Sunday, 29 March 2015

Being Sick, Family, & Updates

I have a Summer cold... actually, I have an Autumn cold, (still not fun however you look at it).

Why is it when you're so damn crook you can hardly see straight, the family decides they need all of you attention right now?

All I want to do is go at my own pace, and not be rushed into crap, or have to get up and do stuff for other people because their arms and legs are obviously broken and they can't possibly do shit for themselves. (Oh, is my sarcasm coming out? Sorry... Not!) Family... can't live with them and can't hurt them, or you end up in jail for life.

Okay now for the updates:

1- The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... I have 6 chapters to write. Chapters 11-14 are with my beta reader James A. So soon I'll find out how he likes the story twist... and more importantly if it makes sense.

2- Hollow's Trouble... My DRitC is next in line for me, as is, The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes.

3- Eternally Bound... Will probably be put on the back burner until NaNoWriMo 2015.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

New Story Idea: Eternally Bound

 "How many tears does a person have to shed, before things start working as they should... Tears of anger, tears of frustration, tears of resentment, and tears of sadness? Sometimes the ones you love the most, have the capability of hurting you the worst. I find when dealing with people close to me I'm beginning to shut myself off. I don't want to be hurt any more. If I can't block them all out, I'm going to end up going insane."

 "If you give in things will never get better. I can promise you that. If you can't be strong then I'll be that for both of us. I'll be the one you can lean on when things get tough. No matter what, you can always count on me."

 Dwight stared into the reflective surface. When he concentrated hard enough he could see past the smoke and mirrors to the world beyond. So many times, and in different ways Dwight had tried to breach the barrier and each and every time he'd been shut down. Reaching out he placed his palm against the cool surface and waited. It wasn't long before the gesture was reciprocated. Heat passed through the barrier. Dwight felt the bond between the two of them growing stronger, and somehow Dwight realised he was more alone then ever.

 "You can count on me, D. One way or another I'll always be here to protect you."

 Tears leaked from Dwight's eyes. "How can you promise me that when we don't even exist in the same world. You tell me you are there for me. Yet they tell me you're not real—that I have to let you go. They say I'll never get better if I cling to you, but I don't know how to let you go. I don't know how to be me without you."

 Wiping his eyes, Dwight peered into the other reality and studied his best friend and confidant. Kylan had always been there for him. The guy called to Dwight in a very guttural sense. He was beautiful. His long dark hair fell in a waterfall to touch the top of his arse. his brows were the same midnight black colour, and his long lashes framed his scarlet eyes. Kylan had a perfectly aquiline nose, and lips so full all Dwight wanted to do was kiss them. The saddest part was knowing they would never be on the same space and time.

 Kylan sighed, "I swear by my very life that I'll come for you. They're wrong, you don't have to give me up to get better."

 "Don't promise me things you can't deliver."

 "I promise I'll figure a way."

 Before Dwight could say anything else Kylan stepped back from his side of the barrier and the other world faded away and once more Dwight found himself standing in his room alone. He knew the staff would be watching him through the windows like they always did and passing judgement on him. They didn't understand him, and they never would. Dwight moved across the room and lay down on his bed, determined more than ever not to give the watcher the show they were waiting for. This time he wasn't going to rant and rave—this time he was going to wait, and pray that Kylan was telling the truth. That this time Kylan would come and save him.

 Save him and take him away from the prison he'd been living in for most of his life. He hated being here. Hated not knowing how old he was. Or who he was. The only reason he knew his own name was because Kylan had told him. Kylan had told his so many things over the years when no one else would even talk to him. The truth was for as long as Dwight could remember he'd never physically been in the same room with another human being. his meals were passed through a slot that opened up in the wall. The same thing happened when he with new clothing, and anything else that he needed to exist.

 "Please come for me, Kylan."

 Rolling to bury his face in pillow Dwight finally let go. Huge shuddering sobs wracked his body as he let all his fears surface. If Kylan didn't come for him soon Dwight hoped he didn't wake up to live through another day in his lonely world.

 "Please, Kylan. Don't leave me here alone."

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Working On & Other News

This week I'm working on The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... the story is not behaving and has gone off on a whole new tangent and not one that I'd ever planned on taking, but, apparently Doyle Kerwin had other ideas. I always knew there was a reason Doyle was one of my favourite characters to write. I think I'll get this story written, and sent in on time, which will be a huge freaking load off my shoulders. Now I know why it's been taking so long... Doyle wanted to change the story.

