Monday, 10 June 2013


Today I started the Army stamina exercise regime with Emily and lets just say so far we have only done the morning ones and we still have the arvo ones to go... My body is screaming and wants me to knock Em out as she can be a drill master when she wants to. (I still do see why she chose me to be her workout partner) - okay so maybe I need to lose some kilo's - but is the pain worth it? Me, I'm not so sure.

Let's just say I wish I was as good at push-ups as this guy,
apparently I suck at them.

On another note: The cladding is up, and the insulation is in (man, that stuff is itchy as all crap) - I think today we are doing the flooring and the inner walls. I will find out what is on the agenda when the Hubs gets back from our work shed.


  1. Exercise is the work of the

    Good luck


    1. Tell me about it - I want to hide when the clock ticks closer to exercise time.