Friday, 16 December 2011

What's Happening Now...

Okay, I have had my Christmas story Angels on Top released at MLRPress, and it is also now available at Amazon. I can say that I am totally stoked and feel like a true author now.

I am going to keep the blog story Wind Walkers as a Monday story, and I will begin a new one for Fridays called Jettermane - as someone brought it back into my mind. I will begin that next Friday as I have Dr's appointments today with my daughter. That will give me time to find the right picture to use as the visual blog picture for the story. You all know I need the visual to help me write - I don't know why; I just do.

Today I am the guest blogger on Jadette Paige's blog. I will be giving the story behind the story on The Lines Of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken.  I was so excited to do this when Jadette offered me the opportunity to tell the world why this particular series means so much to me.

If you get a chance drop by and leave me a comment or two. I will add a visual link to the left side of my blog for those who wish to click on that will take you right there. Besides my own there are many other great stories to be read.

It is at times like this I can't stop the smile from living permanently on my face. My daughter  said to me only yesterday that I am now a true author in her eyes because she has my Christmas story on her kindle - cracked me up laughing I can tell you.

On that note I must away and get ready to drive to Toowoomba, which I am not liking as it is wet and cold .


  1. Not to sound real stupid but how would I catch up on the blog story Wind Walkers? And here is a TGIF for you it is still Thurs nite here.LOL

  2. Hey NJ!
    Cool on your blog but your link to the page isn't working. I am going to try to find this blog...
    Hugs and Congrats: YOU are definitely an AUTHOR!!!
    Z. Allora

  3. The first part of my blog story was called (When The Walls Come Tumbling Down) to catch up on the story thus far I think if you just type that Title into the search this blog it will bring it up for you and I have them all numbered.

  4. @Z did you click the picture on the left hand side of the blog because it worked fine for me...LOL.