On other news: 

1- Emily is doing great at Uni. Well, she's liking it at least. 

2-The hubs a I have had our meeting at school with Ethan's teacher regarding his attitude to working in class, behaving in class, and doing his homework... and he now knows the consequences if he doesn't pick up his act... I'm not happy, and no both the hubs and Ethan know it. The teacher has promised to keep me informed on Ethan's progress as there is no way Ethan is failing English.

3- I just flooded the laundry with bubbles... It's taken forever to get them all cleaned up... why is it they are such sticky little buggers, but at least the laundry smells nice.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Insomnia ~ It's Back

Why oh why does insomnia remain transfixed on me? I just wish that I could get a decent nights sleep... My museVladimir tells me that it's not likely for this year. Between my writing and my real life I'm going to be run off my feet.

Today I planned on sitting down to write, but yet I find myself having to run out and take care of errands. I'm tried, but at least Em has come home to drive me around. It also doesn't help that my hubs gets up for work at 4am, so if by the grace of God I do fall asleep he wakes me the hell back up.

Decided after I get my cover for DRitC 2015: Hollow's Trouble I will write my synopsis up and send it to DareDevil with whom I got the prompt from... just to get their imput.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Family & Other Rambling

Why do they have to be so trying at times? One child has just decided they don't need to try at school so now the hubs and I have to have meetings to sort everything out. When asked why, he answered—I don't know. Now to me that is not an answer... Children are a bloody headache at time—no matter how much we love them.

Storming Love: FloodsAdrian & Lockie is now off to Galley Proof in preparation. 

Also been talking to my MLR editor the amazing Christie N... I have promised to get The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces to her by the end of March... so you all know what I'll be doing for the rest of the month.

Saw on the news that we are about to be hit with another heatwave it's supposed to be 40 degrees Celsius/104 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow, but today is so overcast that I can't believe to will eventuate, but I know that the weather can change within a blink of an eye.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Guest Blogger ~ Helena Stone

Thank you Norma, for hosting Little Rainbows and me on your blog today, we’re delighted to be your guests. Let me start by wishing you and your readers a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.

With today being March 17th and therefore St. Patrick’s Day I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a recipe for the perfect Irish coffee.

Since Little Rainbows is set in Ireland it was almost unavoidable that my characters would enjoy a glass of this Irish speciality at some point during the story.

“He placed four glasses on the counter and put a spoonful of dark brown sugar in each. The Jameson’s glowed golden in the low light. As soon as the hot coffee hit the alcohol, the powerful smell of hot whisky filled the room and Heather felt her mouth water. Soft cream on top and the Irish coffees were done.”

I could almost end this post with that short excerpt. There really isn’t a whole lot more you need to know about Irish coffee. Just to ensure you’ll prepare yours in the best possible way, here’s how it’s done:

25ml/1fl oz Irish whiskey
1tsp brown (raw cane) sugar
1 heaped tbsp (lightly) whipped pouring cream
1 hot double espresso with a small measure of hot water to fill the glass

Use warmed coffee glasses and add the whiskey
Add the sugar and dissolve in the whiskey
Add the coffee and stir well
Pour the lightly whipped cream carefully over the back of a spoon. The cream should float on top of the coffee-whiskey mix.

Traditionally Irish coffee is served as an after dinner drink or to warm you up on a cold winter’s day. Personally, I can’t think of a good reason not to enjoy this treat on a regular basis. Sláinte

Little Rainbows Promo Information

Title: Little Rainbows
Author: Helena Stone
Pairing: MF
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary
General Release Date: 20th March

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
ISBN: 9781784304584
Available on Early Download: 20th Feb
Heat Rating: Burning
Book Length: Super Novel

When Jason Hudson and Heather Staunton first meet they are young and sure they are wrong for each other. As a result they spend a summer admiring each other from a safe distance.

Twenty years later Heather is coming out of mourning, having lost her husband and Dom eighteen months earlier. Jason, now the owner of an exclusive sex resort on the west coast of Ireland, struggles with the loss of his desire to dominate.

Jason’s resort is about to celebrate its first anniversary and party planner Heather has been hired to create the perfect celebration. Their reunion comes as a big surprise to both of them.

