Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Been Sorting Shit Out

1→ Droogie turns out has an infection due to his scratching... good news is his peeing over everything has stopped. I have to take him back to the vet in a week and we will see how he is doing after that, and he's also had some shots for mites. So hopefully the poor little bugger will start to feel much better soon.

2→ I think I finally have everything sorted out with Centrelink over the missing payments... they were putting my payments into a bank account that has been shut down for nearly 15 months. So after an hour on the phone (and that was just waiting for them to answer) I finally got them to update my account details so it all should be hunky dory now.

3→ I've been watching the Voice with Mum and so far I've picked everyone that made it through to the final twelve. and out of the four teams I have picked the people who I think can win on each team... Seal (Lucy)... Delta (Judah)... Kelly (Bojesse)... Boy George (Hoseah). I think they all have exceptional voices... but that's just my opinion.

4→ I feel like I've burnt the roof of my mouth on something, yet I can't remember eating anything hot... and it's going to be as annoying as hell until it gets better. I also have a massive headache, due to stressing out of Droogie and the whole Centrelink mess. Hopefully now that they both seem to be sorted out I can relax and get back into the frame of mind I need for writing... I miss writing.

5→ I'm taking Mum out on Friday to buy her some more books to read. She is running out so we'll head up to Toowoomba so she can browse through the stores and pick up some more. I'll finally pick up my shelving and the stuff I need from K Mart... I've talked Emily into coming with us so that she can push the trolley while I push Mum in the wheel chair. You'll have one month left of my rambles before I get back to working on writing and my blog gets back to being more about my books so enjoy this all be more personally about me while you can... because sooner or later I'll have to shut that door tight again. well, mostly tight, or until I forget and leave it flappin' in the breeze for everyone to take a gander inside the world of N.J. Nielsen...

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