Friday, 28 March 2014

R.I.P Goof!!!

How do you say goodbye to one of your own. Tragically yesterday we lost my nephew in a two vehicle crash in Toowoomba  my family were in the Santa Fe: Two nieces, my nephew, his wife, and the 4 month old son... Luke Robinson Walker passed away, his wife Catherine is still in a critical condition. So we all have our crossables crossed that a miracle occurs and she pulls through... they have three beautiful children who still need her so much.

To his family he was 'the fat man'. To his friends he was 'the big fella'. But to me he will always be 'Goof'.

He will be remembered for his big laugh... his mad butchering skills... and his zest for life.

We will miss you like there's no tomorrow. You will remain forever in our hearts and for some, on our skins. as we ink you there to keep you close.
2 Songs that Luke Loved

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Just A Quickie.

I so need me one of these!

Okay I'll be working in long hand today as I'll be sitting in a hospital waiting for Em to have her dental surgery done (removal of two lower wisdom teeth). She's getting nervous as... while I'm just wishing it was done and we were back at home. Though before the op we'll be busy running around Toowoomba looking for new slippers/ugg boots for her because hers busted last night... so today I'm back to writing scenes for: I Couldn't Care Less What You Think. Or maybe even writing the scenes to link together what I already have.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Writing Process Blog Tour

Hi Everyone... I'm a part of this blog tour because Anna Lee who I consider to be a good friend, and very talented writer in her own right asked me to participate... So here I am... I've added her link so you can go and check her out.

Okay I have four questions to answer for all of you about my writing process ~ bear with me as I have a tendency to ramble on a bit.

1) What am I working on now?

I know what I'm supposed to be working on, but for some reason my mind comes back to the one paranormal series, and I can do nothing but give into the whims of the voices inside my head....

So seriously: I'm currently working through a lot of thoughts and scene ideas for The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces. once I work through them it's all down to putting them in chronological order and writing the link scenes which will join them all together into the whole novel.

I'm also working on the freebie. for the Goodreads MMRomance Don't Read In The Closet 2014: Love's Landscape... My story is called: I Couldn't Care Less What You Think... I'm in the process of typing up all my notes for that one... then I need to hunt down someone willing to be my beta reader.

2) How does my work vary from others in this genre?

To be honest I'm not sure. I'm not exactly one to follow the rules... If I don't like what's expected by everyone, then I just change it to suite myself. I try to always use words that I would say. I hate researching, hence the reason I love paranormal so much ~ because then I can write it however I want. Though, I'm trying to write more aggressive if that makes sense. I've been told by a few people that I write sickly sweet - I never sent out to do that. Then I realised others have absolutely loved my work and I figure as long as I please at least on person than my job is done... I always encourage people if they read on of my books and think I have left something unanswered in a storyline the get in touch with me - leave me a comment here on the blog or on PM me on face book and I will try to work the answers into future story lines.

Getting back to the question at hand: I think the difference between me and others is the way a reader perceives a story-sees it unfolding in their heads... I personally think I write just like everyone else the journey is different for ever reader.

3) Why do I write what I write?

I write in the MM genre because I like reading works by other authors in this same genre. Though why paranormal? I guess the answer to that has been I have always been fascinated with the paranormal, supernatural, and fantasy elements in life, and I must admit I dabble in them all on occasion. I even write straight out contemporary. I think if I wrote the same thing day in and day out I'd go bloody bonkers. Another reason I always have more than one story on the desktop at the same time. So I can choose each morning what best suites my mood for each day.

4) How does your writing process work?

I'm what you would call a panster in the writing world - as in I fly by the seat of my pants - so to speak. Normally I'm not a plotter I usually just sit at the computer each day with a story open and write whatever the hell falls out of my head. I know up above I said I have a lot of notes on stories and I thought I should clarify that statement for everyone. For the last three months I have been ill with migraines, and Ross River fever... so I haven't been able to sit at my computer for long periods and found it way easier just to long hand everything from the comfort of my bed while I recovered. As also mentioned above I don't know what I'm going to work on each day until I get up and turn on my computer.

I'm also one of those people that hates re reading my own work so I try when working on a story to re read the last five pages of whatever I'm working on just to get back into the flow of the story. once the story is finished - no matter how long it is - I go back and make whatever changes needed before sending it to my beta reader. I also suck at punctuation so my wonderful friend Jim Adkinson (Yoda) goes through, and tries to fix all the punctuation for me.

