Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Take On A Classic Christmas Poem...

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas & I was stuck in this place,
Everything was gone – the whole human race.
I wasn’t alone, I found one by my side,
We fought for our lives until we decided to hide.

The war raging outside, we made a small bed,
We snuggled down deep and covered our heads.
He, in his blue jeans, scarf and tight shirt,
Me, dressed the same and willing to flirt.

With sly little looks, and skin touching skin,
Blocked out the world and the trouble we’re in.
Between soft gentle kisses & losing our clothes,
And tiny caresses that tingle our toes.

Lips meeting lips when he started to purr,
His teeth elongated as he sprouted some fur.
My eyes opened wide – I trembled in fear,
I struggled a lot yet he pulled me near.

He nuzzled my neck & crumbled my core,
He nipped at my throat & I offered him more.
So many warnings screamed in my head,
I pressed my lips tight so they couldn’t be said.

So many things he whispered down low,
Telling me how he couldn’t let me go.
I gazed in his eyes that had turned pale blue,
No understanding – I hadn’t a clue.

Some things I need to make this all clear,
What’s happening? Why am I here?
He smiled sadly and said it was fate.
He’d love me forever because I was his mate.

He told me his name on a long winded sigh,
While I was in shock & wanted to cry.
Alden Langley and he was a fox
All that ran through my mind – I’m still wearing socks.

He moved just a little, I watched fur recede,
I studied him closely, his eyes full of need.
My heart all but broke, my eyes filled with tears,
Deep down inside I sensed all his fears.

I realised right then that mine were the same,
So I smiled and told him my name.
“I’m Hector Lewis, my friends call me Heck,”
I tilted my head & he again kissed my neck.

He whispered a tale of the new world I’m in,
It was a tear in space that brought me to him.
A wish made on a long ago on a faraway night.
Brought our world crashing & locking up tight.

I came from Earth & he from afar,
Alden’s home is on a faraway star.
Both ripped through time & and also through space
Is how we ended in this unknown place.

I started laughing till tears flowed free,
How the fuck did this happen to me?
I felt like I was crazy – like this wasn’t real
I reached out a hand I just had to feel.

Maybe this was a dream or I was dead,
Or something fucked up, that was just in my head.
But nothing quite mattered as he fondled my balls
Merry Christmas to me & to you, one & all.


  1. I love this!!!! very imaginative my friend :)

  2. LMAO - I seriously didn't realise how long this poem was until I started re-writing it.

  3. Lella - it kind of reminds me of the one I wrote about the family all those years ago... wonder where the hell I put that?

  4. OMG, I luv this! I would luv to set it to music if I had the time.

  5. @ Chocolate Minx feel free & we can use it again next year LOL - gives you a whole year to work on it.

  6. Naughty NJ but so nice too. I really enjoyed the little poem made my day.

  7. @cinder - sweet as long as I make one persons day then all is good in the world.