've never written a mystery/crime story before.

Is there a love story thread in mystery/crime stories?
What should I write about... murder, theft, or something else?
Are these good character names: Odin James, & John Gibson?