Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Deep Breaths ~ New Steps

Today I'll be taking my mum to the new place so we can figure out how we are going to set up where everything will be set up... Honestly, I'm only doing this because Mum wants to... I think it eases her stress over the whole situation.

I also have to take some metal tubing to mu brothers place... So I'll have to remember to get that before I leave... Just my luck I'll forget.

I'm waiting for Emily to get home so she can go with us. That way I won't have to do all the heavy lifting by myself as Mum would never be able to help me as she is 84 and uses a wheelie walker.

This week I also have a few people coming to collect any of the stuff they have left in my yard. I'm at the stage where I just want it all gone. If I never have to see it again it will be too soon.

And just to make my day it has decided to rain...LOL... at least I will be working mostly in doors. So the weather won't worry me too much... we are going to mark out today where the power points will have to be placed, before we can get the electrician in.

Okay, I'll talk to you all again over the next couple of days to let you know what's happening... and just so you know I pulled out a manuscript and started writing again... only a little but at least it's a start.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Touching Base

The last couple of weeks have been very trying for me, but from now on I think I can move forward... maybe I should explain... I've had my ex-hubs here collecting the last of his gear from the house. I mean there was no problems while he was here, which I am thankful for... but his being here threw out my schedule to sell the house by two weeks.

I had a mini meltdown yesterday and my poor sister in-law copped the brunt of it, and then I went ballistic on a wedding picture I found. Today I feel much better... I should add that I apologized to my sister in-law  and we are all good... seriously, she has done a wonderful job of decorating the house to get ready for sale... Delmae and I may have not always gotten along, but I can tell you without her through this all I wouldn't be as strong as I am.

My brother and I finished putting up the tin around the underneath of the house and it looks 100% better. the house is looking very bare and I realise I like it. So I've decided to downsize... a lot. Again the hardest part will be my books, but I will donate the ones I decide on to blue care... who go around and help the elderly at home, plus it's also where my mum goes to respite 1 day a week so she can socialise withe people her own age... and as a carer I get a break to run around and do everything that I need to do. 

The renovations will not be over when this place sells as we are doing a few to the new place. Like putting in more power points... at the moment my bedroom has 1... and it is in the most inconvenient spot... so I have to have more put in... and move the spot in the lounge room for the placement of the TV.

Besides my family the other thing getting me through the tough times is music, and I have been listening to Rev Theory, so here is a song for anyone who is needing something to hang on to.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I Haz A Headache

I haven't had a headache in so long and today I woke up with a roaring one... Actually, it's making everything a little hazy... so I won't be doing much.

I have to go out this afternoon and pay for a chairlift so that my mum will be able to get into our new house... In case I haven't said... we're moving into above my brother's tattoo shop. I'm waiting for my kiddo to get home from Toowoomba so she can drive me to where I have to go.

I had to take my car in for it's service today... I ended up telling the mechanic I'd be back to pick it up tomorrow... hopefully the headache should be gone by then.

I'm taking the day of from doing renovations and cleaning, and thought it was about time I sat down and caught up with everyone to let them know I'm still alive. 

As it was I had to have a friend remind me that I have a book coming out soon for pre-order on the 23rd of August... I will put out a reminder on the day... That's if I remember... Someone may have to remind me. I will be promoing this over on Andrew Grey's blog on the 24th... Dang it I must remember to write the post and send it across before I forget... which with me is more than likely.