Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Yesterday I finally finished the synopsis on the four remaining books in The Connelly Chronicles... thought my brain would burst, but they're now done and sent back to Faith B-B at Totally Bound. The good part is I now have a baseline for when I get around to writing these books... I'll add them to my spread sheets so I don't lose anything... Faith says I should hear back by the weekend... So keep your fingers crossed.

I'm back to finishing off the Goodreads--Don't Read In The Closet 2014 story for Love's Landscape: Trying Not To Love You. I hope to have this finished by this afternoon or by tomorrow and then I can send it off to my beta readers to take a look see before I send it to Sue M.

After that is done I'll spend the next four days finishing off the Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons and submit that to Christie N at MLR. Once I have these done I can worry about the rest.

Also in talks with Bronwyn Heeley about co-writing a series of novellas together...I'm sure we'll both keep you updated as our plans come together. you can check her out here at her blog:  Unrandom Randomness. All I can tell you for right now it'll be of paranormal content.

Fireborn Publishing...

Take a look see at these place to check out the brand spanking new publishing house for all of us authors, and readers. I cannot wait to be submitting to Fireborn Publishing. Fireborn is a true cooperative. The company is staff owned, and they encourage their readers to be active participants in the business model.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Holy Moley And Then Some...

I was having so much trouble writing the synopsis for the last four books in The Connelly Chronicles for Totally Bound when I realised I might know an easier way... WRITE THEM BACKWARDS... so instead of starting at book two and going to five. I scrapped it and started at book five and am now working back towards number two... so much easier. I was supposed to have them back by today and now I think it'll be delayed for another day. I'll have to drop Faith B-B an email and let her know what's happening on my end of the mail line.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

No Time To Be Sick.

I know what I have to get done today , but honestly I just don't have the energy to complete the task. I woke up this morning and it feels like my ears are stuffed full of cotton wool.

I've also just completed that 1 hour chat on Facebook.

Today, I'm back to working on the synopsis for Totally Bound Publications for the rest of The Connelly Chronicles.

I also found I've made some pretty good friends I have also found someone willing to beta read for me the wonderful Bronwyn H... I'll also be reciprocating the favour - yes, I have forewarned her that I totally suck at punctuation...LOL.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

OMG ~ What To Do?

Woke up this morning to some great if somewhat scary emails... 

Firstly: I had a wonderful email from Totally Bound asking me to supply synopsis for the rest of the stories in The Connelly Chronicles series. Not being a plotter.. I find this a tad scary, but I know I can do it. I'm just so glad that when I was cleaning the office yesterday I found all my missing story notes - let's hope there's something in there for TCC.

Secondly: The above email put on hold me writing the last 6K up of Trying Not To Love You... I'll have to start that up again on Monday.

Thirdly: Tomorrow morning at 7am Australian time I'm doing a one hour live chat at RGR on facebook, it's the first time I've ever done anything like this, so stop by if you can and ask me some questions.

Fourthly: How the hell do I get the smell of washing liquid off my hands? I was washing this morning when the bottle of detergent kind of slipped. I ended up with Radiant everywhere, and while trying to stop Droogie (my cat) from trying to lap it up I ended up smelling all sweet. Seriously the smell is starting to make me feel ill...LOL... trust me to try and overdose on clothes detergent.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Why Is It?

I seriously want to know... Why is it when I start looking for tax stuff I always end up finding every one of my missing/misplaced/misfiled notebooks filled with book/story notes? I ended up having to go through everything and surprised myself by what I found... and nothing of it had to do with the taxes. So stuffed if I know where all that crap ended up.

But on the upside my office looks a hell of a lot cleaner. Even though I know the BAS has to be done... I'm cleaning more so I don't have to sit down and work on my Goodreads story Trying Not To Love You... Seriously, I like this story so I don't want it to end just yet and I know if I finish typing up the long-handed notes then the story will be over. I promise to pull my big girl panties on and finish it next week. Mind you I'll work on it some this arvo and will probably get close to the 20K mark.

other than that I'm trying to decide on what to work on once I have finished Toowoomba Boys 3: Dancing With Demons... I have almost finished that story as well... I've completed it in long-hand, I just have to finish typing everything up... Graham & Damon want their story to be finally told. So if there is anything you want to read from my series just let me know so I can pull it out and work on whatever you choose. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

As If I'm Not Busy Enough...

