Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Guest Blogging ~ Haley Walsh

Being Read To: 

I’m a huge fan of movies as well as a TV addict. I love watching fiction performed. And when it comes to my writing, I write cinematically, too, that is, the dialog is lively and I set the scene so that a reader can clearly see it unfold in their mind, like a movie. And who wouldn’t love to see their work turned into a film or TV show?

I write the Skyler Foxe Mysteries, a series of books with a gay protagonist who is a high school English teacher who stumbles into murders and makes it his job—along with the help of his Scooby Gang of friends who were all former hook-ups—to solve the crimes. It’s a rom-com series full of humor and heart, with Skyler getting himself into all sorts of funny shenanigans and unlikely circumstances (I mean, come on! If you found a dead body, is the first thing on your mind, “I think I can solve this crime!” or is it “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Call 911!”)

Since Logo isn’t pounding down the door trying to get to produce the series for television, the next best thing is an audiobook.

Now, I was lucky enough to land one of the suddenly most popular narrators around, the versatile and now award-winning Joel Leslie. And quite frankly, if you’ve enjoyed his work, you have me to thank because it was the Skyler Foxe series that gave him his first narrating job.

I love audiobooks! I loved listening to them long before I ventured into the game myself and now I really love them. There is nothing quite like hearing your own words performed so touchingly or with the humor you wrote on the page. In fact, I’m so invested now, I even write my characters hearing Joel’s voice in my head. That’s a huge compliment, by the way.

I have readers who are now confirmed listeners. They will only listen to the audiobook. Hey, who doesn’t like a book read to you? It looks like more and more people are indeed listening to audiobooks. According to a survey conducted by the Audio Publishers Association, there is a rise in the number of audiobooks published every year (35,713, in 2014, nearly double of the previous year’s total of 16,039) and a huge rise in listeners. And since now that they aren’t those bulky packages of CDs and can be uploaded to your phone, it’s easy to take them everywhere with you: shopping, exercising, commuting, or just cleaning the house. God, did that sound like a commercial or what?

My latest Skyler Foxe Mystery, CRAZY LIKE A FOXE, was just released last month and funnily enough, I’d love to offer one for free to the readers of this blog. If you’d like to know more about the series (and see an interview and a video of Joel narrating one of my books—it’s hilarious, by the way) click on over the SkylerFoxeMysteries.com. There’s a contest going on right now and the winner gets their own name in the book as a character in the next Skyler Foxe Mystery, STONE COLD FOXE.

In CRAZY LIKE A FOXE: High school English teacher Skyler Foxe swears he’s done being an amateur sleuth. Instead, he’d rather concentrate on his career as a teacher and on his hot boyfriend and head football coach Keith Fletcher, who is busy with football practice and an interesting new player that puts Keith in the spotlight for a change. But Skyler encounters a few homegrown surprises of his own, not the least of which is the unwelcome appearance of one of Keith’s old flames. What does HE want? And then Skyler is confronted with two shocking bits of news in his own backyard that makes him rethink his own future plans, whatever those are. But all that gets put aside when a murder occurs in plain sight at an outdoor concert. Skyler, his Scooby Gang, and even Keith join in to investigate a murder that’s far too close to home.

Haley Walsh is giving away one copy of the audiobook. To have a chance of winning, leave your name and address so Haley has a way of getting in touch with you.

AUTHOR BIO: With a long history in the arts in Los Angeles, Haley Walsh spent a good part of her early years involved in the theatre and as a freelance graphic designer. Later, she turned a long-time hobby of writing novels into a career and lives a double life as a medieval mystery author under another name Jeri Westerson while living the other half as Haley Walsh, writing about her gay amateur sleuth, high school English teacher Skyler Foxe. Skyler Foxe Mysteries


Monday, 13 February 2017

So Fricken Hot

It has been so fricken hot here of late that I now begging winter to hurry the hell up... 45.9* (114.62 F*) and my poor brother was out building my back steps.

I have been struck down with some bug for the last week... so it's thrown my writing schedule out the window... but not to worry I know I'll catch up in the next few weeks... well not this week as I have rellies coming up for Mum's 85th birthday.

Emily is happy, we finally got the spare bed set up, so she no longer hast to sleep on the couch when she comes to visit... or more that I won't wake her up in the morning as she can shut the bedroom door.