I've been trying to keep track of all my character profiles as well so that in future books I can remember exactly what the hell they looked like... It's a slow and long process because I have so many to catch up on. I should have thought to do this right from the beginning.

I try to work on my writing from 6 a.m.-2 p.m. everyday without fail. I believe to be consistent you need a routine to follow. some days I write a lot other days I write nothing at all because my life gets in the road due to family and other appointments. I always carry a notepad and pen in case I need to jot an idea down while away from the computer... mainly so I don't forget whatever the hell it was I was thinking about... I have a memory like a sieve.

Who's following me:

I have asked three incredible authors to follow me in this tour starting with the wonderful Z Allora who writes some of the hottest rockers & zombie stories I have ever read. Mind you at the time I forgot she didn't have a blog so I will be hosting her on mine (see I told you my brain wasn't back to normal yet).

Secondly I've asked Jess Buffett who is just an amazing person  jess also writes in the paranormal - mind you she writes a little bit of everything. I got to hang out with her for awhile in Sydney last year. I love her books and I think you will too.

Last but not least is the very talented Vona Logan who is fast becoming a good friend of mine. she write contemporary with a little supernatural thrown in...worth checking out.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Such Is Life!!!

Today I'm working on my MMRomance free read for Don't Read In The Closet 2014: Love's Landscape. All I'm allowed to tell you is the title - though I think I may have told you all that in a previous post... My story is titled I Couldn't Care Less What you Think.

I've been a little off over the weekend so today I'm trying to get back on track. I have to type up all my hand written notes to see how much that actually got me wordage wise.

I have a hectic week ahead of me this week: 1) On Wednesday I have an appointment with my book keeper to get together last minute tax things... 2) Em has Dental surgery on Thursday... 3) The Creepy Crawly pest guy is coming out to spray for spiders and other nasties again on Friday. Not sure how the weekend is looking yet.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where everything you attempt to do goes horribly wrong... Like you hang out the washing and it pisses down rain...That's what it's like for me today.

My mind is feeling restless and I can't focus. I feel like all my characters are screaming out at me to be heard, and pulling me in different directions. At this stage I'm not like the elastic guy out of Fantastic Four or the mum from The Incredibles... Sometimes I wish I was as it would make life much easier.

I have so much real life stuff to do today that I'm hoping I get it all accomplished. I had planned on watching season 2 of Grimm in my time of restlessness, but then so many other things cropped up and I'm like--Whoa!

So on that note I'm out of here to get started on my day. I will hopefully get everything done before it starts drizzling again. It wouldn't be so bad if it rained enough to fill my tanks. Today it's just enough to be annoying as hell.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Getting Back On Track...

I finally feel like the fog that has been shrouding my mind since mid January has started to evaporate. I'm now sleeping a lot better... so I'm thinking the exercising is working... I can't wait to get through the first 30 days of my ISAGENIX so that I'm completely detoxed and ready to start the next adventure in my life.

I managed to write 1.5K yesterday which is the most I've done in the last two months - actually aside from edits I haven't actually written anything new... so I'm taking this as a good thing.

Today I'll be working on Toowoomba Boys: Dancing With Demons & the Goodreads free read story for the Don't Read In The Closet: Loves Landscape.... my story is: I Couldn't Care Less What You Think. I'll work 9:30- 11:30 a.m. on ICCLWYT & 12- 2pm on TB:DWD.

I was supposed to get my flu shot today but the doctor's run out so now I have to wait until Friday. I'll always get my shot because since I've been getting them I haven't had my 4 bouts of Bronchitis per year... For which I'll be forever grateful. I hate getting sick.

You will be happy to know I found my missing Thirty Seconds To Mars CD: Love Lust Faith & Dreams... all is good again in the world. So on that note I'm off to get some actual work done for today - I'll chat to you all again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Playing Catch-Up...

As you can tell I redid the blog the Header & Avatar have been made by the wonderful and amazingly talented Lex Valentine... I even have her on the look out to make me a cover for my Goodreads free read story. Which means I better get my shit together and start writing - I couldn't Care Less What You Think. I'll try and round it out at 28K

The exercise regime with Lee is getting easier and after #4 I woke up without my legs killing me... though Wednesday will be a killer so they might come back by Thursday...

I signed up yesterday to do an ISAGENIX program with Andy Richie  (Who for the first month is like my coach to help me through), and hopefully this will help with my headaches and all over tiredness. My brother tells me this is a good thing.

