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Cameron Lawton - Cancel Christmas


Cancel Christmas

The Military Police boys are back and this time it's murder.

 A fast-paced murder mystery featuring the two Military Police investigators from "Yours To Command". Plans for the holidays are scrapped when a body is found on an Army base in Germany. Still firmly in the closet at work, they stay in a hotel and indulge in some midnight room-hopping but will Rory be able to cope with his assistant's newly-discovered dominant streak? Who killed the translator and why in such a grisly way? Is there a connection to a recent suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan? Killing doesn't stop just because it's Christmas, especially in the British Army.


 “How about a long hot shower together, Rory?”

 The older man needed no encouraging and in no time they were in the bathroom, pushing each other into the shower cubicle, giggling and shoving like schoolboys. Rory gazed at Jack’s tall, slim body; his arms well-muscled from competitive swimming; his close-cropped blond hair, so soft and downy under Rory’s fingers when they made love, he shivered with anticipation. Tonight, for once, Jack would be able to stay the night; they would wake up in each other’s arms. He compared his own, stockier frame, covered in dark hair with Jack’s smooth pale skin. They were like chalk and cheese but they were in love.

 “Here, let me wash your back,” Jack offered and Rory obediently turned, luxuriating in the hot water cascading over his body and his sergeant’s hands, slippery with shower-gel, gliding over his skin.

 They had both been trained in “restrain and detain” techniques but Rory wasn’t expecting it so when Jack expertly flicked Rory’s hands up behind his back, pushing him forward, there was no resistance. The captain found himself with his face up against the hard tiles, unable to move and with Jack whispering in his ear, bending forward, his erection already nudging Rory’s buttocks.

 “It’s my turn this time…sir. You’re going to take and I’m going to give and if you struggle, I’ll break your fucking arms, you know I can. I’m going to give you something to remember me by when I’m on leave.”

 Rory had never known this side of his lover before. Jack had taken control big time and Rory  didn't like it at all,    but there wasn’t much he could do about it because the sergeant was right—he could break his arms as easily as blinking in this position, although Rory didn’t think he would.

 It was a game, just a bit of rough stuff … wasn’t it?

 Jack’s soapy fingers were exploring and penetrating, while the other hand kept Rory immobilized in a grip of steel. The younger man was inexperienced but eager and the situation was exciting him intensely; Rory could tell by the increasing ferocity of his fingering.

 “Take it easy, laddie, you’ll split me at this rate!”

 “Oh you don’t know the half yet, sir. Who’s a lucky man then? Nice boyfriend with a big dick to screw you senseless? Eh? Don’t worry, I’ll be good to you afterwards but it’s my turn now.”

 He was panting as he removed his finger and then thrust hard into Rory, who bit down hard on his lip because Jack was hurting him and he was sure that shouting out would only excite him even more. The younger man was in an ecstasy of domination and came very quickly with a howl of pure triumph, releasing Rory’s wrists as he did so.

 Rory turned around slowly, rubbing his aching arms and slapped Jack across the cheek, not too hard but enough to show that he was mightily displeased.
“On your knees, laddie,” he hissed.

 Jack slumped to the floor of the shower-cubicle and gazed up at his captain. Despite the pain, Rory was aroused so he guided his cock to Jack’s mouth. Obediently, the blond man opened up but just as his lover was sliding in, an alarm sounded from the living room.
“God-damn and sodding blast it!” Rory recognized the sound. It was his “squawk”, a special cell phone to be used only in emergencies. This meant trouble. He blundered out of the shower and answered the call.

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