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Masters of Time: Shadows on the Heart (1)
Never trust a witch to get you out of trouble – especially a drunken one. Andreas is fleeing from a man he doesn’t want only time wind up not in a different city but a different time itself. A time which he knows nothing about, except for what he has read in history books.

Born of royalty and living the life of a slave, Leif finds himself drawn to the enigmatic stranger who is capture by the village. Deep down he knows he belongs to Andreas, even as his heart loves another.

Rurik rules the village with a strong hand yet even he has secrets the other don’t know about. Fate throws him together with the captive and the slave and they must join together if they are too all come out of this alive.


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By the Way
When country boy Shawn Masters awakens in the city to find himself decked out in studded Collar, Cuffs and the scariest pair of stilettos he’s ever laid eyes on he starts to wonder just what the hell he’d gotten up to the night before—and why the hell he couldn’t remember the night at all. All he knows is that he is a very badly decorated motel room with a message written in makeup on the mirror from someone whose name starts with a C.

Corey James in all his gothic glory falls head over heels with the man he left asleep in the hotel room they’d both shared. Never thinking he had a chance at love he is astounded when he comes face to face with Shawn who is retracing his steps and trying to work out where he’d been. 

With the help of family and friends Shawn and Corey begin a friendship which leads to more than they both bargained for. Will the wants of the heart be enough for these two men to find their happily ever after or will the very different worlds tear them apart forever?


Trying Not To Love You
Alistair Krunkstone is happy with his life—he plays bass guitar in a band, has a best friend, a family who loves him unconditionally, and yeah, he has a girlfriend, but he doesn’t want to talk about her.

Keagan Thames has been in love with his best friend since the day they met. When Alistair breaks up with his girlfriend, Keagan takes him in. Being so close but not touching Alastair will be hard enough without the added burden of Alistair’s ex threatening to ruin his life for something he hasn’t done.

With the help from the other members of their band “DeRanged”, family, and friends, everything comes to light. Will the strong bond they’ve always shared be enough to pull them through the awkwardness of their changing relationship? Or will it pull them apart forever?


Hollow's Trouble
Creed Larson was a criminal— a bloody good one, even if he did say so himself. He and his foster siblings have one last heist before they change their ways and stand on the right side of the law. That was until he came up against Holland Vandiver IV.

Holland Vandiver— Hollow to his friends— is tired of the life he was living. Tired of waiting for his heart’s blood to finally turn up. The only key to finding his mate is a stupid gaudy necklace he’s forced to display in hopes of drawing his intended mate near. He never expected that mate to come in the form of a thief— even if said thief was as sexy as hell.

When their worlds collide, trouble soon follows. Together they have to work to stop the world from ending, but first they need to figure out exactly who the enemy is.

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