Other than that life is all good, but if any of you can tell me where the hell I put my 30 Seconds to Mars Cd I would greatly appreciate it - I don't know how I can lose something so fast. I only bought the damn thing on Friday...

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sentinels Of Varnuse: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down #11

Pacing around the people he had in training Talon thought about their progress. It had been almost a month since he had begun honing all their skills. He couldn’t help but smile when the others realised Javier was the person who found the training the easiest. Javier never once complained the training was too hard, yet Talon knew each night Javier fell into a deep sleep. He knew this because since he’d become Prince Javier’s bodyguard he had moved into the anti-chamber leading into Prince Javier’s room. More than a few nights he had had to tuck the younger man into bed.

Talon turned his attention to Brayden and Mylo who were sparring against one another. He could see they both were so intent on their battle neither realised the others had stopped to watch them. Talon even saw money changing hands as to what the outcome would be. They were both evenly matched in skills and power so he wasn’t willing to bet against either of them. He shook his head as Brayden took a savage blow to the shoulder, and then winced as Mylo’s foot shot out to knock the consort on his arse. Brayden's head hit the ground with a loud crack making more than a few people gasp in shock.

Everyone watched on as Brayden lay on the ground unmoving as his husband and king dropped to his knees beside him. “Bray, love, open up your eyes baby.”

The silence was broken as an ear splitting cat call rang out into the air. Talon turned just in time to see a huge panther lunge across the arena to leap against Mylo, slamming him to the ground. The panther’s jaws were open, and poised above Mylo’s neck in a warning growl. Instinct must have kicked in because Mylo turned his neck to the side in a submissive gesture that seemed to please the beast. His teeth grazed Mylo’s throat softly before he turned and bounded toward Brayden. He lay on the ground and placed a heavy paw on Brayden’s chest.

“What the hell?” Quinlan shouted.

“Javier.” Talon admonished as he walked over and bent to scratch just behind the panther’s ear. Over the last month Talon had come to realise this particular spot being scratched had an immediate calming effect on Javier in his panther form. “It’s not nice to scare everyone this way.” He couldn’t hold back the smile as his charge turned those huge eyes his way and softly yowled.

The panther then seemed to shift his attention to look deep into Quinlan’s eyes, blinked slowly. Talon watched as Javier dipped his head in acknowledgement of Quinlan.

“Holy shit!” Quinlan reached out a hand and pressed it to the top of Javier’s massive black head, before running his hands over the furred body.

This interaction again made Talon smile, especially when Javier’s body shook with the purr that escaped from within him.


Brayden groaned as he slowly came back to full awareness. His immediate reaction was to jump up and run when he saw the large panther. The only thing stopping him was the fact the animal was currently pinning him to the ground. Well that, and his head was still aching from the knock it had taken. Brayden shrunk back in fear as the panther leaned in and licked the side of his face.

“Eww gross.” Brayden tried unsuccessfully to push the animal away from him.

Quinlan smiled at them. “Love, I don’t think your brother wants you to move just yet.”

Brayden did a double take at the words his husband had just said. He turned and stared at the panther in question. “Javier?”


Javier growled. Right then he wished he had the ability to speak, or at least roll his eyes at the stupidity of the situation. He felt the rumble roll though his body as a growl emanated from deep inside him. He sensed the King’s Guards were closing in around him with weapons drawn, and he didn’t like that one bit. He turned his attention to Talon and yowled softly, his tail flicking in agitation at the threat heading in his direction. He wanted to tell them everything was okay, and realised he should have listened to Talon when the man had suggested numerous times since he first shifted that he should tell the others. Javier had wanted to wait for a while until he was surer of himself in his new form. He also didn’t want to expose the re-emergence of the ancient line, because you never knew who was watching or whose side they were on. Even now he could smell someone in the vicinity who absolutely reeked of ill-intent.

Talon must have known what he wanted because he gestured for the King’s Guards to stand down. Telling them there was no need for weapons and that the panther was not going to harm the king or his consort in any way.

“He means them no harm.” Talon said as some refused to step down. He knew that Talon was certain that he, Javier, would never cause harm to his brother or anyone else he considered family.


The scene playing out before them today was so surreal that no one seemed to see the figure standing in the shadows watching. No one felt the presence of an evil so old it should no longer be in existence. No one saw the way the animals shied away from its presence. No one felt the hatred and malice pointed their way. No one knew today’s revelation was going to change the rest of their live—forever.

