Sunday, 22 September 2013

The calm before the storm.

I'm thinking the end of this year is the calm before the storm. Next year I have big plans in my personal, business and writing lives. I've decided to schedule my time better... trying to organise a four person family schedule and making everything mesh is hard. Calendars have become my new best friends... plus I have a small diary just for writing in everyone's appointments... and we all have different colours so I can pick stuff out in a hurry.

I've already told you I have set my writing schedule out in three month blocks... so between now and January 1st I'm going to be going through all my WIPS and seeing which ones need to be gotten out in a hurry and which ones can wait.

Yesterday I re read Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire... and I'm happy to report I only found 4 typos. So now I have some idea for when NaNoWriMo rocks around what I was going to write for book 2: Blood to Blood. Still not sure who I said I was going to write book two about... but I figure I'll wing it... by what I've read I'm assuming I said it would either be Phoenix (who is currently in a come like state) or Jhex (he was the one whose Olluns didn't bond with him). Either way I'll get the story written.

Today I have the rellies coming back to stay for the week so I'll have to end off as I need to vacuum and mop before they get here... Best if I do it while I'm the only one in the house. That way I know I'll get the job done before someone asks me to do something else.

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