One of my new story WIPS has up and decided it needs to be re-written. It was about wolves, but the characters have now decided they want to be lions. So I've put it on the schedule, which doesn't seem to be getting any damn shorter. In fact I swear for everyone I take off -- two more take it's place.

Other than that I'm trying to get on top of my BAS for the taxation office... being ill for the last quarter has me scrambling to find where everyone has stuck their receipts for me to claim. I gave them both plastic envelopes to use and do the use them....Nooooo. It drives me nuts, but I hope to have it finished today.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Name Changes & Other Things

Okay, the story formerly known as; I Couldn't Care Less What You Think is now called; Trying Not To Love You. I'm still planning to have this written and to the beta readers by the weekend. I've made it to 15K.

The wonderful Lex Valentine will be sending me the the proper files for this book cover later today, but I needed to share. Just because I'm so happy with the results... If you ever need a cover made seriously check out Lex, and her work at  Winterheart Designs.

Now that all the fricken public holidays are over I can go and get my head shaved again. I have about half an inch all over my head and it's driving me nuts.

I can't tell you how good it feels to be writing again. After being basically sick for the first three months of the year, and then with all that's happened this month. I felt like it was then end, and I'd never write another word--lucky for me I was totally fricken wrong. The weird thing is I seem to be writing faster than ever, and my head is a lot more clearer...Let's hope I can keep it up for the rest of this year at least.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Over Half Way Through The Goodreads Freebie

Okay, so   when I say half way through I couldn't Care Less What You Think... I mean that I've typed up 10K and I probably have about 5K in hand written notes just waiting to be typed up... This is what I'm concentrating on now.

I'm also helping Lex  Valentine choose pictures for the cover... when I say that, I mean Lex sent me a bunch of pictures to look at and I sent back the ones I liked.

The spreadsheets are coming along great. I have them all up and running, but not quite filled in. I figure I'll fill them in as I'm working on the stories themselves.

Once I have this story done and to the beta reader I will take a week to finish off Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons. Just because I need it done. Then I'm not sure what my next thing will be on my agenda - I suppose it'll be whatever my editor want to see from me.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sentinels Of Varnuse: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down # 13

# 13.
Brayden fought the urge to give in to the beast that he knew dwelled within him. Now that his brother could change at will between his two forms, Brayden's realised his own beast wanted out. It wanted the chance to run free instead of being locked away from the real world. It also wanted the chance to prove he was the dominant creature. Brayden had been avoiding all his friends and family, even Quinlan was starting to notice just how much he was pulling away, and he wasn’t happy about it. He had ordered—not asked—but ordered, that Brayden attend him after morning feast.

This was so not good.

Brayden paced outside the King’s door and rubbed at his stomach. The constant movement of the beast within was making him nauseous. He would have liked nothing better than to run away from all this and pretend that thiswhatever this waswasn’t happening. He’d even prefer to be locked up again on his uncle’s estate. He didn’t want to be different. He truly just wanted to be normal. Be a normal man, who was loved by and could love his husband without all of this getting in the way.

Raising a hand he tentatively knocked on the door separating him from King Quinlan. For at this moment he was the King and not the husband Brayden loved so much. Remorse flooded through him when he realised this was all his fault. He should have just come clean and told Quinlan what, or rather, how he was feeling. Instead now it had become bigger mess, and would be recorded in the official records of the Kingdom.

“Come!” Quinlan called.

Before Brayden could turn the handle the door was opened and Cleric Saskia watched him with something akin to sadness in his eyes as he gestured Brayden into the room. He didn’t speak as he went and took his seat at the side of Quinlan’s huge mahogany desk. His hands hovering over the paper that would forever hold this conversation.

“You wanted to see me?” Brayden asked as he tried to act like he didn’t know what this was all about. He knew he’d been acting like an arse toward everyone, but there was still a childish part of him which didn’t want to own up to any wrong doing.

Quinlan silently studied him for a very long time before he spoke. Brayden got the feeling that whatever it was Quinlan had to say he wasn’t going to want to hear. He braced himself for the scolding he knew was coming his way.