Old and familiar attraction, battles with new and conflicting emotions as Jason and Heather work together to organize the ultimate BDSM event. Overcoming the issues between them isn’t the only obstacle Jason and Heather face. In the background lurks a threat both to Heather’s independence and Jason’s livelihood.

There it was, her opportunity to kick-start her life again. And, as restarts went, it made quite an impression. The hotel or club—she wasn’t quite sure how to label the building—looked rather grand at the end of the long drive. The Atlantic Ocean, throwing up a spray in the distance, only enhanced the picture. Even on this bright summer’s day she could see small rainbows in the watery mist the waves were producing. It would be easy to confuse this place with any of the up-market tourist traps the west coast of Ireland was peppered with. This could be any other posh resort catering to Americans trying to find their roots and golfers looking for an opportunity to try the links courses littered along the coastline. The heavy gate blocking the entrance told a different story. She knew too much about this place, its purpose and what happened behind those gates to confuse it for anything except what it was, a dream from the past and—if everything went according to plan—the start of the rest of her life.

She’d been looking at the building, the grounds, the gate and the little buzzer on the intercom box for a few minutes. If anybody on the inside happened to be keeping an eye on the entrance through those security cameras, they would have decided she was either scared or crazy by now—and they’d be right. She was apprehensive. Her hands were clasped together, her fingers worrying her wedding ring. After eighteen months of virtually living like a hermit, coming here felt like diving in headfirst. Still, if she’d had any doubts about leaving Dublin, that surprise visitor two weeks ago and his shocking proposal had taken care of those.

The bastard. She refused to even think his name. It still bothered her he’d had the nerve to show up at her door like that. Where would he have gotten the idea she’d be open to his suggestions? It had been clear that he’d expected her to embrace his offer—or should she call it an order—with open arms. His delusions of grandeur must have gotten the better of him, or he’d confused her with someone she clearly wasn’t. She didn’t get it. Even before her self-inflicted confinement, she’d made a point of staying away from him. Why would he think she’d changed her mind about him just because she was on her own? She didn’t know but lingering on that memory right now didn’t serve any purpose. She didn’t want him in her thoughts, especially not now. It would only make her more nervous than she already was.

She’d thought this place would be the perfect setting for her return to the BDSM world she’d been ignoring for well over a year. Now that the moment was close, now that she had to take this last step out of her confinement, the first step into her future, she couldn’t help second-guessing herself. Was she really ready to move forward? Could she do it on her own? She’d never been a part of this lifestyle without her husband and his loving support.

With a sigh she lifted her hand and pressed the little button. She’d come this far. She hadn’t driven the five hours from Dublin only to turn away at the last hurdle. If she gave up now, it would be the end of the business they’d built together. If she chickened out of this, there would be no way of ever going back on her own terms. Going forward scared the shit out of her but going back frightened her even more. She could do this. She’d promised she would take this step. Breaking her word was not an option, no matter how scared she was.

Author info: 
Helena Stone can’t remember a life before words and reading. After growing up in a household where no holiday or festivity was complete without at least one new book, it’s hardly surprising she now owns more books than shelf space while her Kindle is about to explode.

The urge to write came as a surprise. The realisation that people might enjoy her words was a shock to say the least. Now that the writing bug has well and truly taken hold, Helena can no longer imagine not sharing the characters in her head and heart with the rest of the world.

Having left the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam for the peace and quiet of the Irish Country side she divides her time between reading, writing, long and often wet walks with the dog, her part-time job in a library, a grown-up daughter and her ever loving and patient husband.

Find Helena Here:

Sunday, 15 March 2015

ARe BSL & My Weekly Ramble


So now that that is out of the way I can start rambling. I have so much to do that I have no clue where I should start to get it all done... It's driving me fricken nuts.

Another thing driving me nuts is my family... Why do they never listen? This weekend I've had them all up to my eyeballs... Next week I will love them again but this week I want to kick all their arses.

Other than that I've been organising cover art on DRitC 2015: Hollow's Trouble with the amazingly talented Tracey Soxie Weston.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

I Can't Believe I Lost It

Yesterday I searched for most of the day but I couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere... What you may ask? The answer is, I lost part of the synopsis for The Lines Of Marsden series more specifically for the changes I was planning for the end of #3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... chapters 14-18 are missing. I still have 19 & 20 so I at least know where I wanted the book to end, but now I have to re write the synopsis for the missing chapters and hopefully it won't deviate too much from what I last had. So today I'll re write everything and then make the adjustments n the story as needed... I always write my synopsis in longhand... I usually keep them in a folder. I have most of them done for the whole first line, (just #5 to go and a couple of chaps in #4 and #6).