Last night it was so hot that I had to bring the cats inside as it was cooler inside than outside. The poor old buggers were suffering with the damn heat as much as we are if not more.

I'm also going to see if I can get into see the optometrist today, I think I may have something wrong with the macular on  my left eye as I have a grey spot in it, (Last time it was a blister, and I'm hoping it'll be the same again this time). It's more a pain in the arse than anything else, and I think it may be the source of my headaches over the last couple of weeks... I'll let you know what I find out, or if I have to go back.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Talking: J.M. Dabney

J.M. Dabney is a recently new found author for me. I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the stories... that came out wrong. What I mean is for me they were very enjoyable read, and I must admit I've read them quite a few times and enjoy them more with each reading. So here are the first three and the next in line. If you haven't already checked this author out than please do so━you won't regret it.

BERZERKER (Twirled World 1)

Welcome to Twirled World Ink where the crazies run the asylum.

The hum of a tattoo machine was Brian “Berzerker” Anderson’s favorite sound in the world. He’d won a coveted spot at Twirled World Ink with a legend in the business, Gib Phelps. Creating beauty with his large, scarred hands was his happy place—the place where he fit in the world. Although, nothing could remain perfect forever, his boyfriend of over a year decided to move on and up without him in tow. He had two choices, return to living with his friends and co-workers or take an offer too tempting to pass up.

Landon Phelps grew up in an unconventional home as the only child to Legendary Tattoo Artist Gib Phelps and mother, Peaches. He always felt a bit out of place when he became a boring accountant instead of following in his parents’ footsteps. Boundaries were in place early on; he didn’t date the employees of Twirled World Ink. Sometimes rules were meant to be broken. Bezerker was his idea of perfection, large, husky and tattooed; the thick, grab-worthy beard was a bonus. So when the boyfriend became the ex, Landon decided it was time to get his man.

With the help of the matchmaking Twirled Crew, can Landon finally get Berzerker to see him as more than a friend and the employer’s son?


Model perfect Jimmy “Trouble” Carver had never heard the word no. Tattooed, sexy and the quintessential bad boy Trouble had men falling over themselves to get to him. What people didn’t know about him was he was self-conscious even if life was easy for him. He’d started out as an apprentice at Twirled World Ink after college and never looked back. Trouble was exactly where he wanted to be, although there was one speed bump, his crush refused to go out on a date.

Brody Vaughn worked in a dead-end job, barely making it from paycheck to paycheck. He didn’t have much time for anyone other than his five-year-old daughter Mina and besides he’d never quite found a place in this world he fit. Chunky and average, that's how he felt, except for when Trouble came into the grocery store where he worked. The flirty, gorgeous man asked him out every week with a sexy smile, but Brody had to refuse. It wasn’t as if he wanted to say no, it was just how could he date a man Brody knew he had no business trying to keep.

The Crazies of Twirled World Ink excel at one thing, matchmaking, and they are determined their resident bad boy would get his man. They just had to make sure that neither Trouble or Brody screwed up their plan.


Gene Sheridan earned the appropriate nickname when Legend Gib Phelps employed him at Twirled World Ink—Scary. No one made it out of his old neighborhood without scars both mental and physical. At one time, Scary thought he had a chance that is until his ex-boyfriend discovered slumming with someone like him wasn’t worth his trust fund. No-strings hookups became his go-to when he needed to relieve some tension. Co-owning a bar called Brawlers with his best friend, Tank, made it easy to find a body to use for the night. If not happy he was content with his life, but one man made content seem like such a terrible thing.

Elijah Vaughn worried about everything. His life was put on hold at eighteen when his mostly-absent parents died on one of their many adventures leaving him to raise his six-year-old brother, Brody. He’d never had anything or anyone that was just his. When Brody met a tattoo artist named Trouble, Elijah hadn’t realized how much it would change his life too. He met a huge man named Scary and how the man made him feel terrified him.

Tank Davis lost his voice the night he was attacked and had this throat slit ear-to-ear. It kept him in a world of silence. Silent and intimidating, he scared off more men than he drew to him. His best friend Scary and him made a life for themselves in small town Georgia with their bar Brawlers. Most night everyone could find him working security at the door. Scary called in a favor, and Tank met the one man he couldn’t resist, proper and upstanding Elijah Vaughn.

