Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Heads Up ~

Lancatser's Way: A Different Way of Seeing... Well low and behold I threw away the first version and started from scratch. I made it to just over 2K yesterday so I am happy with that progress.

Mixed Tape: I Should Have Known Better... I am happy because yesterday I passed the 10K mark and now I have an inkling of where I am heading with this story. It's truly like a fog has been lifted as my mind has been caught up in other story lines.

The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows... I'm not really sure how much I have actually done on this one as I have a few different docs. (Shhh, don't tell Embry as I made fun of her for doing the same thing) any way so whichever perspective you want to look at it I am somewhere between 0 and 85K... I just need to put them all in the same place.

The Diamond Rose: Undercover Hearts... to be honest this book is at a standstill unless one of you lovely people can tell me where the hell I have put my spiral notebook with all my info and story ideas in it. You think I would have it in one of my filing cabinets, or maybe in the office somewhere... but alas I have put it in a safe place - I just have no clue where that safe place is at the moment. (But the tattoo Em has across her sternum of this title is almost finished just one more pass-over to do touch-ups) I think I'm just under 4K on this one.

Jettermane... even though this started as a blog story I have been revising it and expanding it and I will try and get it subbed somewhere so that Cinders and everyone else can find out the rest of the story. I was slack and just stopped mid story at a time when my real life seemed to get hectic as hell... about 18K

But who's life doesn't get busy at times... and why do I separate the two... because writing to me is just as real as breathing or cooking for my family.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Boys From The Bush...

Well I have had some feedback on Bush Bashin'. This was one story I was kind of worried about how it would be received by the public... but I have fulfilled my need to have one person like the story... This person even asked for who they wanted to here more about Alec and Lester... so it looks like the already established couple are getting their time to shine. and the series Boys From the Bush will make it out of the filing cabinet inside my mind.

When I write Alec & Lester I already have a title picked: Something That He Said and it will be a back story on how they met, fell in love, and ended up on Hazeldown Station...

 If the road to hell is paved with good intentions - then - the road to heaven is paved with blood, sweat, and tears.

Soon we will see just what these two men went through for the right to be just who they are. They will have you laughing, crying, and wanting to reach through the pages and slay their dragons.

Cinders it's coming soon (as soon as I write it!!!)

PS: Galley has been done on Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire and Mannix and Jynx are safely back in the hands of the wonderful Kris Jacen and awaiting release... Releasing in March

Monday, 25 February 2013

Em's Turn Some Of My TLOM Playlist.

It's time for some music today and I'm feeling very eclectic in what I want to share with you all. These are songs which I have on my The Lines of Marsden playlist. They are songs that range for characters over the whole 18 books. but if I am honest most are for Michael Marsden and Raphael Marsden (in later books). So sit back with a nice cuppa, put your feet up and relax, and let the words flow over you.

I picture Michael and Benj singing this in England
(Book 2 or 3)

I can hear Doyle singing this 
(Book 2 - I have already written this scene)

I hear this song when I start to write the grown up Raphael
(Book 7 or there abouts)

This just screams Raphael to me

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Trevor Project: Auction: A Signed Book By Mark A Roeder Auction

A Good friend of mine, Mark A Roeder, is participating in an auction where all proceeds go to The Trevor Project here is THE AUCTION LINK. So if you can stop by and support a worthy cause, and be in the chance to get yourself a great book it would be awesome.

Item Specifics:

Condition: Brand New, Unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages. 
Special attributes: 1st Edition.
Language: English.
Publication Year: 2013.
Country of Manufacture: United States.

100% of the final sale price will support The Trevor Project.
About this nonprofit: The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide intervention.

This is an eBay Giving Works charitable listing.

Been Sick Again...

So, by my heading you can tell why I have been Missing in action for the last couple of days. While I was away I re read some of my own books.

Toowoomba Boys: Angels on Top
Toowoomba Boys: Hunting for Clay
Lancaster's way: When Souls Collide

I have made tons of notes on all three and have come to the conclusion that the books which follow are going to be nothing like I planned... since the re read my mind is taking a whole different path.

Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons - will still be Damon's book but what I originally had planned for him and the reason he disappeared has slightly gone a different way. Same basis just different people involved and we will meet new characters who will feature in future books.

Lancaster's Way: A Different Way of Seeing - Is still Chace's book but when I started writing it over the last couple of days the person who I thought he would be with: (Kelly Mack) is gone, and there is a whole new person who works for Doc Hedley (vet) got only a slight mention in When Souls Collide... this person comes in and falls for the challenged Chace Williams. I think it will be better this way, and again I will be introducing characters who will feature in future books in this series.

Here are some pics to help get you in the mood for Lancaster's Way #2...

Chace Williams
Ranch hand on the Triple H

Jarrett Stevens
Vet (works at Doc Hedley's Vet clinic)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

For Cinders...

