Monday, 30 January 2017

I'm So Pissed Off

Okay so this is how my Saturday night went: Well I'd started at 12:30 watching the BBL6 Women's final (Sydney Sixers won)... then I was switching between the BBL6 Men's final (Perth Scorchers won) & the Williams sisters tennis grand final (Serena won).... anyway, that's not what pissed me off.

My cats Willow (top) & Droogie (below) are basically indoor cats. they spend all day inside from 5am to about 7pm at night (14 hours) and then for the night they are outside in a fully enclosed cat cage probably 20 metres by 10 metres so they have plenty of room to run around and get their stalk on.

Well last night a cat from up the street came down and Droogie defended his territory the only way he could─by yowling really loudly, which he did twice. I went straight outside to make sure all was well, and my neighbour (Who has a tendency to play music really loudly all day long until you are nearly insane (but if I'm being honest, he has kept it down for the last month). Anyway this delightful person came out into his yard at the same time and told me if my cats ever went into his yard he was going to kill them...

I was like WTF!!! I calmly told him─Okay the f-word might have been in there─that my cats have never been his yard because A) they are fifteen and lazy, & B) they are fully enclosed in and can't get out of my yard... he kept telling me it's the law that they need to be locked up... I may or may not have told him before he quotes the law he should look it up... I went to the council and they said cats only have to be locked up during the night which mine are.

I paid a fortune for my cat enclosure my brother and I worked for weeks building it (colour-bond fence on two sides and special cat mesh on the rest. There is also waterproof shade cloth on the roof, because eventually I will add plants so it's part green house. But that has to wait until my separation is complete and I get my money back. Here are some pics of my very bare cat enclosure... Not sure if you can see the special cat wire, but trust me it's there. This also shows the roof partially built. You just have to imagine it with the waterproof shade cloth and over the steps end there is colour-bond roofing.

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