Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 3 Of Exercise Regime & Other News...

Okay, so the truth is after 3 days of this regime -  I don't know if I will ever be up to this guys level of fitness. I get up at the arse-crack of dawn, and make my way to the home Gym Em has set up in our shed.... I look around and found myself all on my lonesome - where was Em you may ask? (I'll tell you where she was - snuggled up in her nice warm bed sleeping).

I have only one complaint: My armpits and upper arms (the inside where it meets my pit) are sore... everywhere else I'm fine. On the upside: I'm not so tired all the damn time.

On other news: I am onto the last 15K review of Windblown Kisses: My Knight in Tarnished Armour. I will sub this as soon as my beta reader and Cinders have had a chance to give it a look-see. And I have heard I should be starting edits on Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse by next week or the week after.


  1. Lol Em needs to be there everyday yes ya all need to try 1 day off every 3 days of workouts. If you go all the time you will have burn out. Good going and no pain no gain...


    1. Feel the burn has taken on a whole new meaning I took today off.