Can one man accept that there’s not one perfect man for him, but two damaged souls who need him to be whole? 

And Coming Soon

Lucky (TW 4)

When someone was asked to describe crazy, if they knew Lee “Lucky” Trenton they’d point at him. Accident prone and without a filter of any kind to tell him to shut up before he says something inappropriate he’s no one’s idea of a perfect partner. Growing up with parents who subscribed to a philosophy of Radical Honesty Lucky and his siblings were doomed from the womb. Lucky found a home away from home at Twirled World Ink, but he didn’t just find a place to belong. He’d found Priest.

Matthew “Priest” Beall ran away from his judgmental family the second he’d earned the money. He’d come in search of Gib Phelps a legend in the tattoo industry. If you wanted to learn the craft, then Gib was the man to beg an apprenticeship with, and he’d begged. Priest might have left the violence of his past behind, but when he closed his eyes it came back to torture him. The only place he felt safe was when his best friend Lucky let him sleep in his arms. He wanted more, but he didn’t think he deserved it.

Priest left his family behind without regret only to find a new one with the crew of Twirled World and the super weird Trenton family. Could he grab onto his new life or would the memories of the past ruin the happiness he’d gained?

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Life Updates...

Firstly: I now don't have to go to court on 17 February 2017━Only because New Zealand Law and Australian Law differ so my lawyer will go and ask for a postponement... I will let you know when the new date is.

Secondly: The back stairs had to be postponed as Ted hurt his neck and I hurt my back, so hopefully we'll start them this weekend... It's strange how you take steps for granted until they are gone and I have to walk all the way around the house to get to the car and bins.

Thirdly: I haven't heard a peep from the cranky arsed neighbour who threatens to kill my cats... This is a welcome update and hopefully he'll stay quiet... but in saying that some mongrel opened my gate while I was out (another reason I'll be glad that the back stairs get done so I can padlock the front gate)━Luckily for me my cats were locked inside with the aircon and didn't escape.

Fourthly: I still have to get the spare bed over from my brothers house and once we're both back to healthy it will get done. though I do have the cupboards/storage in and it looks so good. I can't wait for it to be done.

Fifthly: My brother and sister in-law found some more coat/hat racks for me to put up on my walls. I didn't realise how many hats I had until I moved... and now I'll be able to have them all on display like my artwork. I can't believe how comfortable I feel in this new house. Strangely I haven't liked any of the houses I have lived in for over the last 14 years, but this one feels like home.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Brain Fart Moments...

I've suddenly come to realise just how many brain fart moments I actually have. Like how many times I walk into a room and have no clue why I'm there...

Or getting halfway through a conversation and have no idea what I'm talking about.

Here's an example... I went shopping the other day, I only had to pick up 3 things... I could remember 2, but not the third. I rang home and asked, and seriously by the time I had gotten off the phone I'd forgotten what it was again. I wasn't game to ring up and ask again as my family would never have let me live it down.

I thought there was something wrong with me and went to the Dr... but apparently it's just I'me getting old, and I need to suck it up. Which is weird, as I don't feel old (on most days━on other days I feel downright ancient).

On that note I will away before I forget what the hell I'm writing about. So I'll catch you all tomorrow. Take care and stay safe.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuesday Teaser: Mountain Made

Not sure if this one is a goer... this is one is set down for a little further down the track. So please excuse any punctuation stuff-ups... and feel free to let me know what you think. As in should I keep this one or should I toss it straight into the bin and start over. Trust me you won't hurt my feelings as I often toss stories out and start over, and hopefully second tome around they are better.

Chapter One
“Momma told me when I was young. To treat people the way I want to be treated.” Tobias Kern leant down and scratched behind his faithful dog, Luc’s ear. Up here in his mountain home Luc was the best friend Tobias had. So talking to him just came natural like. It didn’t matter if Luc couldn’t answer back, but he sure was a good listener, and that was all that mattered.

  “I’ve been thinking that people are cracked in the head, Luc. Maybe that’s why we stick close to home and don’t bother with them. Only thing is, is lately I’ve been a might lonely. I sure wish there was someone to talk back to me. You’re my best friend, boy, but even you must crave your own kind once in a while.”

