Thursday, 28 March 2013

Working On...

I had a dream last night - well, more, it was I had some thoughts just before I fell asleep - on book 2 in Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood... I worked out how I wanted to start the book and how much I wanted to reveal in the first chapter.

But now I have the brain ticking over as I begin to think about what is next to come in this story line and how I meld the old with the new. The really hard part is working out how to have cross over characters from Pack Matters and Watson Falls come into this book when I haven't even finished there series yet Scott Creely is just one example of a crossover character. I think writing the last parts of the 3 series (series) is probably the easiest way because I am now back tracking and writing about things that have already happened. And at the same time writing 3 interlocking series is probably one of the hardest things I have ever attempted in my life. Especially when it comes to the bad guys in the story as they are the bad guys for all 3 series.

Also today I am working on the rewrite of The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows - Mainly I'm rearranging the sequences in some of the chapters - just because I can, and I think they will make better sense the new way I am placing them all... That and I have brought one group of beings from book 12 and now have them entering the storyline in book 2... I just swapped them out with another group of beings. 

So now as I'm going along I have like 5 large spiral notepads open so I can write any ideas and make a note of all the changes I am making. At the moment my office floor is covered in rows of notebooks on most of my stories. I have to clean out my filing cabinets (I have 3) so I have better access to what I need on hand.

On that note, I will away, as I have 2 stories calling my name and demanding attention.


  1. It seems like a difficult thing to do to melt books together. I never really understand I love how you are telling me these things. You work hard on the books for me and your others readers and I appriciate it immensely. Thank you


    1. I work hard because people like you make it so worthwhile.