Sunday, 31 March 2013



PS: Went and saw 'The Host' and loved it - it was the same as the book but different so I enjoyed it on a whole new level... so worth the watch.... my favourite characters are still Ian, Jeb & Wanda.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Why is it...

Seriously, why is it when I shut down my computer - I suddenly have an influx of story idea's and then I am forced to write everything in long hand so I can type it up the next day. My typing up pile is growing. I still have yet to get onto the computer:

Chapter 6 rewrite of The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows
Chapter 1 of Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood
Chapter 1 & 2 of Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons
Chapter 1-7 of Flood Gates

Mind you these aren't the only things I have been doing last night I read the first half of JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood 11: Lover at Last. Even though I love that it still follows the main story line of the brotherhood fighting the lessening society... I found it hard too because I counted 6 separate story lines in this book and we weren't with the main characters enough to really get a feel for there story - so that for me was a little disappointing... I will finish the book tonight. Even though I was a tad disappointed I still love the book because this is a great series that I have followed since they first hit the streets running in their shitkickers. I guess you wanna know who is my favourite character well I have two. First and foremost I have John Matthew & Vishous... I love Blay & Qhuinn as well but John Matthew has always been my guy.

Today I am also taking a time out to go and see The Host, Em and my niece are taking me out to see it for my birthday (yes I know my birthday was nearly two months ago) but better late than never the other one they are taking me too doesn't come out until August (The Mortal Instruments) which is okay with me.

The Host I have favourite characters as well - in the book I loved Jeb, Wanda & Ian. I did feel for Melanie & Jared, but nine times out of ten I just wanted to shake the shit out of Jared. I will tell you what I thought of the movie tomorrow when I get back on line.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Working On...

I had a dream last night - well, more, it was I had some thoughts just before I fell asleep - on book 2 in Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood... I worked out how I wanted to start the book and how much I wanted to reveal in the first chapter.

But now I have the brain ticking over as I begin to think about what is next to come in this story line and how I meld the old with the new. The really hard part is working out how to have cross over characters from Pack Matters and Watson Falls come into this book when I haven't even finished there series yet Scott Creely is just one example of a crossover character. I think writing the last parts of the 3 series (series) is probably the easiest way because I am now back tracking and writing about things that have already happened. And at the same time writing 3 interlocking series is probably one of the hardest things I have ever attempted in my life. Especially when it comes to the bad guys in the story as they are the bad guys for all 3 series.

Also today I am working on the rewrite of The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows - Mainly I'm rearranging the sequences in some of the chapters - just because I can, and I think they will make better sense the new way I am placing them all... That and I have brought one group of beings from book 12 and now have them entering the storyline in book 2... I just swapped them out with another group of beings. 

So now as I'm going along I have like 5 large spiral notepads open so I can write any ideas and make a note of all the changes I am making. At the moment my office floor is covered in rows of notebooks on most of my stories. I have to clean out my filing cabinets (I have 3) so I have better access to what I need on hand.

On that note, I will away, as I have 2 stories calling my name and demanding attention.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


There are eight months left before NaNoWriMo starts again. How early is too early to start thinking about what you are going to write? I usually just wing it every year it rocks around, and I haven't missed reaching the 50K mark... but this year, I want to be better prepared.

I figured I have so many stories running around inside my head maybe NaNoWriMo may be the time to get one or two of them out of the way... Do other authors plan what they are going to write? Or do they just start something new on November 1st?

Should I write contemporary or Paranormal? Last year I wrote a mixture of the two: half my Nano was spent on Taking Chances: Lie To Me, and the other half on Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire.

Okay, I'm going to mull this over for a day or two and will get back to you with my thoughts after Easter. If you have any thoughts feel free to leave me a comment.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Lines of Marsden

Well I was tinkering on my computer two days ago as I've started trying to organise The Lines of Marsden series, and I realised I have already written 128K in Living in Shadows I want to take part of it away and put it in book three Come and Rescue Me. Mind you, I still have to do a little rearranging as I have a couple of characters in the original version I took out of the first book... so I have to go through and change their parts around and share them out... This is kind of fun.

And as per usual in the rewriting things jump into my mind that just have to be added or need to be removed for a later time. My poor beta readers have had the same chapter three times - I bet they are sick of me by now.

I'm feeling really into the moment of writing again now, and I'm really enjoying it again - for awhile there I was just like - Whatever! And now I see the light at the end of the tunnel I'm just hoping it isn't a fricken train intent on running me down.

I am working on all my projects I want to try and get released this year... So you may read about any of the following series on my blog over the next few months:

The Lines of Marsden
Lancaster's Way
Toowoomba Boys
Windblown Kisses
Pack Matters
Watson Falls
Sons of Evenmore
Hearts Among the Stars
Taking Chances
Boys From the Bush
Day Walkers
The Chronicles of Gaea
Preternatural High
Spam Inc
The Diamond Rose
Masters of Time

Friday, 22 March 2013

Fricken Awesome Dreams & The Shit They Start.

