Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Taylor V Donovan

  My Friend Taylor V Donovan (Tay) is  the proud Mama of her newest short story it is a little peek into the lives of some of her delicious men in her upcoming novel: Six Degrees of  Lust. it is the first book in her By Degrees series. Southern Winterland is a sneaky peek at Christian and Remy.


Christian and Remy,  Close Friends who may be destined to be something else...

Christian Murphy is out, proud, and very loud.

Remy Benoit is an equal opportunity flirt, but he swears guys are not his thing.

Different lifestyles have never interfered with their close friendship, but after too much alcohol and almost kissing under the mistletoe a year ago they've started to drift apart.

A special holiday even brings the men together, but this time around they might have to acknowledge that mutual admiration and respect are not the only things to make them seek each other out.

To buy, it is available at MLRPress 

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