Tuesday, 27 September 2016

My Books

In today's post I'll talk about what I'm currently working on for each publisher... I'll be discussing what I'm working on with each publisher... It may not be the same stories ever week I may just randomly pick what series I want to talk about. Even if it's just to sort out a problem etc I'm having with a story-line. 

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Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go... 

Currently I'm starting back on this series. I want to hurry up and finish this story so I can move onto the others I need to get done. Lately I have been re reading the first books and what I have written on this one so far just to get an idea of where I was heading... Sad to say is I'll have to do some revision on the story as it is now. I must have strayed off the path and need to find my way back or there is no way in hell this book will end where I want it to. It frustrates me to know end when I reread something and sit there and say to myself: "What the hell where you thinking... this doesn't make a lick of sense." I think the fun part will be in sorting it all out again so I can get back into writing it.

Here I have so many that I need to work on... in the end I put all the titles into a hat and yanked one out:

Sons of Evenmore 3: Fear the Scarlet Moon...

I love this series. And yes I am re reading the first two books 1: The Crimson Grimoire, and 2: Blood to Blood. mainly because I can find my notes on the character roll call. I have to locate the humans name or book 3 won't make sense. I know that in this story we are going to find out more about the humans and paranormal beings who run the fight pits... I'm still a little foggy on who the enemy really is. I guess it will all become clear the more I write the series. In truth, my mind keeps wanting to run back and write the two prequel series for this story line. So I'll be making a ton of notes on both series part 1: Pack Matters, and part 2: Watson Falls. though when it comes time to start publishing these I'll be doing 1 and then 2 and not going backwards... whatever possessed me to start with part 3 being published?

Wardens of the Guild 2: All That Shimmers...

This series has been rattling around inside my head for some time. From conception to releasing I've had to rearrange my thoughts on both the characters and setting. Book 1: The Real You kind of had a mind of its own. No matter how I tried to steer it in the direction I wanted to take, the characters seemed to rebel and in the end I gave into their demands. Now I'm furiously trying to re work all my notes on book 2. All I can tell you is that book 2 will be based around Tagh (Murtagh) and Eric (I just had to go and look up his name--for the life of me I couldn't think of it). Thank God for notes. I know we will be learning more about what/who Tagh really is. We will also see what it takes to be a day warden and have your loyalties divided. I don't want to say too much more so that I don't spoil the next instalment. 

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