“Bray, take a seat. I have something to talk to you about, and I think you need to be sitting to hear it.”

Brayden's heart thundered in his chest. Was this is where Quinlan was going to tell him their marriage had all been a mistake, and that he was ending their commitment to each other. Maybe Quinlan realised he should have chosen a girl all along. His hands fluttered to his throat as he sat opposite his husband. A sudden numbness was flowing through his body making it harder to breathe.

“Bray,” Quinlan began, his words coming faster the more he spoke. “Cleric Saskia has done some research, and we think we may know why you’ve been acting the way you have. Apparently the old ones had a system where they could bear children by their mates; whether said mate be male or female. Bray I think you are pregnant.”

Brayden didn’t even have time to filter through it all before his eyes rolled back into his head and he slid sideways off the chair and landed with a thump on the floor.


“Well that went well,” Cleric Saskia said as he laid his pen and paper on the desk.

Quinlan jumped up and ran to kneel beside his mate. He gently cradled Brayden in his arms as he picked him up and sat back in the chair. Everyone had noticed the change coming over Brayden in the past month, and it wasn’t until that little piece of information came to light that everything started to make sense. Brayden was off his food. He no longer slept completely through the night. His moods shifted with the winds and he definitely wasn’t the happy person Quinlan had married.

“Should we try and wake him?” Quinlan asked as he softly stroked his husband’s hair. “I thought he’d take it better than he did.”

Cleric Saskia chuckled beside him, “You just informed him that he may be carrying your child. How did you expect him to react?”

Kissing Brayden's temple Quinlan shrugged. “I don’t know, better than he did I suppose. Maybe he doesn’t want to be pregnant.”

“Give him time. He loves you. Once he’s had a chance to think about and absorb what you just told him he’ll be happy. It was a lot to take in.”

Quinlan smiled, “Could you imagine the beautiful child we’d make together. I thought Killian and Larkin were the most beautiful babies I’d ever laid eyes on when they were born. Could you imagine a little girl with Brayden's features? She would be sought after by so many admirers when she comes of marriageable age.”


Brayden woke, but still kept his eyes closed while he listened to Quinlan discuss the future of their child. A child! The fact this was even possible was truly amazing. Thinking that he had been gifted a way to further connect himself to Quinlan.

He felt Quinlan jump when he spoke. “Getting a little ahead of yourself aren’t you. Who says that we’ll have a girl? It very well maybe a boy. We don’t even know if I am carrying a child at all. To be honest I thought I was acting the way I was because I was going to turn like Javier has. I thought I could feel my beast wanting to be free.”

Quinlan turned Brayden's face and fully kiss him on the lips. “I think there’s only one way to solve this. We must take you straight to the healers and have them run the tests to find out when you’re truly carrying or not. You might also be correct in that your body may be going through changes readying yourself to shift for the first time.”

Brayden put his hands flat out over his rolling stomach and smiled. Maybe what he’d been feeling was the beast’s way of telling him that he was now with child. He couldn’t stop smiling as Quinlan carried him to the healing rooms. He even stayed and watched as the healers performed their tests, then announced Brayden was indeed with child.

Brayden threw his arms around Quinlan’s neck and cried. Tears of joy and of fear ran their course until they were spent. He was so happy to be sharing this miracle with Quinlan and terrified the person who had put the price on his head would now double his efforts now he was pregnant.

Hiccupping he turned his tear stained face towards his husband. “Quin, we’re having a baby.”

“Yes we are,” Quinlan smiled, and gently placed a kiss on his forehead. “You’re pregnancy is just what our family needed. It’s also just what our people needed to accept our marriage once and for all. Though to be honest I’m not sure I’m ready to share our impending parenthood with the rest of our people.”

Brayden grinned back. “You always make me happy.”

“I think this is definitely a gift from the four brother. Our Gods of old who once ruled so lovingly over us.” One of the healers pronounced.

Brayden nodded, he also believed this to be a gift from the Gods. “When my uncle would spend time with me he often told me stories about the four brothers. The way he talked I honestly believed he’d met more than one of them. He spoke as if they were living, breathing people. The things he told me were mostly about two of them, Raevyn Blue and someone called Simian. I think he truly believed they resided in our timeframes still.”

