Saturday, 12 May 2018

For The Love Of A Grandchild

My granddaughter Grace might only be just under 2 months old, but I have never seen a movie calm her down like this one does. It's good that it does, but bad for us that listen to it over and over and get the damn songs stuck in our heads.

The minute she hears the music she starts flinging her arms and legs around and gurgling as if she's singing along. Thank God she is with her Mum & Dad most of the time and I only get it sporadically. but every day Emily sends me a new video of her dancing to one of the songs.

I think she likes Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron and the Bearded Lady the best out of all of them. though I think the song she goes craziest for is [This is me]. Unlike her mother who lets the whole movie play. I just skip through to the songs, but that will only last until she's old enough to work out what the hell I'm doing.

If I have to have it stuck in my head then so do you...

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