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I need to write like I need to breathe. I am quite often found in my office where I write about the wonderful and often somewhat crazy men in my stories. My family encourages my writing, even if more often than not I call them by my character’s names. I also have a young gay Gothic Russian ghost “Vlad” who has taken up residence in my head as my muse.

I personally think that anyone taking the time to read my stuff is totally awesome.

Me & My Girl

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10 Random Facts About Me...
I am terrified of spiders
I love David Bowie
I don't really like chocolate
Favourite author: David Eddings
Favourite animals: bats, cats & wolves
Favourite drink: green tea & water
Favourite colours: red, purple, blue & black
I always sing in the shower
I hate shopping
I collect dragons, bats, and gargoyles

For Blokes in Love   
My Story - By the Way

For Best Character 
Christian Risley-Kincaid from The Lines of Marsden

For Best Free Read
The Masters of Time: Shadows On The Heart

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