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It is funny how when I started this I only had Nico Redhawk in mind but when looking for inspiration I saw one picture Crimson Redhawk (Nico's brother) was born

Nico and Crimson may look alike but there personalities are polar opposites. Nico is calm and thinks things through, while Crimson jumps in feet first before thinking about the consequences. Crimson has no internal filter as you will see from the very first episode... So you know that Crimson will need a strong person to reign him in - If possible. I can't promise that Crimson will make it easy.

Dominic Manse is one of The Sentinels of the High City. He is very stoic and sort of quiet. he is the type of man that once he gives his heart, then the recipient (Nico Redhawk) has his whole support and loyalty. Upon realising that Nico is meant for him and him alone, he starts to see that there is more to the eye with his mate. He sees exactly how special Nico Redhawk really is, just as he realise it is upon his shoulder to now keep his special mate as safe as he can. Dominic also learns that his by the book way of doing things is going to be challenged while protecting Nico.

Raevyn Blue is the special type of being. He masquerades as a Sentinel most of the time and has been away from the High City - King Rothwell Macallister (Quinlan's father), sent him out on a mission before he died. Things went very wrong which ended with him not being able to complete his mission. As destiny chose another path for him

Raevyn does things without thinking, being who he is and who he is descended from has given him way too much leeway he is about to learn that all actions (no matter how good intentioned) come with consequences.

When Crimson Redhawk and company walk into his life, Raevyn is given choices. he must choose what to do that will enable him to have it all. How he can have both the mate he has long wished for and the new mission that he just can't push aside.

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