  Sitting on the front porch Tobias thought about life. He couldn’t do much about his loneliness but he could go into town and adopt a friend for Luc. There were always shelters with animals in need of a good home, and at least Tobias and Luc had that to offer. If they left early in the morning, they could be on their way home by nightfall. 

  Tobias stood. “Come on, buddy, let’s go and see if we can’t find someone to keep us company. Winter will be coming soon and we’ll be snowed in before you know it.

* * * *

  The sun was beating down in the car park as Tobias exited his truck and waited for Luc to join him. Even though the sun was brutal, the wind had a chill factor that let everyone know winter was well and truly on the way. At least the shelter carpark was dirt so there was no scorching hot bitumen to scald Luc’s paws. Tobias needed Luc there to find an animal that was compatible with them both. No use rescuing another pet if the two animals were going to be growling at each other the whole time.

  As he opened the front doors Tobias glanced toward the counter and saw the woman behind the desk talking to a young man who was obviously—if going by the tears streaking down his face—was surrendering his dog. Luc must have sensed what was going on as he headed straight for the young man and sat at his feet.

  “I don’t want to give her up, but I can’t afford to keep her with my current situation. I lost my job, my home, and my family all in the same day. I’ve been struggling to make it, but I can’t look after myself let alone Bessy here.” The guy was babbling. There was no doubt about it.

  The guy looked to be in his early twenties not that much younger than Tobias’s own thirty-one years. He wondered what the guy’s story was, but knew it would be rude to butt into the conversation. When the young man placed his pet on the floor Tobias watched on as Luc curled himself around the sweet little angel. If he didn’t know any better he’d think it was love at first sight. Maybe his coming here today was a sign. Somehow he was meant to be in this exact spot to meet Bessy and her owner.

  When the phone rang, the shelter worker excused herself to answer. Tobias reached out and gently laid a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “Come and sit a spell and tell me your trouble. A problem shared and all that…” Tobias nudged the guy in the directions of the waiting rooms. Both dogs following closely behind them to once again curl up at their feet.

  “What’s your name? Mine’s Tobias Anderson.” Tobias began, hoping it would help the stranger open up.

  “Greggory Hale, but everyone calls me Gregg.” A shuddering breath was audible and for some reason Tobias wanted to step in and help this stranger out.

  Tobias smiled what he hoped was reassuringly. “Well, Gregg, why don’t you tell me what’s going on and maybe we can help each other out.”

  “What do you want to know?”

  “Why don’t you start with the reason you are here trying to give this pretty little girl up for adoption?” Tobias spoke calmly again wanting Gregg to open up and talk, it was obvious the guy needed to tell someone what was going on.”

  Gregg nodded, “It’s my birthday today, and it totally sucks. A month ago I was living the good life. I had a family who loved me. We still all lived on the family ranch, and worked it together. Then I did something stupid and it lost me everything.”

  “What did you do?” whatever it was it couldn’t be all that bad.

  As he swiped at his tear filled eyes Gregg murmured, “I got caught kissing one of the ranch workers. My dad lost it big time and threw my ass off the ranch. I only have Bessy now because she followed behind. Id’ stopped on the side of the road and she came trotting up and stopped beside the door. I couldn’t take her back. I had to take her with me.”

  Tobias frowned at what he heard. How could a father throw away a child—no matter how old they were—just because they were caught kissing an employee? “Is that the whole of it? You kissed an employee. Was it against the rules, or something?”

  “A male ranch hand. And yes for my family that is the biggest sin of them all. I have three brother and a sister and not one of them stood up for me. My mother turned her back so she didn’t have to see me walk away. I was given fifteen minutes to pack my gear and get off ranch lands before my father took stronger measures.”

  “Where have you been living since then?”

  Gregg shrugged, “Here and there. My car mostly. My money is running out quickly and I hate having to turn in Bessy, but she’s better off without me.”

  A plan of action began to form in Tobias’s mind. “What I think is you need someplace off the beaten path to get your head together and figure out where you’re at. Maybe we can help each other out. It looks like my Luc has taken a shine to your Bessy. What would you think about coming home with me for a spell until you work stuff out. I should warn you. I live up the mountain and once winter sets in you’ll be stuck there for the duration.”

