Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Lines of Marsden

Well I was tinkering on my computer two days ago as I've started trying to organise The Lines of Marsden series, and I realised I have already written 128K in Living in Shadows I want to take part of it away and put it in book three Come and Rescue Me. Mind you, I still have to do a little rearranging as I have a couple of characters in the original version I took out of the first book... so I have to go through and change their parts around and share them out... This is kind of fun.

And as per usual in the rewriting things jump into my mind that just have to be added or need to be removed for a later time. My poor beta readers have had the same chapter three times - I bet they are sick of me by now.

I'm feeling really into the moment of writing again now, and I'm really enjoying it again - for awhile there I was just like - Whatever! And now I see the light at the end of the tunnel I'm just hoping it isn't a fricken train intent on running me down.

I am working on all my projects I want to try and get released this year... So you may read about any of the following series on my blog over the next few months:

The Lines of Marsden
Lancaster's Way
Toowoomba Boys
Windblown Kisses
Pack Matters
Watson Falls
Sons of Evenmore
Hearts Among the Stars
Taking Chances
Boys From the Bush
Day Walkers
The Chronicles of Gaea
Preternatural High
Spam Inc
The Diamond Rose
Masters of Time


  1. yes & I work on them when inspiration strikes me... I never know what I'm going to work on until I sit at the computer and think "Now who is talking the loudest?"

  2. Love the I know some men just will not shut the F*ck up and some are so mousey...aarrggghhh drives me batty. lol


  3. At the moment Doyle from The Lines of Marsden - Storm from Experimentals and Chace's vet from Lancaster's Way are screaming the loudest.