Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Moon Runners 2 & Other News

I Won't Let You Go...

I Had an idea in the last week so I have pulled apart the last half of this story, but I hope to have it all back together again before the end of the week. I don't even know what made me disassemble the story─all I can say at the time it felt like the right thing to do, and it gave me a clue as to where book 3 might be heading (will be heading─possibly, because we all know my mind has a tendency to go on many different paths on any given day). This week I think I'm heading in the right direction to hit those special words─THE END.


I think my new migraine medication may be working, but I have some pretty freaky side effects─at least I think they're side effects. If not, then I have something else wrong with me...LOL. Wouldn't that just be my luck.

I was driving along the highway yesterday when a car in one of the other lanes threw up a rock and it hot my windscreen and put a huge chip in it so now I have to get the windscreen guy out to see if it can be filled or it has to be replaced... I hope it can be filled. I don't want to have to get it replaced.

I've been working some more in my garden, which in itself is a bit of a shock, because I really don't like gardening. I don't like flowers, I prefer the plants that don't flower. So it has been strange that I have been getting out there planting, weeding, and watering nearly everyday. Once they are more established I'll have to water less as I have drought resistant plants. I have to try and find some grass seed that likes to grow in the shade (as there is shade cloth over the cat enclosure/greenhouse)... because all my grass is dying off. I can't put fake grass down as my cats still use it as their play area. Not that they really play as they are 15 years old. it's more their lay down and be lazy area.

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