Friday, 6 January 2017

I Have A Plan...

I've spent the last couple of evenings going over all of my books, and coming up with a 3 year writing plan. I know people will think I'm being ambitious. the truth is only I know how much I can write each day (in case your wondering it's between, 1K & 10K) I must admit the most I've ever written is 12K... but being realistic I'm slotting in 6K each week day─leaving afternoons and weekends for editing and running household errands.

I'm not going to write out a list for you all as it would take ages and you all know I'll eventually change the writing order. I always do. but on paper it looks good so far. I actually have one more year to write up 2019 (I hope to finish writing it up tonight)─which will use up the last of my WIPS page. Sadly in my enthusiasm I forgot to add Toowoomba Boys to 2017. but I swear in 2018/19 the series will be finished.

I've been playing catch up with all my editors, and asking and getting instructions now that I'm back. the cramps in my arms have settled down a lot for which I'm very thankful. I've also been chatting with my beta reader & getting organised.

I have to give myself a haircut at some stage later today (yes I cut my own hair) I have a crew cut so it's not like I can stuff it up (and if I do it will grow back in 3 weeks).


  1. Go for it Norm. Make 2017 yr BEST and HAPPIEST yet. Set that Author free. X