Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Just in case these don't make it into the book.

The Gaean World is a parallel universe to ours. Yet, as you can see there are differences.

This is where the story in book one: Admetus Gaea takes place.

Major Townships:
  1. Alverdine 
  2. Carew - Home of Centaurains horse shifters
  3. Channing Glenn - Home of the Deepwoods Faerie
  4. Gustave - Home of the Elven-kind
  5. Eldrid Stronghold - School where magical beings study
  6. Anthelstan
  7. Port Baruch
  8. Kenelm
  9. Dunmore - Home of more Centaurian horse shifters
  10. Arilpa's Keep
  11. Kazimir Falls
Rivers & Lakes
  • A: Lowell
  • B: Niald
  • C: Tam-Gen
  • D: Tam-Ni
  • E: Aldren
  • F: Lake Lewellen
  • G: Lake Kazimir
  • H: Kaldreth
  • I: Lake Dracona
  • J: Dercy
  • K: Calder
  • L: Lower Calder
  • M: Lake Gaea
This will be the next book I start edits on with Silver publishing... I will show you the cover art as soon as I get it... I can't wait to see what it looks like.

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