Last night I had the most awesome dream; it was so vivid I was disappointed when I woke up and it wasn't real... Does that make sense?

The dream was about robots and murder... not usually two things I'd normally dream about... But enough about that .

This is the important part.

I woke up and I started writing down my dream in case I wanted to add yet another book to my already growing list... and yes, we all I know I'll write this at some stage because the more I wrote I realised this plot was perfect as the follow on story for It Started With a Whisper... which would mean I have another series on my hands... Wish me luck.

Series Title: Experimentals
Book 1: It Started With A Whisper
Book 2: Running Into Zero Tolerance

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What's The Goss...

Okay, I went to the doctor's today and got my flu shot like I was supposed to and then the doctor informs me she would like me to have a hearing test done... So I am booked in for 1:15 pm tomorrow.

Then I got to thinking could I live without my hearing? (Not that I think I am losing it or anything - this is just how my brain works)... So now I have story idea's with a deaf MC... and how would I write him... I mean so you would know he was deaf ... Any thoughts? Idea's?

What would it be like to live in a sea of silence for your whole life? Or how about if you didn't lose your hearing until you were a teen or an adult? Is learning sign language hard? What do you all think?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Look At My Pretty New Shoes & Other News.

These are the shoes I have just bought for myself from Kim at Knockout Heels... check them out on Face book: Knockout Heels

Today I am swapping between It Started With A Whisper and The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows. Just because I can.

Though I have been checking out all the story ideas over in the MMRomance group on good reads for their Love Has No Boundaries event. I have seen at least 22 prompts which look really interesting. I can't wait to see what people do with them. I was tempted to claim one but I have too much of my own stuff that I need to have completed by the end of this year without trying to fit more onto my plate. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Inspirational Music

Music which has inspired me. 
They make me want to write more stories.
Forget the videos - just listen to the words.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I'm Back...

Yes, I'm so happy I could cry... well not literally, but I have a free day so I can write - no building for me today... I can tell you I hate plasterboard... that dust gets everywhere...

So on my day of freedom I need to write... I don't care what it is as long as I'm putting words down somewhere... Did I tell you guys in the rare few minutes I had during building I scrapped the third book in the Toowoomba Boys series Dancing with Demons and started from scratch. I think this time around it will be a better story line. 

OTHER GOOD NEWS: My friend Embry Carlysle has subbed her first story at MLRPress; so I need you all to keep your fingers crossed for her, and send her happy thoughts while she waits to hear back. I have all the faith in the world she will get picked up.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Out Today - I'm So Fricken Excited

When war calls, the Sons of Evenmore answer. But who will stand at their side?

Vampire Mannix Lunos has been given the task of watching over the Keeper. When he rescues and names the Keeper “Jynx,” he finds himself unexpectedly mated. What’s more, Mannix now has the job of keeping Jynx safe — a task that will require the help his coven. For Jynx is more than what he seems. He’s the most wanted commodity in the known world and all other supernatural beings are out to capture him. When war comes knocking at their door, the Sons of Evenmore and their new allies find themselves not only guarding Jynx, but fighting for their right to exist.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Just A Quickie...

Okay I have been away from the computer for a few days because I have been busy as  all get out... with doctors appointments, Emily getting a new car and helping her organising all the damn paperwork - fricken killed a forest I reckon. Then more recently I have been running around picking up stuff and helping my brother get his new Tattoo shop set up. I think today we are renovating and removing trees.

But I didn't want you all to think I had forgotten to blog. I'll be back to normal soon... well normal as can be - LOL.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Julie Lynn Hayes ~ Revelations.

Julie Lynn Hayes was reading at the age of two and writing by the age of nine and always wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Two marriages, five children, and more than forty years later, that is still her dream. She blames her younger daughters for introducing her to yaoi and the world of M/M love, a world which has captured her imagination and her heart and fueled her writing in ways she'd never dreamed of before. She especially loves stories of two men finding true love and happiness in one another's arms and is a great believer in the happily ever after. She lives in St. Louis with her daughter Sarah and two cats, loves books and movies, and hopes to be a world traveler some day. While working a temporary day job, she continues to write her books and stories and reviews, which she posts in various places on the internet. Her family thinks she is a bit off, but she doesn't mind. Marching to the beat of one's own drummer is a good thing, after all.  Her published works can be found at Dreamspinner Press, MuseitUp Publishing, and No Boundaries Press and she has also begun to self-publish at various places on the Internet.   


