Sunday, 23 June 2013

I Had A Thought...

Okay, now that you are all done laughing - I shall continue... For the past bit I have had an inkling for a story inside my brain... I think it will wind up being a series - just not sure at this stage... the Series would be called: The Brothers McCrieve... who are: Justice, Jericho, Jaeger, Joss, Jaik, & Jarrell. At this stage that is all I have but I know they have a story/ies to tell.

To be honest I'm tossing up whether or not to write them as paranormal or as contemporary. I can see some of the characters in my head, and am now looking for people to use their pictures as inspiration... feel free to send me any you think might be helpful... Though I have one stipulation they all must have black hair.


  1. Paranormal and do we have any twins?

    I will havea go and email ya later this week on what I have found.


    1. so far I worked out they are a demon pod (meaning six demons born to the same woman at the same time) and each pod = even though they are sextuplets consists of 3 sets of mirror image twins.... they are Demon Hunters (meaning they hunt down the baddies and bring them in for judgement)they are all male and bring in a woman to give birth to a pod (she is paid well) they mate men they mate other species = vampire, shifter, fey, & very rarely will they mate a human (they consider humans weakest of all species) first book is about Justice McCrieve and his human mate Hudson Monfries... the huan race knows they are not the only species out there an it is survival of the fittest... Hope that helps & yes please send me some pictures.