Monday, 27 April 2015

Updates On Why I'm MIA For The Time Being

Things have been hectic in my life of late. due to my sister in law being ill I've been lending a hand at my brother's tattoo shop. at the same time I've been chauffeuring people to and from doctors appointments.  tending to the kids and helping with both school work and uni assignments. Taking care of my mother, keeping up with the housework, cooking for the family,  and clearing the yard of anything that may get blown around during a severe wind storm that is supposed to hit sometime this week (I bloody hope it doesn't). We are still in the midst of our construction company changeover, before we can start the new one in New Zealand. And I'm doing all this while still recovering from Bronchial asthma/flu... No wonder I'm so bloody tired all the time. To make everything fit together like a puzzle my writing world has been put on hold for the moment while I try and catch up with the two projects that are due.

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