“Why does the name Raevyn Blue seem so familiar to me?” Quinlan asked the room in general.

It was one of the healers who answered. “Because up until your Consort’s father, our then king was murdered Raevyn Blue was the lead sentinel of all of Panthea as well as serving the high castle. When King Thayer was taken Raevyn resigned his position and disappeared. No one ever said he was one of the God’s, or descended from their bloodline, but I always got the feeling he was sent here to protect someone.”

Brayden lent into his husband’s body as he took in what was said. He knew he was going to spend more time talking to this particular healers because he wanted to know more about his parents. He wanted to see if his memories match up with those of his uncle.

“What is your name, healer?”

The healer smiled. “I’m simply known around here as Healer Loman.”

Happy Fricken Easter To You All...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Just Another Day.

I honestly think writing blurbs and synopsis are harder than writing the actual story itself. Since I've been filling in these spreadsheets with all my story notes I realised that some of my earlier stuff doesn't have synopsis for them. So like the good-if somewhat crazy-person that I am. I decided to write them... Seriously, so not fun. But if I don't do them no one will.

The other hard bit is trying to locate all of my hand written notes and story ideas. If I was smart I would have kept them all in the same place, but noooo... I have them spread throughout the whole fricken house. I swear after Easter I will be more organised. I have to be just to get any work done.

Friday, 18 April 2014

What I'm Working On Today

1) Loving my new cover for Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood by the talented Deana J over at MLRPress.

2) Sending the full manuscript of The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections to Faith over at Totally Bound Publications = one step further up in the submission lines... so keep all your crossables crossed for me in a hope that it gets picked up.

3) Working on my spreadsheets for all my stories... I'm at the end of the major ones... just all the ones I haven't yet published to go.

4) Figuring out what to eat because it's Good Friday - so that means no meat for me... I'm thinking I nice vegetable soup or a vegetarian pasta - the rest of the family is having curried prawns.

5) And just for the heck of it I'm doing my washing... Oh the fun never ends.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Diamond Rose & Other Writing Notes.

Thoughts from inside the world of The Diamond Rose... I've been looking for cave entrances that look innocent or intriguing as they feature a lot in this story... some are inter-dimensional gateways while others are used for refuge or to hide something else.

The hardest part for me while writing is working out how long a story should be... Do readers like the longer  stories 70 - 100K? Or - Do you, the readers prefer the shorter Novella length 15 - 30K?

Also another question that plays on my mind so much is: Why do most publishers want American English? I know not all do, but it's frustrating as hell when you write in British/Australian English.

Since the whole first quarter of my year has been a chaotic mess; I'll have to go through and re-work  my WIP Schedule.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Super Secret Project!!!

Actually, I don't really have a secret - I'm one of those awful people who forget things are secret and blab...

I'm getting ready to sub another  of the Silver books just trying to figure out who to send it to.

I'm also playing catch up on my spreadsheet idea... where I have the spreadsheets for all my series and individual books... While doing galley proof for MLRPress last week I caught up on the Sons of Evenmore & then the two series which I was meant to actually publish before it... Pack Matters & Watson Falls... This way when I go back and write the beginning of the story line it will be so much easier to find information about events which are yet to take place... and who did what. I'm also thinking this would be handy to send to my editor so she has notes from all books in case she needs to double check things.

Today I have a meeting at 10:15 a.m. and then after that I'm going to be working on my Goodreads freebie for the Don't Read in the Closet 2014: Love's Landscape... I have to type up all my long hand and work out how to piece it all together so that it still makes sense. I'm hoping to still get I Couldn't Care Less What You Think done and in before the time is up, but have been thankful I have an extension if needed.

I also subbed The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections to Totally Bound today. I debated long and hard about where to send it, but after talking to my daughter she wanted me to try Totally Bound seeing as we buy a lot of books from them... So I thought why not. Fingers crossed that it gets picked up.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

It's Done...

Yesterday - I finished the galley proof on Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood....  and sent it back to MLRPress. I've also caught up on adding all my SOE notes into my series data spreadsheet - time consuming but oh so helpful... I'm doing them for all past and future works.

