Friday, 5 September 2014

I Totally Suck...

I just realised that I totally suck, and not in the whole vampiric way... I was trying to do a post for the TEB blog as I've been given the 6th of each month to fill the void with my brand of rambling... I get over there with all intentions of scheduling my post for the right day, but to no avail. And their system just confused the ever-loving-hell out of me. I'm so not techno savvy. Sometimes I wish the instructions came with a dumbed down version. I've had to send it to someone else to see if they can figure out if I've done it right or wrong... knowing me it's wrong... Hell, I'm still trying to figure out how to work the scanner on my new printer... it wants to scan everything to PDF I just want to scan some things as docs or pictures...I need help.

Okay my rant is over... 

So now I just want to tell you I'm on track with my writing schedule and I've finally written up and sent back my parts for the Rainbow Awards... Man, I hope I got everything back in time. Why is it when you're busy - the whole world decides to start demanding you to sit up and take notice? Between being ill, and family change-ups, my life has just kicked up a notch now that I'm getting back to writing. Damn and for us it's Father's Day this Sunday, and the kids still haven't finished getting their present for their Dad. So we'll be taking a trip to Toowoomba on Saturday to do that.


  1. On the scanner. One way to do is google. Type in your printer name then 'pdf to docs" instructions. Any variations of those words. Eventually something will pop up with info on how to change the settings :)

    1. Thanks I will get Em to do that when she is on here this arvo... I just end up confusing myself.