In Other News: 
  1. I have been mucking around with creating pictures (mainly signs) for my two blogs so that I can keep the pictures that I don't have the rights toto a minimum. 
  2. I'm also making sure I have synopsis ready to go for all books I intend to write until the end of the year—hopefully I won't lose them—I actually went out and bought a heap of new folders just so I could keep them all straight.
  3. I have to change my office up some to make things more accessible to me, and then I should be able to separate the writing stuff from the real life stuff—I'll have to colour code everything or my family will just mess shit up and drive me insane. Hopefully this year will be the last year where everything is so disorganised.

I'll keep you all updated on how my plans are going... and if I don't then give me a kick up the arse, because I'll probably need it to keep me on track.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Friend Or My Enemy ~ Insomnia

I've got a massive headache today. not quite a migraine yet, and honestly, I hope it doesn't get that far... this is because I only had 4 hours of very interrupted sleep... my brain just wouldn't shut down.

I wish I can balance the need for wakefulness and sleep perfectly, but somehow it always seems to allude me.

Between writing and real life my head feels like an a carousel going round and round with all my thought mixed up and trying to jump free and make themselves heard. while I stand on the outside with a big stick trying to shove them all back.

But in saying that... I know I have said it before. During bouts of insomnia I seem to get the most work done on plotting out story lines... and making notes on all new story ideas.  I love coming up with new ideas... whether or not I get to use them is another story... I just jot them down and put them all in a folder for later use.

Monday, 9 March 2015

What's Up

Well yesterday saw me send Hidden Hearts 2: One Last Kiss Goodbye (decided to keep original name) to my patient beta reader: James A. Who will not go mad at me for all the punctuation mistakes... I'm getting better I swear. Actually as weird as this sounds this book has been really fun to write the second time around. James will tell me if it is too confusing. as some parts I was like what the fuck did you write that for, and how the hell did it ever get published.

Now that I've found my synopsis notes on The Lines of Marsden, #3: You Make Me Die In Pieces. To be honest I'll be glad when this one is done. It's probably the hardest TLOM book to write to date as it's kind of changing the story line a tad, but I'll be bale to finish not, if that makes sense? In the end we'll end up where we were always meant to be, we're now just taking the scenic route to get there. But I hope you enjoy the ride anyway. I know I have enjoyed writing it, even if at times it has driven me nuts with no possibility of returning to normal. I'm more world/realm building in this book.

Then I can work on the following:

These stories are listed in no particular order... I just know I need to work on them all and have most of them done by the end of June if I want to keep up with my writing schedule for 2015. And I plan very much on reaching my 2015 goal.

1) Hidden Hearts 1: Harder & Harder to Breathe (name may change)
2) Quaide's Crossing 1: Meghan's Way (M/F)
3) Sons of Evenmore 3: Fear The Scarlet Moon (Plotted it out)
4) The Connelly Chronicles 2: Beautiful Goodbyes (started)
5) Hollow's Trouble (DRitC 2015: Love Is An Open Road)

Friday, 6 March 2015

Out Now From Fireborn Publishing

Cole Jakovich and Billy Martin find themselves thrown together in a fight that very well may take away both their lives. Together they will triumph or together they will fail. Only fate knows what’s in store for them all and she ain’t talking.

As a member of the Northern Sector Police Department Cole is given the job of protecting an undercover cop and two other men. Cole Jakovich finds not everything in his world is as it seems. Everything he’s ever known has come tumbling down around his ears when truths from his past come to the surface. The one place he’d always believed to be absolutely safe was about to be put to the test as a world he never knew existed calls a hunt them down upon not only him but the men under his protection as well.

Billy Martin former police officer finds his whole world flipped over as he realises the world he thought he knew was far from safe. Forced to choose between running and standing at Cole’s side to fight enemies which seem to be coming at them from all side. Billy does the only thing he can, especially when Cole is captured by an enemy who wants to see him dead.