Okay, I have been asked for a basis of this story and how it relates to the other series in which I have linked them... they may be getting released arse about but they will still make sense.

In my mind they run in this order:
1) Pack Matters
2) Watson Falls
3) Sons of Evenmore

Though it would be okay to say 2 & 3 run at the same time or in the same time frame... I am still working on coordinating that part of the link up...

Pack Matters
Book 1: Chasing Dreams of You [WIP]
Scott Creely never wanted to be alpha, but when the alpha of the Lockyer Valley Pack decides Scott is getting too strong to follow orders he decides to prove just who is the alpha of the pack. Scott finds himself in the middle of an alpha challenge he didn't start, but by hell he is sure going to finish it.

Jordan Adams knew from an early age Scott was his mate, but a threat from the alpha had him running for the hills. He left his family and his home to keep his mate safe. Five years later he receives a message telling him his mate is in danger and he needs to come home. When he gets there he finds the mate he left behind isn't so young any more, and he isn't alone - he has a family.

Jordan and Scott are forced back together to save the pack they both love from total destruction, but with the intervention of the Ring of Old Ones, they realise not everything is as simple as they would like - it seems the alpha had a side business going on which only his inner circle was privy to. A secret which could destroy not only their pack, but also every coven and other shifter packs for good.

Book 2: More than Words
Book 3: To lose Myself in You
Book 4: Nothing Like I Planned
Book 5: Whatever Makes You Happy


Watson Falls
Book 1: Between One Heartbeat & The Next [WIP]
In his need to be perfect Eli Bailey has one huge-arse meltdown when he finds out the one person he has always loved is coming back to Watson Falls for good. Callous words said so long ago by his twin brother turned him into the wreck he is today.

Zane Watson comes home to find so much can happen in five years. When they forced him to leave  he wasn't sure what he was going to do. He wasn't strong enough to live without Eli in his life. His Parents death sets off a series of events where he finds himself back in Eli's arms... but for how long?

Yet something is still missing, and they don't figure out what until a dingo shifter called Jethro walks into their lives - He's special and needs them as much as they need him.

How are an anorexic Eli, Zane who needs to cut himself to feel better, and a frightened and skittish Jethro going to survive all that the pack and complete strangers throw at them. When all seems lost the Lockyer Valley Pack step in to lend a helping hand. All is not well in the world they have known - who else will be willing to stand by their sides?

Not everybody who does is there to help - some are just  there to further the pain.

Book 2: Walking on a Fine Line
Book 3: Slowly Creeping In
Book 4: Town Full Of Thorns
Book 5: A Little Piece of Heaven


Sons of Evenmore 
Book 1: The Crimson Grimoire [MLR]
When war calls, the Sons of Evenmore answer. But who will stand at their side?

Vampire Mannix Lunos has been given the task of watching over the Keeper. When he  rescues and names the Keeper ‘Jynx,’ he finds himself unexpectedly mated. What's more Mannix now has the job of keeping Jynx safe - a task that will require the help of his coven. For Jynx is more than what he seems. He's the most wanted commodity in the known world and all other supernatural beings are out to capture him.

When war comes knocking at their door, the Sons of Evenmore and their new allies find themselves not only guarding Jynx, but fighting for the right to exist.

Book 2: Blood to Blood [WIP] (Phoenix & Linkin)
Book 3: Do or Die
Book 4: Same Thing in Reverse
Book 5: I will Remain Yours
Book 6: Everything Ends

To be honest, I am still working out how everything gets linked together I just know Scott makes an appearance in all three series as do a couple of other characters. I do know all the bad guys are linked... I should really finish Pack Matters I have about 10 K to write before Chasing Dreams of You is finished.

Monday, 18 February 2013

It's Raining Here Today - So I thought...

I would post pictures which have inspired characters for me in some of my stories.

Book Title: Walk This Way
Name : Corey James
Species: Human

Series Title: Toowoomba Boys
Book Title: Angels on Top
Name : Marlowe Weldon
Species: Human

Series Title: The Lines of Marsden
Book Title: (appears in many)
Name : Maffa (Matthew Farnell) & Jaffa (Jasper Farnell)
Species: Twin Werewolves

Series title: The Lines of Marsden
Book Title: (All)
Name : Christian Kincaid-Risely
Species: Vampire

Book Title: Christmastime at Papa Lee's
Name : Casey (Kevin Chambers)
Species: Human

Series title: Masters of Time
Book Title: On the Flipside of Reverse
Name : Tucker McCrea
Species: Witch 

Series title: Pack Matters
Book Title: Chasing Dreams of You
Name : Scott Creely
Species: Werewolf

Book Title: Jettermane
Name : Jettermane Alexandro
Species: Kraviarn Vampire

Series title: Pack Matters

Book Title: Chasing Dreams of You
Name : Jordan & Jaxx Adams
Species: Werewolves

If there is anyone you would like to see how I imagine them leave me a comment and I will show you how I see them.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Playing Catch Up...

