Monday, 29 February 2016

Today I Am...

Today I'm working on The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes... I have 5 days to try and get it finished in... as on the 6th of March I need to work on the following:

Hidden Hearts 3: Going By The Book
Lancaster's way 3: Pre-loved
Moon Runners 2: I Won't let You Go

PS: Happy first day back at uni to my daughter, Emily S who is studying Law. May today be the start of a great year.


  1. Excited about Beautiful Goodbyes and Lancaster's way 3 can't wait

  2. Thank you... I can't wait either... I'm pretty sure I will finish the whole Lancaster's Way series this year and if the christmas one goes over well I might keep going with the Aussie side of Riley's family and the motel chain they run...