The Diamond Rose is becoming known as a refuge for people from both worlds. Will Cole and Billy be able to keep everyone safe? Or will they all go down together? With the help of family and friends Billy and Cole find a strength they never knew existed.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Today's Agenda & Promo Dates

Experimentals 2: Running Into Zero Tolerance has jumped another 10 spots over on the ARe Best Sellers ListI'm currently sitting at 35/50.

I'm so close to finishing Hidden Hearts 2: One Last Kiss Goodbye that I can feel it in my bones. I had to take out a lot and rearrange events for the story to make sense in my own mind. Tomorrow I'm sending it off to my beta reader James A to get his opinion.

Also I have to take a time out today and drive to Toowoomba as I have some stuff to do at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) with Emily.

Then when I get home I need to quickly write out two posts for the lovely L.M. Brown... as she is hosting me on the below dates:

06/03/2015 The Diamond Rose 1: Gateway to Kalethia released March 6th with Fireborn Publishing 
Soon Experimentals 2: Running into Zero Tolerance released February 27th with MLRPress
03/04/2015 Storming Love: Floods ~ Adrian & Lockie...  releasing April 3rd with MLRPress

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Books ~ My Thoughts

I've been up since 4 a.m. and this time I'm happy to say not from insomnia—I'm glad that little bugger isn't around to annoy the crap out of me. The truth is the voices in my head just wouldn't shut up. so I decided it would be best to get up and write my demons out—not that I'm actually writing demons. Rather I'm trying to finish Hidden Hearts 2: One Last Kiss Goodbye... Actually I have a question about this story on my WORDPRESS BLOG feel free to stop by there and leave me your thoughts in a comment. I'd really like to hear everyone's opinions as I personalyy can't decided on what would be best.

Other than that I've been:

1) Plotting out Hidden Hearts 1: Harder & Harder to Breathe.

2) Plotting out DRitC 2015: Hollow's Trouble.

3) Typing up and changing parts of The Lines of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces.

4) I made myself a new header for this blog & one for my Facebook Author Page.

Monday, 2 March 2015

DRitC 2015: Love Is An Open Road

This is my picture (MC 2)

This is my prompt 

Dear Author,

Get this, I’m no romantic. I don’t even believe in love. Hell, I don’t even have time to think about those sappy things. Love? Ha, not for me. But the thing is all of it went to hell because of him. Okay let me be clear, this is how it went down. Me and my gang was at this fancy party. Why? Well, me, I’m what you call a thief. We steal things. Precious pricey things. And we do it with such class you won’t even notice it.

Anyhow, we wanted to steal this diamond necklace. It was so damn pricey I thought it would be the job for ages. I knew if it went right we could be legends among thieves. What I didn’t know was, well, honestly it turned out that I knew almost nothing.

Like, first, there was a guy at this party who was insanely good looking and all that stuff. But strange thing was I was so attracted to him I couldn’t concentrate on the mission. I almost missed seeing the necklace his date was wearing.

Second, it felt like knew him from some where, like from another life, and somehow I knew he was a vampire too.

Third, there’s someone/something else out there trying to get the necklace from his date.

Fourth, suddenly girl with the necklace went missing, and he got wounded.

Fifth, him being hurt made me hurt too, that emotion felt so alien to me, but I knew it was love.


Now for what I can share with you:

This is my choice for (MC1)

Title: Hollow’s Trouble

MC 1: Creed Larsen (Human)

MC 2: Holland Vandiver (Vampire)

Genre: Paranormal

Time: The here & now

For more information on DRitC go to M/M Romance Group on Goodreads. You will have to join/be a member of the group to have access to the discussions.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Thinking Out Loud

So lately my mind has been a chaos filled mess. but what else is new? This is what's going on:

1) Goodreads MMRomance Group is starting to put out this years prompt selections for their annual event of Don't read in the closet...2015 is called Love Is An Open Road... I really hope that I get the story I want... If I do I will let you know as soon as possible.

2) The swapping of of our construction company will make this a very stress filled year for me. I will feel a hell of a lot better when this year is gone and everything will be back to normal.

3) I'll have to seriously  re work my whole writing schedule for the year... what I thought I wanted to write the character's in my head have other ideas and they are making themselves knoweven more-so since Vlad threw his hands in the air and walked out in a hissy fit—me thinks my muse needs to calm the hell down.

4) I have three stories to try and finish this month, so I'll be on social media fuck-all, but that doesn't mean I won't be checking in from time to time so please if needed leave me a PM and I will get back to you ASAP.