Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Z Allora!!!

Awesome Author & Fantastic Books

I First fell in love with the work of Z Allora when the wonderful Kris Jacen, of MLRPress shared with us a snippet of an up and coming new author. I was lucky enough to win her book The Dark Angels: With Wings at Ethan Day's - GAY DAY not long afterwards, and I can tell you I have read it so many time since then I can honestly class the boys in the band as family.

I think the way these books are written are just suck you in, and makes you want to cheer along in the happy times and grab the tissues and offer your arms to hold them in the sad times. So often in this book I wanted to reach through the pages and offer them all my support and love - That is what made this a great book for me.
Since then I have left some reviews telling people how much I love this book, and I may have harassed poor Kris a time or two asking when the next one was coming. One day I clicked into my emails and I actually had a message from the author... after I finished jumping around the room dancing like a maniac with excitement.; I calmed down and answered Z... I was still in shock that Z Allora had messaged me (I may have rung my daughter and husband letting them know that I was snoopy dancing over this - it was the kind of excitement where you nearly pee yourself.) 

Since then Z and I have been corresponding and are fast becoming friends which to me is the best part in all of this. I have always enjoyed making new friends and I know that Z and I will stay in contact... It is great having someone who I really admire that I can share ideas with and ask advice.


  1. NJ you totally ROCK!!! WOW!!!! I am overwhelmed with your wonderful blog (and very impressed with your mad blogging skills!!!!) You made me do a happy dance!!! I am so happy it was you that won The Dark Angels: With Wings!!!

    Angels on Top was a very sweet read!!! So I am looking very forward to your Vampire series coming out soon!

    I look forward to your emails because they always make me smile!!!

    Big hugs,

  2. Friendships are such great things and I am glad that we are on the road to being just that. I was glad that I won the book as well... mind you I have since bought it for my daughter.

    Glad you liked Angels on Top. My Vampires are on a tentative release date for spring.

    Your emails make me smile too.

  3. Wait the spring.... grrrrrr!!!! That seems like a VERY long time...okay okay I actually will be sympathetic and not demanding...much.
    Big Hugs

  4. I read the Angels with wings and fell in love with Z Allora. LOL Look I am on a very hot authors blog texting about another hot author.LOL Today is a good day.

  5. Sweet, anyone that loves Z as much as I do just has to be cool. I like making new friends as well as getting to know old ones better. So welcome to my family.