Judas has never been very popular, not in any incarnation that he and Jesus and the others have lived through. But he doesn't care about that. All he cares about is following the instructions of God as set forth in the script that they follow. And Jesus. For Judas has secretly loved the son of God for over two thousand years.
 But now he decides that enough is enough, and he's tired of watching Jesus die far too early, and for what? This time Judas is determined to see that Jesus lives a long and happy life, no matter what price he has to pay to accomplish matter if he has to make a deal with the devil himself. 
Revelations is a story of what could be, told by those who play it out, time after time after time, unbeknownst to the rest of mankind.  They've come back again, for yet another round.  But this time is going to be different.  
Prologue: God
It's not always easy to sit on the sidelines and watch what is happening, to resist the urge to intervene in his best interest. My son's that is. Jesus. But I do so, because I know it's for his own good. As well as for the good of mankind. I can't let my concerns as his father override my vested interest in the fate of man. But sometimes that is easier said than done.
This morning I am not alone. Someone else is with me, someone with his own agenda, although we are not as diametrically opposed as some would imagine us to be. Good and evil aren't the simplistic concepts some would portray them as being—there are more grey areas there than you might think. And rightly so.
He smirks. Too much for my taste, I have to admit, but sometimes he does have his moments, and he too has a part to play in what is happening in the world of men. Someone needs to fill the role of the villain, after all.
The stage is being set for the third act, the scripts have been handed round, and the actors are taking their places. Will this time end any differently than the others? That depends on my son, on Jesus. I'm thinking this will be the time when he'll make the change.
He'll change nothing," Lucifer interjects, although I've asked him nothing, certainly not inquired as to his opinion. 
I glance at him. He's dressed to within an inch of his life, and wears the most ridiculous sunglasses I've ever seen. I decide not to comment on his fashion sense. "I think he might, this time. I think he's ready for change."
Lucifer snorts. "It's been two thousand years, and neither one has exactly caught on yet. Why should this time be any different?"
"Care to put your money where your mouth is?"
He eyes me carefully. "I would, but you see you have this whole mystic omnipotent God thing going on. Personally, I don't care for those odds."
I arch an eyebrow. "I may be omnipotent, but Jesus does have free will and he does possess the ability to make his own decisions. You think I'd stack the deck in my son's favor? Just to win a bet with you?"
"Let's say I'm taking no chances." He smiles. "Tell you what, though—give me free rein.  Let me do what I want, and you not say anything or do anything to interfere with me? As far as they're concerned, that is."
I open my mouth to object, he hastily interjects. "No killing, I swear to it."
That's better. I still have some measure of control over the serpent.
"So be it." I agree, turning my attention back to where it had been, to my son. I'm smirking now. Openly.
O ye of little faith, watch and learn.

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I got an email from Kris J about my concerns for I Should Have Known Better no longer fitting the theme for the 80's Anthology... I have been given the green light to sub it through normal channels as just another story... I will still have it finished and subbed to Kimberly B by late next week, but I have had a title change because the knew one fits my storyline so much better.

New title: It Started With A Whisper

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Well today I just past the 25K mark on: I Should Have Known Better. and as I told you all I ended up emailing the wonderful Kris J and will find out what she suggests. I will let you know when I do.

Though I must admit I love the twist this story has taken me to... This is definitely a one off story, but it could so easily turn into a whole series. The characters for me are so intriguing and I want to know about them all, and not just the two main characters I have chosen for this particular story.

I am hoping to get it finished and sent to my beta reader by the 9th of March so he can go through it before I make any last minute changes and submit it to MLR... Depending on what Kris J says the title may stay the same or it may change completely.

"Sometimes the path you start off in writing a story, twists and turns until you end up in a completely different, and magical place."

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Today I Am...

Today I am working on I Should Have Known Better... which is supposed to be part of the 80's Mixed Tape Anthology for MLRPress. Yet somehow the damn thing has taken on a life of its own and has led me on a whole different path. I'm not sure if it's still in line with what the Anthology wants. I may have to email Kris J and ask...

Once this story is completed I'm going to work on making myself up character files so I can have notes etc on them and what series they are in and which once they may make a cameo in. I once had one that I downloaded, but I couldn't work out how to use the damn thing. In all honesty that was a couple of computers ago... so if anyone knows of a good program I can use for this let me know.

Other than that I'm trying really hard to finish off all my WIPS so I can get them into my wonderful editor Kimberly B...  and then I can start on some more. 

I would like to thank Toni Ward and Cinders for their comments and helpful suggestions for a story line. I will end up using both... maybe not in the same story, but I will definitely have a crack at both ideas they were awesome.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Lords Of Aether!!!

It's here! The Lords of Aether, Volume One, containing all the posts from 2012 in one convenient ebook! Gay steampunk at its best!

TOTALLY  FREE at All Romance (ARe)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Character Inspiration...

I really like this picture... I honestly have no clue if he is gay, straight or bisexual... and to be honest: I don't really care; as he has the right to live his life in whatever fashion he chooses.

So why do I like this picture so much? Because he is different. Purely  and simply because it's an interesting photo, and I seriously want to put stickers all over someone like that - (preferably while they are still asleep)

I also like this picture because he gives me great character inspiration  in so many different ways. I could write him as and goth/emo or I could write him as a tough guy with a tender side. Maybe he's just some random guy doing a photo shoot. All I know is that he will make a great character in one of my stories... Now I just have to find the right character role to slot him into.

I have had this picture saved on my computer for years (well, at least two) and I will keep on saving him until I find the right character... UNLESS!!! someone out there has a name and a scenario he might fit into. If so drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Friday, 1 March 2013