To day I re-subbed The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea to Wayward Ink Press... I should hear back in about 8 weeks... Still looking for homes for the others after I convert them back to .docx & re-format them.

I have so much to do and feel like I have no time left to do it in. I think I'll have to make up a time schedule to try and keep me on track.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Today I Have...

I've been so damn busy today... I made it halfway through my galley proof on Sons of Evenmore 2: Blood to Blood... I can't wait to show off that cover when I get it.

I've tried to convert one of my previous Silver books to resubmit elsewhere... The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea... Not sure where I'll sub it yet. But you will be the first people I tell when I decide.

I took time out to go through different publishers submission guidelines so that I can format the MS in advance. Also found myself  (or I should say Sue M found me) a new beta reader... I would like to welcome Anna B to my humble world.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sentinels Of Varnuse: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down # 12

# 12.
Mylo had a little trouble looking Consort Brayden in the eye, he still felt so guilty over braining the poor guy. It wasn’t helping that Javier was currently in panther form and growling loudly every time Mylo even looked to be heading in Consort Brayden's direction. It certainly wasn’t helping hoe everyone laughed at his predicament. It wasn’t as if he meant to hurt the consort. He was just reacting to the situation they had been in. This was a sparring match. Couldn’t they see it hadn’t been like he was trying to kill Consort Brayden or anything? He was grateful when Brayden finally spoke.

“Javier,” Brayden reached down and rubbed his hand across Javier’s pelt, and ended by gently tugging on his tail. “You need to turn back now, I’m safe. I swear to you that it’s okay to become you again—the human you.”

Javier yowled softly as if he was trying to explain that he didn’t know how to turn back. Mylo wondered if the prince even knew how he had transformed in the first place. For some strange reason Mylo thought that in this form Javier could see.


“Javier,” Talon crouched in front of the panther and grasped his head gently in his hands. Staring into the panthers eyes he spoke. “Are you having trouble returning to your form?”

Javier yowled again, finally someone understood his predicament. Javier rubbed against the fierce warrior’s face and shoulder. He liked the way he was able to leave his scent over the man. Javier liked letting everyone else know the warrior was his. Even if said warrior didn’t know that fact yet. His panther knew without a doubt Talon belonged to them. The panther side of him was ready to claim the warrior as their own. But Javier wasn’t sure whether Talon was ready for that to happen. Talon’s hands felt wonderful in his fur, and Javier couldn’t stop the purr that fell from him as he listened to what the warrior had to say.

“Javier, my prince. You need to remember what you looked like. Picture in your mind what you once were—picture your human form.”

“Umm, Talon, if he’s been blind since he was a child how is he going to remember what he looked like?” Mylo asked which elicited a growl from the Javier. He didn’t like the way Mylo was questioning his warrior. Mylo mustn’t have understood the growl as he continued “I’m just saying is all... I think you need to explain to him what he looked like.”

Ok that made sense to Javier. He could barely even remembered what he looked like as a child let alone what he looked like as a man.
Talon seemed to think for a moment before turning his attention back to the Javier’s panther. “Javier, in your mind picture beautiful long black hair falling to just below your shoulders. Picture pale blue eyes that have the ability to hold all who see them in a trance. Picture lips that are full and soft.” His panther pulled his head away from Talon’s hands and stared at his brother then looked back at Talon. “If you can see in this form then the answer is yes, little one. You resemble your brother greatly, though your features are softer... more...” the words seemed to escape Talon as he tried to explain how he saw Javier.

Closing his eyes Javier concentrated on who he imagined he was. The air around Javier felt like it shimmered. Then instead of a panther a very naked Javier was crouching in the arena. Talon appeared socked as Javier threw himself into the man’s arms, and pressed his face into Talon’s neck. He needed the closeness—the sense of safety Talon represented.

“Thank you,” Javier whispered as he felt cloth come around and cover his nakedness. Lifting his head he gazed around the arena and marvelled that once what was always total darkness was all in shades of grey. The same colourless vision he had while he had been in his animal form.

“Javier,” Brayden asked softly, “are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Javier pressed himself even further into Talon’s body. He held on tight for a moment before pulling away and staring up at the beautiful man before him. Javier reached up and traced the scare running down Talon’s face with gentle fingers. “You are so beautiful.”

