Monday, 22 September 2014

Stupid... Stupid... Stupid...

"Stupid is as stupid does..." that quote from Forrest Gump so fits me right now. I found a whole lot of flash-drives... and stupid me thought I'd just plug them in and see what was one them.

All I can say... one said flash-drive I couldn't open anything on it and when I pulled it out of my computer the whole computer changed.

I hear you asking me how? well that panel that opens up when you press on the files icon was just gone... everything just magically went away. I'm assuming the flash drive contained pictures from my first trip to America... but for the life of me I can't access anything.

Lesson learned... Don't open up anything when you have no fricken clue what the damn flash drive contains. I'm just lucky when I shut down the whole computer and restarted it everything came back.


  1. You did close the flash drive icon in the little icon panel before you extracted the flash drive right? Yanking it out with out shutting it off would be a cause of messing up the computer.

    1. Yeah, I totally forgot that part (closing the flash drive) and yes it did mess with the whole computer--something I will never forget again.