Thursday, 16 November 2017

Willow, Yes, & Gardening...

Well, I finally managed to get Willow to eat something after the death of her brother, Droogie three weeks ago. She had been eating tiny amounts just enough to get by... My cat who has never eaten cat food in her life is absolutely loving Fancy Feast cat food. I don't care what it is as long as she is eating something.

She is not liking the fact that I'm now weaning her back off the milk. she loves milk, but sadly milk does not love Willow... it upsets her little tummy. She sits in front of the fridge because she knows that's where the milk lives in our house. It doesn't help that she is housebound while our house is being painted on the outside. Hopefully, only another week to go.

She still occasionally does the rounds of the house looking for Droogie, but mostly she is getting back to normal. Though she has become very clingy where I am concerned. she doesn't like me being out of her sight.

So as most of you heard... Yesterday, Australia voted YES! We have spoken, and now we have to just wait for the politicians to get it all together. the Prime Minister says will be done by Chrismas... we'll see. For some reason, I don't think Politicians ever get things done on time if there's nothing in it for them... Now if it was a vote for them to get a raise it would have been done last Easter. All I can say is, it's about bloody time. I may not be LGBTQI myself, but I strongly support those who are.

I did some gardening yesterday... mainly weeding, and because my ears still aren't back to normal I got dizzy spells and fell over four times, but at least it's done now. I must have wrenched something inside because now my whole body feels like I have been beaten to shit... or that I've done hours of very intense exercise and I'm still recovering... but really it was just me falling over... LOL. Luckily no one saw mewhat a sight that would have been.

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