Talon flinched at the contact. “You can see me?”

Javier nodded, “I see you, there’s no colour but I see you.”

Talon gasped. “Your eyes. They’ve changed.” Talon stared into Javier’s eyes, “Your pupils now resembled those of a feline, yet they were still the same beautiful shade of pale blue that they’ve always been. How is this even possible?”

“I don’t know.” Javier turned and looked at each person there in turn, and took in what the others saw every day. He was happy to give up colour if it meant that he could regain this partial sight. Losing his sight was something that he had always regretted. Now his sight was back he was going to cherish the gift that he’d just been given.


Brayden stared in amazement along with the rest of them at the transformation of Javier’s eyes. It wasn’t everyday someone got to witness a miracle, and in the last few months he had witnessed three. One: the return of his heart—Quinlan, Two: the return of the ancient ones in the form of his brother—Javier. Three: this miracle of Javier’s sight returning. These three things made him truly grateful he lived to witness it all. Everything happening made him wonder what else he was going to witness in the future. He sensed Quinlan was more than a little tense, and reached out to touch him. Hoping his touch could bring his husband peace.

He leant further into the contact when Quinlan wrapped his arms around him. He was grateful he was loved by such a wonderful man. He was also happy knowing he didn’t have to go through all of this all alone. Brayden hated being frightened of what they were going to encounter. The moment he woke to see his brother’s shifted form something deep inside him prowled to get out. Something deep down in the core of him wanted to be free. In that moment in time he could sense something trapped inside of him was tired of being locked away. Brayden was shit scared he was going to lose himself to the panther he now knew without a doubt lay within him. What would he do if his panther got free and hurt Quinlan? Or worse hurt the boys? Right now he wasn’t sure if he was ready to find out just what was going to happen. Yet he also knew without a doubt the choice would soon be taken from him, because his panther was crawling ever closer to the surface.

Word Of Advice...

Since there's been no formal announcement... here is a reminder to everyone who has purchased books through the Silver Publishing site—download a copy of ALL books you have bought at Silver before the servers go away. Burn them to discs. Save them on backup drives. Whatever they do to back-up books. Once the servers are down, they will not be able to access the books again.

And an added note to all authors—think about going in and saving a copy of everything on your server for editing, & all other information pertaining to your books. It may come in handy when looking to sub elsewhere.

I wish everyone the best of luck with finding new homes for their works. May the next steps in your adventure be less stressful than the ones already taken.

Friday, 11 April 2014

I'm No Longer An Author With Silver Publishing...

As of the 10th of April I'm no longer an author at Silver Publishing... I've received my rights back to all of my books...

Now I'll have to find new homes for them all, and expand on the shorter ones so they make more sense and don't feel rushed.

After the last few weeks I've been through I'm happy just to have the rights back... will I see any of the monies owed to me ? I very much doubt it.

So be on the lookout for the new covers/versions of:

1. A Moon-Runner Christmas (this one I definitely want to expand on and may even turn into a series).
2. One Last Kiss Goodbye (not sure if I'll leave as is or expand).
3. Gaean Prophacies: Admetus Gaea
4. The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections.

The saddest part will be losing all the beautiful cover art created by the very talented Reese Dante...

Thursday, 10 April 2014


The first and best news is: my niece Cath is out of her coma and doing well... We can only hope that every day she gets a little better.

I've just received notice that my rights are converting back to me for two of my Silver Publishing releases...

1: A Moon Runner Christmas
2: One Last Kiss Goodbye

I'm thinking this would be  a great time to revise and lengthen both books... I'm so excited... there was so much I wanted to add - especially to A Moon-Runner Christmas. I've had so many requests from readers who want me to write more for that story and now I feel that I can.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Quick Update...

Okay, it's now been almost a week since we lost Luke but I wanted to give you all some good news.

Pictured here are the Walker family - Left to right are Riley, Charlie, Catherine, Odin, and Luke.

Catherine, his beautiful wife is starting to heal. And everyday I thank the be-all-&-end-all that she is... those kids deserve their mother to be there for them, and thankfully it looks like she will make a slow & hopefully full recovery.

Luke's funeral is this Friday - so I probably won't be back on the net until after that.

The latest Chronicle article.