Kybald Reynard watched from the arena entryway in seething hatred. The consort’s brother shimmered and morphed into one of the ancient ones. This was not good. The old ones were thought to be extinct. This was a race of beings that no longer belonged in the same world as the rest of them—their time had passed. They had once been hunted by Kybald’s kin until their entire species was eradicated. How could he now be seeing an ancient one? How was it even possible one had been missed? All he knew for certain was now because of what he had just witnessed, the hunt would once again resume. The abominations that once were, were not going to be allowed to come back into existence. He had to warn the other of his Guild. The Guild of Shamian wouldn’t be pleased when he informed them of what he had just had the misfortune, or fortune as it were, of seeing. Because if there was one, how many others were there out there? How many other abomination races were once again re-emerging? The question now was how hard was it going to be to get into the inner sanctum to be close enough to kill what should not exist? If the consort’s brother was an ancient one, what then of the consort himself? Did he also carry the gene to allow him to transform into an animal? The hunt now ahead of the Guild was not going to be an easy one to be fought. Preparations would need to be made. There must be something in the scrolls of their people that had foreseen this happening. A shudder ran through Kybald as he had another thought. If the shifter races were coming back into existence then would their leaders—the true Sentinels of Varnuse also come back to life?

Slipping out of the shadows and down a side street Kybald made his way back to communicate to the others what he had seen. For the upcoming war they were going to need to recruit new members into the Guild, because this time around Kybald didn’t think that the Guild of Shamian was going to be strong enough to defeat this new generation of ancient ones the mists surrounding them seemed to be filled with power..

Thursday, 13 March 2014

So It's Now The Day After...

I can hardly move today after exercising yesterday - and then after coming home I may have had a couple of accidents like falling down my six back steps and then of the front veranda extensions... Nothing broken thankfully. Everyone knows how much of a klutz I am, but Em just says: suck it up, Princess you'll be feeling worse tomorrow --YE-HA!. 

So today I'm staying off the computer to catch up on household chores and then I might longhand some notes for my Good Reads story for when I am on again. I'm going to schedule my post for tomorrow as I have doc appointment with Em in Toowoomba.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

This Is How My Day Started Out...

Remember how I said Emily dragged me off to her fitness class on Monday and the instructor never showed up? Well she dragged me there again today, and he did show up...

I learnt a 3 things about myself while attending this class.

1- I apparently can't do any exercise that requires me to move backwards - as I have a tendency to fall on my arse (which I did 3 times).

2- I can jog/run up the damn hill, but have trouble walking back down.

3- Who the hell invented push-ups anyway... stupid bloody things if you ask me.

Though to be honest, for my first time I think I did okay. I wasn't as fast or did as many things as other people - but hell, most of them were probably half my age... I'll ache and be in pain for the next couple of days, and then I'll get myself out of bed on Friday morning, pull up my big girl panties, and head back out for another hour of torture... 

It can only get better, right?

Lie to me if you have to.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Em's Turn ~ All Things Paolo Nutini

All things Paolo Nutini

From Sunny Side Up

This is one of his newies...

From his debut album: These Streets and one of my fave songs

First song I ever heard from his debut album
Took one look at him and I'd found my... 
Doyle Kerwin-from The Lines of Marsden

Also off the debut album and here because it's awesome.
Who doesn't like a song about a pair of new shoes?

Monday, 10 March 2014

My Weekend...

To be honest I didn't do a hell of a lot except catch up on stuff around the house. But here's a  quick run-down. 
  • It looked so hard like it was going to rain--but didn't. I read a whole series by R.E. Butler ~ The Wolf's Mate. I think there are six of them so far. It really felt strange reading MF after reading so much MM lately. 
  • I also pre ordered the next book in the Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire. I bought a new office chair as the locking mechanism is broken on mine. 
  • I had like a 1000 emails waiting for me to go through. I can't believe there is so many. I suppose that's what I get for staying off the computer for two whole days.
  • Got talked into joining Em's fitness group... don't know how I will fair, but I will give it a go... first day there and the instructor didn't turn up so we got to go home.
  • Started working on Scene's for my Good Reads ~Don't Read In The Closet: Love's Landscape story:~ I Couldn't Care Less What You Think. Never did much and will have to convert it to the computer at some stage.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Sentinels Of Varnuse 10: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down

# 10.
Brayden watched as a myriad of emotions washed over his brother’s face. He hated seeing the hurt and uncertainty there. What Talon said blew him away, Brayden could feel his anger rising.