Monday, 6 February 2017

I Have Ouchies

Yesterday I fricken pulled something in my back. Today I'm feeling a little better, but still in pain. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I've taken the time to re read some of my old stories... EG: I've been reading the original version of The Lines Of Marsden series (which I started back in 2007)... OMG aside from my crappy punctuation they are still good stories. I'm going to see if I can change out the characters and tweak the story line and change them into completely different books Maybe Young Adult. as back then I obviously skipped/glossed over the sex scenes.

Yes, I know this is putting me behind in my writing schedule, but I know I will eventually catch up, because I know I work well under pressure... Plus I know some of the future stories already have wordage in them so I'm not too worried just yet.

I've also got my aunt and cousin up from Sydney... they aren't staying with me, but are visiting. I haven't seen my aunt in over a a decade and my cousin in about 40 years... it was nice to catch up.

Man has it been stinking hot here in my little part of Australia. I can't wait for Winter to roll on through, and hope like hell it's bloody cooler than last year. Even my poor cats love being inside for the aircon. and the bird gets ice in his water tray... but in saying that, this new place is still better than the last house (heat wise).

I also woke up with the start of a very bad headache this morning... I get like a rainbow hazy effect in my line of sight. so everything is all blurry and my head ripples with pain. Don't worry I've been to the Dr's about it, and they tell me it's the start of a migraine... and as long s I take my medication ASAP then it won't turn into a full blown migraine. Fingers crossed I was quick enough today.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Weekly Update Into My Life

Okay I'm totally rocking this shit... I'm on time with all my writing (I must remember to update the blog wordage━I get a bit slack in that respect).

The house is coming into shape and my brother and sister in-law are giving me a garden bed so I can start getting the cat enclosure /green house together (I'm just waiting for a day when we all have time to move it). I already have some mother in-law tongues and a couple of variety of Jade plants. I'm not really into flowers, But I do like succulents. I also have 2 halves of a shell kids swimming pool . 1 half will be a kitty litter and the other side will be filled with plants. (I'll take pis when it's done to show you all).

I'm cooking biscuits over the weekend━why I don't know, seeing as I don't actually eat them. It just feels like the right thing to do. I'm sure my brother, sister in-law, and mother will enjoy them (Jam drops & choc chip).

All the crap comes back on TV as of next week, so I'll be doing a hell of a lot more reading. I hate watching crap TV, and I know it's probably only crap for me... so watch as much as you want... I don't judge, I'll still like you no matter what...LOL.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

I'ts My Birthday

Yay, I survived another year. I survived the bullshit life threw at me, and came out the other end a little worn down, but a hell of a lot stronger...

I don't think I've had a midlife crisis (MLC) and thought I better give it a crack before I turn 50... don't worry I'm not doing anything drastic like going out and finding a boy toy that younger then my own daughter... Honestly, I'm too lazy for something like that.

Basically for the last 40 odd years I have been a very cranky person, just ask y family they can tell you... so for my MLC that I've decided will last 2 years... I'm gonna try and be a nice person━it'll probably scare the shot out of my family. (I'll be honest and say around 17 February that may be hard, as my whole family will be turning up for my mum's 85th birthday, it's also the same day that I go to court about the separation from my ex-husband).

I'm not really the adventurous type, so I can't see myself taking off from parts unknown. I'm more the type to watch a DVD about somewhere I want to visit, and do it all from the comfort of my lounge room... Honestly my writing schedule doesn't give me the luxury of taking off... but that's something I don't mind.

My MLC will also consist of me keeping the house de-cluttered... I have a bad habit of keeping crap that I don't really need or use. so for the next 2 years I will try the whole letting go of things. Though, some things are really damn hard to let go of. My worst problem is stationary & office supplies. so that will be my next thing to tackle. I'll let you all know how I go at this stage it's not looking good as I also have to go though a shit load of hand written notes and new story ideas... to find which ones to keep and which one's to toss.

Okay, that's enough chit-chat for today as I still have 6K to write before this day is over. which me luck, and thank you for all the birthday wishes I have received.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Beautiful According To Me

Character Inspiration

Be honest━don't you want to know their story?

I can't decide━vampire or demon?

This is just beautiful━I want their story from the day they come home.

Definitely shifter material here.