Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Charlie Cochrane - My True Love Sent To Me


When love seems to have grown cold for the Cambridge Fellows, how can they reignite the flame? And why is there a gold wrapped chocolate bird in the pear tree? 

Title: My True Love Sent To Me
Genre: Gay Historical Romance
Heat Level: Sweet

What you Will


They say there is no fool like an old fool. Antonio didn't count himself as old but he was more fool than any man ought to be who'd flown around the world and back again so often he might as well have just been going from Deptford to Dartford. there was a lad involved. There was always a lad in the tale, for men like him

And was there a happy ending? Now that depends on whether you believe what a certain playwright wrote, or whether you want the real story

The Angel In The Window


When a traitor walks your deck, who will be the one to clear him of it? Or What happens when your comrades are more dangerous than you enemy's

Alexander Porterfield may be one of the rising stars of Nelsen's navy, but his relationship with his first lieutenant, Tom Anderson, makes him vulnerable. To blackmail, to the exposure of their relationship-- and to losing Tom, either in battle or to another ship. When Sudden danger strikes--From the English rather than the French--where should a man turn?

Available December 21  
At MLRPress

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  1. You have some brilliant writers lined up for us this month...loving it!!


    1. It's called begging them all to be here... I admit it I am having a fan girl month...