“Not to worry little one I’m going to teach you how to defend yourself.” Talon spoke softly to Javier.

Brayden stared at the fierce looking warrior stunned. “He’s blind, how are you going to teach him?” Brayden flinched as he the warrior’s face harden. Cold grey eyes stared through him and it sent a shiver running down the length of Brayden's spine. If looks could kill he would already be dead.

“Just because he can’t see doesn’t mean that he can’t use his other sense to protect himself.” Talon replied coldly. His hand taking possession of Javier’s arm as Talon pulled Javier closer to him. Javier smiled and leant further back into Talon’s hand.

“What will you teach him first?” Ingrid enquired. Brayden thought she seemed a little too pleased with this turn of events.

Talon didn’t even seem to think about it before answering. “I’ll start him off with his fists. Once he has that mastered we’ll move onto weaponry.”

“Weapons?” Quinlan asked. His surprise evident.

Again Talon answered with surety in his voice. “First the dagger, and then the sword. I will move onto everything else after that. He needs to be proficient in all of them.” When he heard a few gasps of disbelief he continued. “It’s not the eyes that will win you the fight. Fighting is instinctual. His hearing, and sense of smell are just as good in a battle. By the time I’m done Prince Javier will wield a sword just as good as any in the king’s guard.”

“With you teaching him, I dare say he will be better than most in the king’s guard.” Ingrid countered.

Talon bowed in her direction, “I thank you for that compliment.”

“I’m just stating a fact.” Ingrid replied.

“Are you all fucking nuts?” Brayden snapped. “This is my brother’s life you’re talking about. Are you purposely trying to get him killed?”


At the sound of the king’s consorts anger Talon moved Javier closer to him. Not that he thought Brayden would harm his own brother but Talon wanted to be ready non-the-less. Javier was his to protect now and that was something he was determined to do. “Your brother isn’t broken. He is fully capable of taking care of himself.”

The man in his arms turned and whispered so only Talon could hear. “I want to go back now. I don’t want to be here and listen to this… Please.”

Talon didn’t even have to think before he gently led his charge from the room. The other would soon learn that where Javier was concerned people would have to go through him if they planned on insulting the man—no matter who they were. Family or not—Javier would be protected.

A soft moan escaped Javier’s lips as the travelled through the castle corridors back to Javier’s residence.

“Are you alright, my prince?” Talon asked as he slipped his arm around his companion’s wist in support. He could feel the tension building in Javier’s body. Before another word could be spoken Talon swooped him up and raced toward the privacy of the prince’s rooms.

“Something’s wrong.” Javier ground out, and Talon felt the spasms arcing through his body.

By the time he placed Javier on his bed Talon knew they were in deep shit.  The man’s body was pulsing and talon could feel the heat pouring off of the man. Shock filled his eyes s short bristly hairs punched through his skin then receded just as fast as they appeared. Pain was etched on the beautiful man. When Javier snatched out a hand and grabbed his forearm, Talon held back a shout of alarm as claws protruded from Javier’s fingertips and bit into Talon’s flesh. More shocking yet was the yowl which filled the room as Javier’s eyes flashed from human to resemble those of the wild panthers associated with the ancient ones.  In that moment Talon was sure Javier could see in his newer form.

“Don’t tell anyone.” Javier begged him as another wave of pain washed through his body.

Talon didn’t speak as he lay on the bed and gathered the young man into his arms and held him close. If Javier wanted to keep his secrets than nothing and no one would hear anything from his lips. He would die before he betrayed his new found reason for living. Before he had come across Javier in the garden Talon had been seriously considering ending his life by his own hands. The fate of meeting Javier had changed everything Talon thought he knew about himself. He only hoped that if he was correct and Javier could see in his other form than he didn’t get scared by what he saw. Talon never wanted to be rejected by the man whose friendship had come to mean everything to him. How many hours had he sat and listened while Javier talked about his life and his dreams.

Before long the tremors changed and in an instant Talon found himself with his arms full of a very large black panther. His fur was a dark as the midnight sky. His eyes held a golden cast to them as he stared back at Talon. So the rumours were true. The ancient ones were being reborn… or was it re awakened? If this part of the legacy was true than what about the other parts. Once long ago many different shifter breeds co-existed in their world but over the centuries they were believed to have died out. But what he was seeing right now just proved how very wrong he truly was. If the ancient ones were still in existence then Talon could only assume the guild would once again be reawakening. They were the hunter of all shifter, believing them to be an abomination upon society.