Just received and sent back the Post Proofing edits on Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire...  The more I work on this story the more I actually like it.

I have a favour and that is if or when you read this story could you tell me who's story you would like for # 3: Do or Die... # 2: Blood to Blood is already about Phoenix, so I will need suggestions form then on.

Today I am working on The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows... just because I want to... Did I tell you I ended up printing out the whole original story to make the conversion go much faster... I don't know why it's working but it does - I found it to hard to jump between screens on the computer. Okay, I admit it I kept getting distracted. As shocking as that seems it's true.

If anyone has read Bush Bashin' can you tell me if you would want to hear more stories from this bunch of characters? My kiddo won't read it because it is in first person... so she is no help... and Embry seems to be MIA at the moment (Real life work keeps getting in her way). 

I have a few idea's in mind but I don't want to start on them until I know if anyone would be interested in further books - I would call the series Boys from the Bush. But if I totally sucked at this writing style I need to know. I know if I did write more there would be sex in them - this one having none was just a fluke.

Lastly this song if you can disregard the video and listen to the lyrics it would be a great help, as I've had this song stuck on my mind for awhile now and I have the stirrings of a new story building that has absolutely nothing to do with murder... 

I love this guys voice and lyrics in his songs.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...

I hope all the romantics out there have their days all planned (especially if they have a loved one to spoil). Well me and my hubs forgot it was V-Day... sad but true story. Okay so I should promo my Valentine book.

TOOWOOMBA BOYS: HUNTING FOR CLAY - this is the second book in the series and follows on albeit a couple of years from the first time Hunter Weldon and Clay Montgomery met in Tello's Diner. Now we delve into the lives of Hunter and Clay - getting past the fact the fact that Clay once stalked Marlowe is the easy part.

Clay's life changed for the better the day he met the man who was destined to be the other half of him. Hunter understood him well, and knew how to give him exactly what he needs to be happy.

Hunter knows what he wants and just how to get it. For two years he has loved the man in his arms and now it's time to up the ante.

Though to see where every thing started, I suggest you read ANGELS ON TOP first. This is a story about Hunter's cousin: Marlowe Weldon.

All Marlowe wants is find his place in the world with someone to love. Someone who sees just who he is.

Thrown out of home for not conforming to is family's wishes, Angelo heads to the one place he knows he will be welcomed with open arms.

With a little help from family and friends can Angelo and Marlowe figure out just who is stalking Marlowe before Christmas morning? Can Marlowe win the heart of the boy next door? Can Angelo figure out that sometimes even straight boys fall in love with their best friends?


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Kharisma Rhayne: Highlander Mine Book Tour.

Introducing Kharisma Rhayne...

Thanks so much for allowing me to snag a spot on your blog for a little overtaking with some Highlander yumminess.

Today I’m not going to be overly chatty. I feel as though I’ve talked everyone’s ears off in the last couple of weeks. I’m thrilled you’re all following along the tour and I hope you’re coming to enjoy Breandan and Auralee’s story as much as I am. I’ve really enjoyed writing this serial. Peek below for an excerpt – and, as always, don’t forget to check out the stops as some have giveaways.

I hope you’ll join me…along with Breandan, Auralee and their friends on their journey.

Season 1 - Episode 5

Find out what happens after the betrothal refusal. See a new side of Tor.

Auralee sat by the loch wrapped in her cloak. Niall and Argus had asked her to remain in the keep due to the chill in the air, but she needed to escape the confinement. There wasn’t much for her to do. She didn’t do any sort of needlework and they’d not allow her to cook or clean. Izzy had control over the keep, but had offered her to do the menus for the kitchen. Since she was clueless and knew it would take Izzy weeks to teach her, she declined.

It was apparent Izzy loved her position and Auralee wasn’t about to start making enemies by making people unhappy.

But Auralee was becoming unhappy. She’d asked Niall to beg Argus for a way to go back to her real home. Her real time. It seemed she held no real purpose in being here.

The whispers were beginning to break through even her thick skin. People wondered why she was still at Dunakin. They wondered why she did nothing. Some wondered why she and Breandan acted as they did. Others wondered why she was not forced to marry since he’d obviously, and so publically, rejected her.

Every way Auralee turned, someone was saying something about her. It was almost as it was when she’d first arrived. Those that had started talking to her, no longer did. Well, a few did. They said they didn’t adhere to gossip, but most had ignored her without even so much as a goodbye said.

Then there was Breandan. She’d never been as stubborn as she was around him. It was like he pulled it from her and she could never simply be agreeable. She kept remembering the words he promised her if they married. He’d sacrifice his own life, and those of his men, to keep her safe. Chivalry like that didn’t exist in her old world.

