Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Michael Marsden

Series Title: The Lines of Marsden.
Books: Fist line.
Name: Michael Alexander Marsden.
Age: 22 (at time of turning).
Species: Vampire (King).
Realm: SE Queensland, Australia.
Hair Colour/Type/Length: Dark brown almost black (in book one it is just past his shoulders in book 2 onward it is cropped short like in this picture).
Eye Colour/Shape: Purple (shade varies depending on his moods).
Skin colour Type Pale never was prone to tanning.
Scars/Blemishes: Facial scars - small one between the nose and the top lip and one that runs the length of his jaw on his left side, (due to his cousin Geoffrey tripping him into a barbwire fence when in high school – they hate each other).
Height: 5 feet 9.
Weight: 90 Kg.
Clothing preferred: Jeans, dress shirts. Though after meeting pack and the English vampires he does start wearing t-shirts.  He does have a lot of clothing with Dragons on (bought by Gypsy mostly black).
Mannerisms: At first Michael’s kind of shy and unsure of himself. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Michael once comfortable, with who he is, makes the best damn leader (He’s destined to be king). Michael’s a jump in there all or nothing type of person. Not really an over-thinker, and gets frustrated when the others need to talk and think through everything. Probably why he ends up in trouble so much of the time. Once he sets his mind to something there’s no way he’ll give up until he has completed/mastered what he has set out to do. He’s compassionate up to a point. Hurt him, or who he claims as his, and your life isn’t worth living.
Favourite Colour: All shades of blue.
Favourite Food: Chicken Kiev and Salad
Favourite Drink: Coke/ Bourbon (even though booze really has no effect on them—he just likes the taste)/ and Christian gets him hooked on green tea.
Favourite Band: He likes it all he’s pretty Eclectic in his tastes
Favourite Book: David Eddings the Elenian series
Favourite Movie: Chronicles of Riddick.
NOTES: Siblings are Gypsy his twin sister in this lifetime and Benj from their original lifetime. He has three children with Doyle who was originally known by another name, (Carleah)—children are Raphael who has been kidnapped by Venetia, and still missing, or rather hidden away are Michaela and Vladimir who will be introduced in future books. Michael only ever wanted to live his life. But soon realised that words said in haste to piss someone off often have a way of coming back to bite him in the arse, and turning him into the king of a whole legion of beings, all looking to him for the answers.

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