The deep rumbling purr brought Talon back to the present as he realised the panther in his arms had snuggled closer and had fallen asleep. Content to rest where he was. When Talon tried to extract himself a low growl assaulted his ears and he stilled until the rumbling purr once again filled the room. Weirdly the sensation of it vibrating through Talon’s chest was comforting. As if the panther knew he was there for his protection.

“You are so beautiful. Even in this form you hold all my attention. I know now why I survived what happened to me in my youth. My mother tried to destroy who I was. The years have been hard yet now I know I survived because of you. I must have known one day you would come into my life and change my world.” Talon whispered as he nuzzled his face against the cats head.

As he lay there his thoughts drifted to something else he’d once read about. The true sentinels of Varnuse the five cousins who were destined to watch over the world. Were they real or just some child story written long ago? In truth he hoped they were real. With everything coming to pass they would need the help of Simian, Malacyte, Haydrian, Scarpeous, and Raevyn. The last was said to be the most feared as his destiny was as the punisher. If he were true than Talon knew they needed the five cousins on their side in what was to come.

OUT NOW! Book 2 ~ The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows.

GR: MMRomance Don't Read In The Closet 2014 ~ Love's Landscapes

This is the prompt I got...By Calila.

Who are they? Are they band mates heading home after a gig? Buddies after a long night out? Fans post-concert? Is this the night that changes everything? Or just a night like any other they share? How have they become so comfortable, with themselves, and each other? Is it new and fresh, or solid and steady?

HFN/HEA preferably. Other than that head where the muse insists you go! 

MY NOTES: With a little help from "Jambi" Jambrea Jo Jones this is what I've come up with...

Band Name: DeRanged.
Hit song: Red Flag Burning.
Name: Keagan Thames (blue hair)
Name: Alistair "Krunk" Krunkstone

Story Title: I Really Couldn't Care Less What You Think.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Why Is It?

Why is it when you start sorting through all your belongings you don't realise just how much crap you've collected over the years? I swear to the be-all-and-end-all that it multiplies over night while I'm not looking.

Why is it when you start renovating you don't realise how hard it is to work with family? They should by now realise that I'm always right and they never will be (LOL). Mind you they think they are always right as well... but in the end at least the job is getting done.

Why is it when you try to finish a story you have been working on forever you get slammed by writers block? Fricken sneaks up on you when you least expect it and won't leave until it's good and ready.

Why is it when you have a deadline so many new story idea's jump into your mind? Forcing you to write down notes just so your head won't explode... No wonder I suffer with migraines. 

Why is it when you're looking for something you know you own you can never find it? Only to turn up as soon as you have gone out and re-bought whatever it was. Seriously this alone drives me nuts.

Why is it that when you are writing a story you always feel the incessant need to re read and go back and change parts of it? I swear this is a game and my characters are playing: Let's see who can send N.J. insane the fastest?

Why is it that I keep buying books when I still have so many in my TBR pile? This one drives my family nuts because I keep re reading my favourites and forgetting the new stuff.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Tired Of Being Sick & Other Rants

I'm really starting to feel like I've been sick for the last two months. I really hate being sick because I can't think clearly to work on what I everything gets put on hold and throws my writing schedule out the fricken window. I'm so not happy right now.

To be honest as soon as I got on the computer today I wanted to shut it right back down. I'm tired of listening to people bitch about their publishers. Even if what they are saying is true for them don't they realise they are only going to end up hurting the sales for other authors if their rants go viral. I often wonder if these people just rant to hear themselves talk and be the centre of attention. Haven't you ever heard: If you can't say something nice, then shut the hell up.

Okay onto something else: we never got any reno's done around the house, but we did pull down the old walk through to make preparations for the new path we're putting in. When I say we; you all know I mean The Hubs and Em... apparently I'm still not allowed to use the tools and drive the tractors - Okay, so you trip over your own feet and nearly shoot your brother once with a framing gun, and they never trust you again - who hasn't done that? It's not like I actually shot him.

We desperately need some rain in our area of the world. Just so my tanks can fill up and I won't have to buy water or switch to the yucky town water which smells like they drained it straight out of the public pool.

I have also decided that I won't be switching my computer on over the weekends... this is my time to catch up on all the stuff that needs to be done in an around the house.