Auralee knew she should have taken that and felt like one of the luckiest women in the world – and married him. But, he pulled it out of her again, she wanted more. Still she couldn’t believe, the way these old Scots were, and that she’d asked him to get on his knees. She didn’t think one of them would ever do something so submissive.

She would have killed if any of the men she’d known had said anything half as romantic to her. Hell, half? Shit, make that one-tenth as romantic.

Over the last year, Auralee had learned that the Highland Warrior was not a fantasy made up by creative authors. These men actually existed a long time ago. The time she was currently in. They protected their women, made sure their hands stayed soft, made sure they were fed, had clothing and were as safe as possible from other men.

Of course, like in the current time she’d left behind a year ago, it was also based on station. Some people ate better, fought better, and had softer hands.

Some things you couldn’t escape no matter the year or country you lived in.

Auralee looked over from the water she’d been staring at for what must have been hours. There sat Tor beside her. “Checking up on me?” She asked innocently.

“Ye know that any one of the three terrors would have me ballocks if any harm came to ye.” Tor smiled with amusement. He knew how it irritated her to be watched.

Auralee laughed, knowing he spoke of Niall, Argus and Breandan. Although which he feared most, she wasn’t certain. He fully believed that Argus had magic. Niall could banish or torture him. And there was no telling what Breandan would do to him. That thought made her visibly cringe. “Who are you going to try to hide from?”

“Hide?” Tor looked horrified. “I’ll no be hiding. I’ll lose me ballocks first. Hide.” Auralee watched him shake his head in disgust. “Would ye be having me wear a dress too?”

Be sure to check HERE and visit all the blogs on this tour for neat details.

Also, be sure to stop by my site (HERE) for a change to win the complete Season 1 of Highlander Mine.

Pick up episode 5 at AReAmazonBarnes & Noble

Monday, 11 February 2013

I'm Back!!!

Well, after a bout of Ross River Fever and migraines that I seriously wanted to  kill anyone who made a noise anywhere near me. I'm finally back on my feet... I still have a headache but not wanting to kill anyone.

Also in case you are wondering the tattoo still not finished - I have probably one more session before it is complete - two if Ted decides to drag it out.

This picture is the inspiration behind Michael Marsden when I first started writing The Lines of Marsden. I know he looks nothing like the one I bought, but this is what I first saw and I instantly though Michael Marsden.

UPDATE: Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire is in postline edits... So everything is on track with that story... I already have notes and scenes written for book two in the series in Blood to Blood we learn about Phoenix as the guys try and figure out who is behind everything...  

As you all know this is just one of the books I'm currently working on... getting ill threw me for a loop but I am trying to get back into the flow of writing again. Hopefully I will be able to catch up very soon.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Getting Tattooed Today

I am booked in for a lot of hours... we are attempting to finish my tattoo sleeve... here's hoping that we get it finished... so if you are looking at me I will be at Sink the Ink Tattooz I have put in a link if you want to check them out on Facebook. I am getting the last of scarecrow girl done and the rest of the background put in.

This is my wicked awesome chainsaw girl.

This is gothic zombie girl is an original one of a kind Ted Saddo piece.

This is my evil gothic cat (looks even better with the background behind him.)

This is kind of like the last part of my sleeve... with just a few changes to tie her in with the rest of my arm. I call her the zombie scarecrow princess.

And last but not least, this is the guy who will be inking my arm... The awesome Ted Saddo... and for those of you who don't know he's my big brother.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Today I Have Been...

Today I have been very good and sitting in my office going through and doing my edits on Sons of Evenmore: The Crimson Grimoire... there actually aren't that many this go around. mainly it was stuff like I used as he like 128 time and my other bad one this time was the overuse of the word knew.

In the next go around Kimberly will tell me what else I need to pay attention to. Edits for this book is pretty awesome as it gives me a chance to add tiny bits more so everything is a tad easier to understand.

In case I haven't said it lately Kimberly Brandt is an awesome editor - she simply rocks!!!

On that note I will away so I can give this one more read through to make sure I haven't missed anything.

Sunday, 3 February 2013


I'm so fricken happy
Emily found our missing passports

Okay, so they were still in her suitcase... I have been searching since we got back from GRL and today she walks out with them in her hand... At least with all my looking I have a found a heap of other things I didn't even realise were missing until I found them again.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yes, it's my birthday today. I turn the big 44 (I think) - hold on I'll just ask Emily - Yep, I am indeed turning 44. So in celebration for today I will tell you what I will be doing - Cleaning up after the massive storm we had last night. The wind was so strong it has blown over a few trees in my yard. One right beside my cat cage I was lucky it didn't land on the cage itself.

So I thought I would play you some tunes that I love

This last one is because Em wants me to, and I think the guy dancing is funny as hell. He kinda reminds me of early Mike Patton in the beginning of Faith No More