Saturday, 3 September 2016

Time To Start Again...

Today I have decided to put aside all the worries and work that goes along with my personal life, and write. As yet I'm not sure what to work on, but seeing as I haven't written in a long time I may just try and reinvest myself in the WIPS I have going so I can figure out where the hell I am up to and where I was heading.

I didn't think starting over would be so hard. every time I look at a particular story... my mind starts wandering and soon another story is running through my head... Whether it be someone in the Marsden extended family... or someone from The Diamond Rose Property... Or the next Warden of the Guild... I have old and new characters alike all vying for attention inside my head.

To be fair I know I should do the next books in each series I already have going... I just don't know which one to start on first... then the wonderful Cinders Osborne has me thinking about books that were meant to be one offs... and whether I can add more to the story.

I guess I have a lot to think about... I want to at least get 5K written on something... or maybe split it over a lot of somethings... WISH ME LUCK!

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