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Anne Tenino.

I just want to intro my good friend Anne Tenino, she has a new free read out and I think you should all read it as it is bloody good. The Fix is another look into the lives of the boys From Whitetail Rock S without Further ado I bring you Anne Tenino.

About the author:
While spending most of the last three years recovering from Lyme Disease, Anne Tenino started writing again. The Lyme Disease led to the demise of her “real” job, meaning she suddenly had the time. She began writing for her own entertainment in third grade, but life intervened, and she didn't get around to submitting anything to a publisher until the week of her 40th birthday. In the long, rainy, Pacific Northwest winter, writing is sometimes a mood-saver.

Anne's husband is adorably confused by her love of reading and writing about man lurve, but he's always been a supportive sort. Just don't ask him to read it. Her two school-aged daughters think it's cool Mom's a writer but aren't clear on why they can't tell Gramma about it.

When not writing, Anne likes to read, travel, cook, and shirk housework. 

The Fix:
Whitetail # 2,

Whitetail Rock:

Both of these stories feature Nik and Jurgen. (For those of you who are wondering, I have a third planned story featuring Sam that I’m writing now.)
The Blurb:
 Confident almost to the point of arrogance, Jurgen never worried about his boyfriend leaving him until he overheard Nik telling his best friend he wants to move out of town. That's when the macho cop realizes that maybe asking Nik to move back to tiny Whitetail Rock—where he was tormented when he was younger for being gay and looking different—wasn't Jurgen's most brilliant idea. Now he's on a mission to find a way to fix things so Nik will stay. Which should be no problem because he's good at fixing stuff, right?
Nik isn't sure what he was thinking, moving back to his hometown after graduating with his MFA. Jobs in his field are non-existent and reminders of some of the worst times in his life are abundant. But Jurgen lives in Whitetail Rock, and Nik is willing to put up with a hell of a lot to be with him. Except maybe Jurgen's own efforts to "fix" something that's not broken...

The Excerpt:
Jurgen and Nik had an argument over Jurgen acting like a caveman and as a result, Jurgen went out to sleep on the couch. Now it’s the middle of the night and he comes back to bed to be with Nik. Nik has been lying awake for hours, thinking, and he’s sort of over his mad, and maybe ready to figure out what was really going on with Jurgen.
“I’m awake,” Nik whispered.
Jurgen froze, leaning over his side of the bed. Then he climbed in and got under the covers. He sighed heavily once he’d settled in. “I forgot my pillow out there,” he whispered to Nik.
For one crazy, completely altruistic moment, Nik thought about going to get it for Jurgen. Then it passed. Instead, he rolled on his side, facing Jurgen. Not too close. He laid a hand on Jurgen’s chest.
Jurgen’s hand came up immediately and grabbed Nik’s, tangling their fingers and pressing Nik’s palm into Jurgen’s T-shirt. Nik’s heart went into overdrive. Jurgen’s beat steadily under his hand.
“Jurgen, just tell me what it is.”
“What?” Jurgen turned his head toward Nik, away from the dim light coming in the window. Nik couldn’t see his face very well, but he could feel Jurgen breathing between them.
“Is it a brain tumor? Lou Gehrig’s disease? What? Just tell me, Jurgen.” Nik squeezed Jurgen’s hand so tight he thought one of his knuckles might pop right out of his skin.
“What are you talking about, Nik?”
“You’re scaring me. You’re acting all…loving and stuff. It’s completely unlike you.”
“I don’t act loving toward you?” Jurgen almost sounded hurt.
“Not like this. You don’t hold my hand or go off tilting at windmills for me.”
Jurgen stared at him in the dark.
“Don Quixote. He thought the windmills were some kind of monster or something, so he’d attack them.”
“So, Miller is my personal windmill?”
“Better than your personal Waterloo.” Nik knew he wouldn’t have to explain Waterloo.
Jurgen sighed and turned his head. Now Nik could see his profile. He had such a sexy nose. “Jurgen, please. Just tell me what’s wrong.”
Jurgen shrugged stiffly. His chest shifted and slid under their hands. “I wanted to do something nice for you.”
Oh. That was so—
Shut up.
“That required you to do something cruel to Miller?” Even if it was incredibly sweet.
“Why do you care so much about how Miller feels?” Jurgen’s voice was angry again that fast.
A-ha “Why do you sound jealous?”
“I’m not jealous! I’m mad!”
“Uh-huh.” Nik smiled to himself. He pushed up on his elbow, but Jurgen wouldn’t let go of his hand, which made straddling Jurgen’s hips a little awkward.
“What are you doing?” Now he sounded grouchy. In a forced way.
“I’m going to use my masculine wiles to get you to talk to me.” Nik could feel Jurgen under him, between his legs. Soft and warm.
“I am talking to you.” Jurgen let go of Nik’s hand, settling his on Nik’s hips. Already his voice sounded more normal. Slower. Nik rubbed himself once or twice lightly against Jurgen’s groin. Just to get the show on the road. Jurgen’s voice dropped lower. “I can talk this way, too, though.”
Also by Anne Tenino:

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